If you sell online, one of your most essential choices is to pick the appropriate courier service for your business. The last touch between you and your clients is made by your trusted courier service business. Consequently, regardless of the quality of services you give to the client on the website, your customers may have an unpleasant experience and choose not to purchase from you again if your courier service does not work properly to meet their requirements. 

What is A Courier Service?

A courier service was created to provide a quicker and more secure alternative to the traditional postal service Malaysia, which had been the only delivery service for so long. Traditional postal services Malaysia are known for having lengthy delivery times and incurring expenditures if things are huge or heavy; couriers appeared to be the ideal solution, and while being slightly more expensive than standard postage, it is helpful for specific deliveries.

With the introduction of Internet shopping, courier services became increasingly popular. To be able to buy big and many products from online sellers, specialized delivery companies services were needed that would enable customers not just to obtain their stuff, but also to provide strategic business plans such as next-day delivery. Only a courier service can do anything.

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7 Best Courier Services in Malaysia

With so many courier service Malaysia list to choose, deciding which courier service is best in Malaysia for your eCommerce company is dependent on your demands and scenario. 

Today, we’ll take a look at the top seven courier services in Malaysia. I’ve separated them based on their strengths and offerings so you can pick which is ideal for you!


Pos Laju is the courier company in Malaysia with the most network coverage. Certain regions in Malaysia courier may now enjoy assured next working day delivery at low rates thanks to Pos Laju. It charges various rates for papers and packages. 

Pos Laju provides both local and international delivery services, as well as eight package options with attractive pricing and advantages. All reservations are made online or via the app. This includes pick-up services at no additional cost.

Ninja Van

Ninja Van provides an outstanding delivery service to all Peninsular Malaysia locations. Isn’t it fantastic that you and your clients may experience a quick delivery for your shipment in just 1 to 3 working days? Ninja Packs provide you with three advantages: convenience, speed, and ease of use. The drop-off service, which is ideal for anybody on the go, allows you to avoid the long lines. 

Do you want to find the best packaging option for your e-commerce business? Look no further since Ninja Van is a fantastic delivery alternative for both online businesses and those who are just getting started.

J&T Express

J&T Express is one of Lalamove’s toughest competitors in Asia. It is popular among eCommerce businesses and customers since it is Shopee’s partner courier service. What’s interesting about J&T Express is that you may utilise their website to place a “smart order” and give the information required for delivery. 

Unfortunately, you must still go to a drop-off location to drop off your box. The price varies greatly depending on where the shipment is shipped and where it is received.

GD Express

For large eCommerce businesses and bulk orders, GD Express is an ideal courier service partner. It is worth noting that Gdex tracking is one of the courier services capable of handling large deliveries and parcels. 

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On the other hand, while GDExpress may appear to be more expensive than others, many people utilise their domestic express carrier, which offers same day delivery courier service in Malaysia and diplomatic service, a premium service for individuals with urgent demands on the same day.

If you require a courier during non-working hours, they can provide late pick-up and early delivery services. These unique arrangements are possible while still allowing for next-day deliveries.

City-Link Express

The Application Programming Interface (API) interface for ecommerce website development additionally makes that mailing service popular among shopee customers and also independent ecommerce platforms. The courier business also offers attractive cargo services. The handling of all customs documentation makes their arrival exceedingly convenient. If the shipment is delicate or worthwhile, it also offers ParcelGuard, its loss or damage insurance service.

DHL Malaysia

DHL is one of the world’s most prestigious courier services. There is always a DHL drop-point in the vicinity of you wherever you travel, that you may get packets and send. You may rest comfortable and trust their services because it is so established. Their services for shipping are huge. The air, sea or road freight system may serve domestic and international demands. DHL also offers rail freight in relation to parcels and papers to and from Europe and Asia. 

They are also an excellent service if the package is of high worth. They give an add-on to your shipment’s financial protection against any risks of loss of physical cargo or any damage resulting from outside causes.

Skynet Express

Skynet Express is well-known for providing excellent courier services to small online businesses. It now employs over 1,000 people and operates over 500 trucks, serving consumers in all Malaysian states. Skynet Express differs from other courier services in that you may utilize them to send an item on weekends because they are open 24 hours a day, save on public holidays. 

SkynetGo, their mobile application, is also available. By scanning the barcode or inputting the Skynet AWB Number, you may use it to track your delivery. Unfortunately, they do not yet have a feature that allows you to schedule a delivery or even offer specifics ahead of time.

Three Reasons Why Sellers Should Use A Courier Service

When engaging with customers, companies must be swift. The lack of a time limit may make or lose a contract. Since the papers are handled privately by enterprises, they require a courier service to ensure their documents arrive safely and on time.

Here are the three reasons why companies should use courier services:

Every Delivery Is Tracked by Couriers

You will be able to verify this if you want to ensure that your documents have been made to a possible customer on time. Every delivery is tracked by couriers. You will notice when it came who requested the delivery and have a signature to confirm it was made. 

Courier Services Specialize in Package Delivery

Courier services remain profitable by delivering items securely and, most importantly, on schedule. They want to keep their consumers satisfied and their business.

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Courier Offers Delivery on the Same Day

Delivery companies in Malaysia are aware of the patterns of traffic and the fastest routes. This guarantees your package reaches the destination on schedule. Furthermore, most companies offer expedited service and ensure you send your delivery on time.

How to Choose the Best Courier Services in Malaysia?

From our point of view, each courier service provides their best services to grab their customers’ attention.  If you’re a person who sells products online, you have to consider the fastest service, and send the parcel with caution. If your customer received the products earlier with good condition, sure they will give a good rate and good review so that you’ll get more customers in the future.

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