Are you curious whether you can change your personal details on Sephora? The answer is yes. You can change your personal details on Sephora through an app and website. Read this article for more information about how to change country in Sephora app. Let’s check these out!

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Can Singapore Sephora Card be Used in Malaysia?

Do you know what Sephora Malaysia is? Sephora is a French multinational retailer of personal care and beauty products. Sephora offers beauty products including cosmetics, skincare, body, fragrance, nail color, beauty tools, body lotions and hair care.

Sephora has around 200 stores all across Asia including being located in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and India. Sephora has featured 3,000 brands, along with its own private label in Sephora Collection. Now Sephora also sell online.

The question is can we use other countries’ Sephora cards like Sephora USA in Sephora Australia? or can Singapore’s Sephora card be used in Sephora Malaysia? As you know, Sephora is a multinational retailer of personal care and has many stores around the world. 

You are able to use your Sephora member card Malaysia in other countries and so as the tourist. They also can use their Sephora card in Malaysia. You will get the points when you shop in store in the following countries such as:

  • Singapore.
  • Malaysia.
  • Thailand.
  • Indonesia.
  • New Zealand.
  • Australia .
  • China.
  • Philippines.
  • South Korea.
  • Hong Kong SAR.

The way to get this point is you just need to show your virtual Sephora beauty pass card from your Sephora app for iphone to a Beauty Advisor during payment at the cashier.

How to Change Country in Sephora App Malaysia

As you know that you can do the Sephora pick up in store Malaysia and also can purchase online. To buy it online, you can do these steps:

  • Step 1 : Create your Sephora account.
  • Step 2 : After you have create your account, you can log in to Sephora website or application.
  • Step 3 : Order the goods from Sephora by going to the Sephora website and select the goods you want to buy. Add them to the shopping cart by clicking the add to basket button.
  • Step 4 : After you are done, now is checkout time. You will see the items in your shopping cart now and click the checkout button to proceed to checkout your order.
  • Step 5 : Don’t forget to input your delivery address and payment method. You have to input the clear and detailed address so that the courier will find your address easier.
  • Step 6 : Select the delivery method you want. You can see the estimated delivery time. Free Sephora shipping will take around 1 week to deliver.
  • Step 7 : Pay for your order through PayPal or with your credit card.
  • Step 8 : Now you just need to wait for your package to come to your door.

You will get the free Sephora shipping Malaysia when you buy Sephora products for RM110 and above. but if you buy under that amount, you will be charged for Sephora shipping fee Malaysia. Once you have checked out and paid your order, Sephora delivery Malaysia will send your order to you. 

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Can I change countries in the Sephora App? Yes, you can change it but how to change country in Sephora app? Here are the tips on how to change your personal details  in the Sephora app and website.

From App

  • Access the account tab.
  • Click on Account Details.
  • Edit profile and change the data you want. For information, You can only make changes to your password, name, phone number, residential address on App. You cannot make changes to email address, or communication country on App.

From Website

  • Go to My Account.
  • Click on Account Details.
  • Edit personal info you want.You can make changes to your password, name, phone number, email address, residential address, or communication country through this platform.

Tips To Sell Online On Sephora Malaysia

Do you want to sell on Sephora Malaysia? Here are the tips for you.

Sign Up for a Sephora Account

The first step you need to take is sign up for a Sephora account. You have to go to Sephora’s website to do the seller registration process. You need to input your email address to sign in .

Log In to Your Sephora Seller Center 

Then you have to login to seller center Sephora Malaysia to manage your products, monitor your orders and keep a track of your sales on Sephora. You may customize the interface of your store according to the products and services that you provide. 

Search for Product to Sell

Before you upload your products, you need to search your business products. Determine your business nature and products first and check the quality of your products.

Create Your Products to Sell

After you determine your business nature and products, manufacture the products. You have created great products and checked the quality so that it can compete with other local and international brands which sell on Sephora too.

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Create Your Product Listings, Including Pictures and Descriptions

The last thing you need to do is upload your products. Post high-quality images with proper lighting to encourage consumers to buy your products. And don’t forget to write a yout product description. This description will give the customers more understanding of your product regarding the materials, size, etc. you have to upload your products one by one and syncing them in their categories.

Promote our Store and Get Customers to Buy 

The step that you may not skip is promotion. You have to promote your products to get known by consumers. You can use digital and offline marketing. Try to promote your product using social media like instagram, facebook, twitter, website, email marketing to attract the consumers. Digital marketing plays a big role to boost up your sales. Don’t forget to use Sephora live chat Malaysia feature too.

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Now buying things in Sephora is easy. You can buy it online and you will receive the product in a few days and the other benefit is you can return your product too but it must be based on the Sephora return policy Malaysia.

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