How to be a seller at Shopee? Thousands of workers of all ages are sick with job losses or reduced salaries due to the pandemic and also the frequent lockdowns in Malaysia. so that they’re finding different ways to create money and online business is that the solution. you simply need the web and also the products to start out selling Shopee Malaysia.

So have you ever ever decided to start out an online business on Shopee marketplace Malaysia but no experience yet. some way to start out selling on Shopee Malaysia, the thanks to start selling on Shopee employing a laptop or the simplest way to sell in Shopee without a product is the question you’re wondering.

Don’t worry! This text will give you all the knowledge you want to start selling your products on Shopee Malaysia. So do you want to know more? Let’s check these out.

5 Benefits of Being a Shopee Seller in Malaysia?

Shopee new seller benefits? Shopee is an e-commerce platform that gives customers a straightforward, secure, fast, and enjoyable online shopping experience.

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How does Shopee work to supply convenience? to produce convenience to both buyers and sellers, Shopee offers a good product assortment, supported by integrated payments and seamless fulfilment. With these advantages, Shopee now has tens of voluminous consumers daily.

Shopee also commits to helping brands and sellers reach e-commerce and is extremely tailored for every market within which it operates.

Shopee offers you a lot of benefits. So, here are reasons why you would like to register a seller on Shopee Malaysia.

Increase Sales From a High Traffic Channel

Shopee includes a really huge audience to plug your products online. you’ll never get these many eyeballs that easily if you open your own store. So you get the ready made audience once you favour to sell on Shopee.

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Acquire New Customers

The customers visiting Shopee wouldn’t explore your specific store the primary time. But they may be trying to find the merchandise you’ve got listed in your store. Once you get a customer with the assistance of Shopee you’ll win the customer as a repeat buyer by giving them excellent service and fulfilment.

Shipping and Logistics

Shopee has strong online presence as top ecommerce stores in Malaysia and has strong and powerful Logistics and shipping terms so you get the good thing about Fast and reliable shipping with the assistance of Shopee.

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Free Shipping

Shopee is footing the bill for shipping when a customer buys products worth quite RM35 from them. Customers are able to enjoy the advantage of free shipping for one take a look at daily. Advantage for sellers because it makes your products appear cheaper to your customers.

No Commissions

Shopee doesn’t take any commissions for sales made on the platform. this can be a large advantage for sellers.

Can I Sell in Shopee Without Product?

How to sell in Shopee without a product? You can’t sell in Shopee without a product but you’ll be a Shopee seller without stocking products. you’ll be able to be a dropshipper to sell products without stocking them. Dropshipper may be a one that sells things by dropshipping products. Dropshipping could be a fulfilment method where a store doesn’t keep the products’ future.

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How to Sell on Shopee Malaysia?

After knowing that being a Shopee seller gets plenty of advantages, you’ll be wondering the way to start selling on Shopee. you’ve got to review Shopee’s Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy to make sure that your products are often listed available in accordance with Shopee’s Terms and Conditions. Once done, you’ll be able to start creating your first listing.

Add New Product

Shopee seller register? First, visit the Shopee Seller Centre and click on “Add New Product”.

Fill Up the Product Name

Fill up the merchandise name. Three recommended categories will appear automatically, and you’ll be able to either choose one among them or configure your preferred category manually.

Insert Product Description

Insert the merchandise description and relevant product attributes. Insert the value, stock count, and variations (if any) for your product. Upload high resolution and professionally-taken photos of your product.

Update the shipping settings like weight, dimension (parcel size), shipping fee, and logistics providers. Do note that different logistics providers may have different shipping fees or restrictions on parcel size and weight.

Once all is ready, select whether this product could be a pre-order product by which you’ll need longer to ship. Insert its condition (new or used) and SKU number (optional) for simple warehouse monitoring. Save and Publish it once done so buyers can start purchasing this product from your shop.

Boost your Product

To get more views for your products and improve exposure, you’ll use the Boost Now function. you’ll improve to five products every 4 hours!

How Do I Register as a Seller at Shopee?

How to sell on Shopee Malaysia? Shopee comes with its official app for both iOS and Android platforms. With this easy-to-navigate app, you’ll be able to control all of your shipments and payments. Here are the varied steps for sellers to register themselves on Shopee:

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Download The Shopee App From App Store/Playstore 

Apart from the app, you’ll be able to also sign-up through the Shopee website on your desktop. But, Shopee promotes itself as a mobile-first platform, so it’s recommended to continue along with your sign-up procedure on its app, which you’ll be able to download from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Playstore.

Sign-Up Using Your Email Id 

Shopee sellers sign up in Malaysia by tapping the ‘Me’ tab on the app, you’ll access the sign-up and login option on the profile page. you’ll be able to create an account using your signalling, email address, Facebook, or Google account.

This sign-up process is analogous to Ajio’s; if you face any issue, you’ll be able to visit the ‘How to register as a seller on Ajio’ page and clear your doubts.

So, after you have got signed up, you wish to verify your email address and number, whichever you have got wont to complete the sign-up process. Once you verify your email address, you’ll log in to your Shopee account.

Setup Your Seller Account 

After successfully logging into your account, you’ll be able to head to the ‘Start Selling’ tab. you wish to line up the infamous Shopee wallet to receive your payments and accept the orders here. Sellers also can found a Shopee Pay Account by entering their name, date of birth, and any ID proof issued by the govt.

List Out Your Products 

Listing out your products is that the most significant part for any seller. By visiting the ‘Me’ tab and clicking the ‘Add New Product’, you may be ready to upload your products’ images using your phone’s gallery or Instagram.

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To be a successful Shopee seller, it’s not only about your Shopee account. The foremost important thing is your products. you have got to search out and make the foremost effective products to be sold in your shop.

Try and sell unique products which could cause you to diverge from other shops. you’ll be able to try to find the best selling products in Malaysia for your reference.

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