How do you get more visitors to your website by using backlinks? The answer is forum. Forums are one of the wars for businesses to get engagement for their website. The use of backlinks help the business to increase their website traffic. Some digital marketing forums such as Quora or Lowyat or iptv Malaysia forum, can help you to gain credibility. 

SEO Malaysia is one of the best ways for you to increase your website traffic and gain more visitors. By implementing the technique or the dos and don’ts, you can easily be on the top of Google Ranking. Forum also can be a guide for online Malaysia shopping. 

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What is a Forum?

People may interact with one another on the internet forum, which is an online message forum in Malaysia where they can discuss any number of different subjects in a variety of different niches. Among the many examples of niche forums are health and wellness, which is a place for abang sado discuss everything from how to work out, where the best fitness gym is to how to flirt with Hijabster. 

Formalized conversations take place in forums via the use of ‘threads,’ which are essentially subjects of debate on which people may remark or vote. Forums are an excellent method to engage with a huge number of people.

The Benefits of Forum

As a business owner, you have to find ways to keep increasing or maintaining your website traffic. Once you are on the top, you cannot stop doing whatever you can to stay on top. If you stop doing off-page SEO and on-page SEO, probability your website will be invisible to your potential customers. And, your business might be affected too.

Engagement with your target audience is important because that is how your website and brand are known to the public.The usage of social media to promote your business is great but sometimes it is not effective because some people would not notice it with all the flowing non-stop information. So, why is forum important?

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So, the use of discussion forum that can benefits your business are:

Enhance Customer Support

One of the most significant benefits of forums for business is the excellent customer service it provides. Post-sale assistance has never been more essential than it is now, in the Age of the Customer. Even the most excellent goods and services may be rendered useless by inadequate customer care. 

No one enjoys waiting for a response to an email or standing in a phone queue in the hope that someone will finally pick up the phone. Assistance professionals and customers may both contribute and upvote solutions to common issues in a discussion forum. Another use of a discussion forum is to offer peer-to-peer self-service support.

Increase Search Rankings

Content is the king and queen to boost your business. Many businesses spend money on their marketing budget to create the best content. By posting their content on social media, they can get engagement, but how long can it stand? By publishing your website content on the discussion forums, it can complement the brand’s content marketing efforts and increase your business visibility.

Due to the fact that the majority of discussion forums are accessible to the public, search engines may scan and index them. User-generated material is also favoured by search engines because of its authenticity, and the greater the number of discussion threads, the higher the ranking.

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Form Brand Trust

Since customers have the power to talk freely about your products on their social media, somehow it gives exposure to your business. But, not all reviews can be good reviews. As a business owner, you have to be more open. If there are negative reviews, you take it and fix your mistakes.

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Having a forum has many advantages, one of which is that it provides an interactive environment in which users may exchange constructive criticism and appreciation in equal measure. When companies openly listen to their consumers and demonstrate that they are not scared of criticism, people are much more inclined to trust them and buy their products.

Raise Customer Success

Now that customer loyalty is the key to brand longevity, customer success has replaced corporate success as the new measure of success. Businesses must make every effort to guarantee that their consumers get the intended results when using their goods or services if they want to increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy among them. 

Knowledge-sharing platforms, like discussion boards, may develop into comprehensive resources that consumers can turn to for advice, guidance, ideas, and answers to common issues.

More Product Ideas

Discussion forums are ideal to promote ideas and innovation through crowdsourcing. They may be a place to test and feedback, a one stop repository of important consumer information, which product development teams can use to continuously enhance their value proposition. Members may use their favourite ideas for new goods, features and services to help businesses discover new possibilities and leverage them.

However, one of the disadvantages of a forum is there are too many things to focus on and sometimes the readers would not get the message. 

What are Forums in Malaysia?

Forums in Malaysia are another way for Malaysians to spill the tea of someone or something and gossip in the forums. But it is not all that about, it can be an open discussion about current issues in Malaysia, how to find the best Nasi Lemak in Klang Valley, and how to repair the air conditioner.

To be part of the forums, the top forums in Malaysia are Lowyat forum, mforum.cari, and These can be used to raise your website traffic. Forums are not only benefits for business, but there are benefits of forum for students. How? The benefits of online forums for students are they could find any advice or do or don’ts, especially for the new students

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Digital Marketing Forum for Business

The promotion of brands to interact with prospective consumers through the Internet and other kinds of digital communication is digital marketing, often known as online marketing. This does not just comprise e-mail, social media and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia as a marketing channel.

Some of the digital marketing forums that you can use are Aff Playbook, Affiliate Fix, Affilorama, Reddfit, Lowyat, and Quora. The use of online business discussion forums would help your business to reach a wider target audience. 


Backlinks on forums is one of the off-page SEO strategies that you must try. It would not harm you anything but it will build trust among the customers, especially local customers who can get your products much faster than customers who live outside of your comfort zones.

In addition, you can improve and change your business weakness by taking seriously on the criticism by the customers. Prove to them that you can grow with their criticism.

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