Facebook is the most popular social media platform that you can use as your digital marketing platform. You can advertise and promote your business there but how if the Facebook ad account disabled appeal? If these things happen to your Facebook Ad Account, don’t panic because there are several solutions you can use to settle it. Are you curious what are the solutions you can use to settle it? In this article, we will discuss it. Let’s check these out!

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Why Was My Facebook Ad Account Disabled?

Are you curious why your Facebook ad account disabled? Actually there are several reasons why your Facebook ad account disabled for policy violation but if you haven’t read the Facebook advertising policies, it is better for you to read and understand it first before you find out your Facebook Ads Manager account was disabled.

Beside that, you also need to read and understand the Facebook Community Standards, where Facebook describes what things are allowed and what are not when advertising. Actually the usual reason why your Facebook ads account disabled is because your Facebook ad account might get users’ reports about your Business Page, ads, or any other type of content you have ever posted.

Here are the reasons that might cause your Facebook account to be disabled such as :

  • Facebook ad account disabled for unusual activity
  • Continued abusive behavior and usage after attaining several warnings from Facebook and other organizations.
  • Your posts have been marked spam and reported to Facebook
  • Usage of a fake name to represent yourself.
  • Hacking other’s accounts and sending unsuitable messages to others including forced advertising, harassment, stalking, and NSFW media. As this is a policy violation, your Facebook account is disabled for security reasons.
  • Unsuitable and harsh behavior or posting of comments on Facebook pages and groups.
  • You must have yourself disabled or deactivated the account.
  • Your ads were violating Facebook’s advertising policy.
  • You might be using circumventing systems, such as different cloaking methods.
  • Maybe your Facebook account was disabled by mistake.
  • The above reasons elucidate you being disabled. To avoid this in the future, you must give a glance through these guidelines. But don’t worry your Facebook account can be recovered and reactivated if you are lucky. 

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How To Restore A Disabled Facebook Advertising Account

After you know that your Facebook advertising account was disabled, you might worry about how to remove restriction on Facebook ad account. If you want to find the solution to a disabled Facebook ad account that will help you get back on track is by contacting the Facebook Business Help Center, where you can read about every aspect of creating and managing your ad accounts and ads.

Here are the solutions on how to reactivate Facebook ad account you need to know

Solution 1. Live Chat with a Facebook Representative

The first solution to enable your Facebook account restricted from advertising is by using the live chat feature. You can communicate with Facebook specialists there and ask them for help.

Here are the steps you need to take to chat with a Facebook representative

  • Go to the Facebook Business Help Center home page, then scroll down and choose Get Started.
  • After that, you have to choose Get Support on the page that opens.
  • Then, click the Chat button, which will send you to the Contact Support form.
  • Once you have done all the instructions above, you need to carefully enter all the requested information and check the question boxes to help a Facebook representative better understand your situation. 
  • And the last step is click start chat to start communicate with Facebook representative

Solution 2. Fill Out Two Forms

The second solution you can do to reactivate a disabled Facebook account is by filling out two forms. If you think your ad account was disabled because you violated a policy or standard, request an ad account review by filling out this form. If you think your ad account was disabled by mistake, provide Facebook with detailed information by filling out this form.

After you send your request by filling out the form, then you need to keep regularly checking the Facebook Help Center. Your disabled Facebook ad account may be reviewed at any time by the Facebook team. Once it has been reviewed, then you will receive a response to your Help Center support inbox.

Solution 3. Facebook Request Review Disabled Account

The third solution you can use to reactivate  a disabled Facebook account is by request review of your restricted Facebook Ad Account.  But how to request a review for the restricted Facebook Ad Account? Here are the steps that you can take for it

  • Firstly, you need to find and go  into an Ads Manager. You will see a red bar informing you that your account has been restricted from advertising. 
  • Then Click “See Details” to submit your appeal and get your account back up and running.
  • After that, you need to choose the Business Account
  • Then choose the Disabled ad account to appeal
  • Then you need to Press “Request Review”

Sometimes Facebook might not show the disabled ad account ID in the list on the appeal page. If this happens, you can settle it by going to the Account Quality page and choosing the right Business Account where your ad account belongs to. After that, you need to choose the disabled ad account and press “Request Review”

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Facebook is the most popular social media platform that you can use as your digital marketing platform. You can advertise and promote your brand and business there but how if the Facebook ad account was disabled? 

When it comes to a Facebook disabled ad account, you can use the solution like Live Chat with a Facebook Representative,Fill Out Two Forms and Facebook Request Review Disabled Account as mentioned above. If your Facebook ad account is disabled, don’t panic and try the solution mentioned above and hope you can recover your ad account as soon as possible. Be patient and persistent! 

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