Many people ask how to become Shopee seller Malaysia. Marketplaces have become a popular platform for customers to purchase online. The growth rate for this eCommerce platform is rapidly increasing because it offers convenience and a wide variety of product choices for customers to buy.

Shopee is now the biggest online marketplace in Malaysia. With an estimated 38 million visitors a month, it is undoubtedly the number one go-to shopping site in Malaysia in 2021.

Shopee’s popularity amongst buyers means one thing for sellers and potential sellers a higher opportunity to make money. On the platform compared to all other marketplaces.

So how to sell in Shopee? Have I got a chance to sell my product in Shopee? Don’t worry, even for the smallest sellers on Shopee, you’ll have the best chance of getting more eyeballs on your product and store.

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How Can I Open a Shopee Seller Account in Malaysia?

As one of the leading online buying and selling platforms in Southeast Asia, Shopee can help you attract customers during the initial phases of your business. Visibility is an important aspect when generating sales online.

Shopee seller centre can help you with that through their ever-growing marketing and promotional activities that give seller products the attention they need to generate sales. To help you get started, we’ve put together this step by step guide on how to start selling on Shopee.

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Download the Shopee App

You can of course also decide to connect to the Shopee sign-up journey through your desktop but Shopee works hard to position itself as a mobile-first platform so we recommend just getting started by downloading and installing the app right away.

Sign Up

Open the app and tap on the Me tab at the bottom of the screen. A profile page will appear with a login and sign-up option at the top. Select sign up.

If you decide to register through the website, simply click on the sign up tab found at the home page.

You can create an account by inputting your phone number, email address, Facebook, or even your Google Account. After you verify your account through the sign-up method that you used, you can log-in to Shopee.

Set Up Your Shopee Seller Account

Right now, we will talk about the Shopee seller register. Open the Shopee app, tap on “Me” and then select Start Selling.

Now, you need to set up your Shopee wallet so you can safely accept orders and receive your payment.

When you tap on the Start Selling tab, a profile menu will appear. Select Seller Balance. A Create Wallet Pin window will open.

Copy the verification to the text box and tap continue (the verification code will be sent to your phone number).

To set up your Shopee Pay Account, enter your full name as indicated in your passport or birth certificate. Enter your Passport ID number, tick on the T&C checkbox, and tap next.

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Create/List Your Products

Go back to your profile menu by tapping the Me tab. Choose to add a new product.

You can use Instagram or your phone gallery to upload images of your product. You can also take a new right at that time.

Look at the angle that you want the image to appear. Tap OK and a built-in photo editor will appear. You can leave the image as is or you can crop, resize, or try out the photo filters or a better effect. You can also adjust the brightness and colors of the image. Take note that your product photo is one of your main selling points in online selling.

Customers cannot touch or get a feel of the product and thus having a visually appealing image will help convince a buyer to complete a purchase. We strongly suggest that you make nice all white background images for all your products.

From here, you need to populate the product listing contents. So you will add the product title, product description, category, price, inventory, and packaging dimensions.

Once you’ve populated the data, you can simply confirm the information you entered and then tap submit.

Then you have successfully created your first product in Shopee and are ready to start selling on Shopee.

Can a Non Malaysian Sell on Shopee?

Shopee is an eCommerce platform that connects buyers with sellers. For sellers, shopee acts as the technology provider, enabling sellers to expose their products to Shopee’s large user base.

You can sell almost anything on Shopee. Whether it is a physical product, digital product or even workshop access, Shopee is flexible enough to accommodate a number of business models

But the question is can a Non Malaysian sell on Shopee? The answer is can. You just need to download the Shopee app and start to register with your own Country ID or Passport and phone number. With these, you can already start to sell your product on Shopee. You don’t need to be a registered business to sell on Shopee.

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How Much Does a Shopee Seller Earn?

Shopee is a popular mobile platform based in Southeast Asia that originally began as a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) platform before developing into a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace serving customers throughout the region.

So, how much does a Shopee seller earn? After you become a Shopee seller, Shopee will take a commission fee from your product that you sell. The commission fee will be charged on your product price, after deducting all seller vouchers and seller shipping promotions.

Kindly refer to the example below for a detailed explanation of how the commission fee is charged.

Scenario :

  • Preferred seller’s product priced at RM100 after a RM10 discount promotion (original price RM110)
  • Buyer redeemed seller voucher worth RM30

The commission fee is subject to 6%SST. So, the final commission fee from the scenario is RM1.48. The commission charge fee will be deducted directly from the seller’s payout.


Shopee Malaysia is undoubtedly the most popular online marketplace in Malaysia. The platform makes it easy for buyers to find products they want to buy, as well as discover new products they might interest them.

Sell on Shopee provides an exciting opportunity to make money from their large user base of buyers. Other than that, the Shopee platform also comes with a large number of features to help sellers sell more.

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