Did you know that Upin Ipin is the first rank on Top 10 Facebook Pages in Malaysia? The Facebook Page was created on 9 October 2018 and has reached 12,024,134 likes from Facebook users. On their Facebook Page, they frequently updated the latest snippet videos of the latest episode as well as using the Facebook Page to reach as many audiences as they can. 

They are not just collecting followers and likes, they also communicate with their fans. In that way, the more followers they can gain, the more viewers and the more money on their account.

This is why creating a Facebook Page for your business is an excellent way to communicate, promote, and sell your products. The Facebook Page features such as posting pictures with long captions and your followers can share, comment and like would help you to gain more engagement. So, what is Facebook Page?

Changing Your Facebook Page

Do you ever feel proud of your Facebook Page Name and think that your business name is rare and no one ever used it? But then, you feel frustrated and disappointed when you want to register your business and find out the name has been taken by someone else? 

And now, you are back to square one, you have to create a new name for your business as well as changing your Facebook Page name. But, how exactly is the process of change Facebook Business Page name?

There are two ways, one way for Classic Pages, and another one is for the new Pages experience. Well, here’s the how to change Facebook Page name on iPhone and also, how to change Facebook Page name on mobile:

Classic Pages

  1. Tab Pages in the left menu from your News Feed
  2. Tab Page settings on your page
  3. Tab Page Info 
  4. Tab your Page’s name
  5. Fill the box with your new Facebook Page name
  6. Review and tab Request Change

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However, if you are not able to see the option to edit your Facebook Page’s name probably:

  • You are not allow to change your Facebook Page’s name because you do not have Page role
  • Your Facebook Name has changed recently made by you or other admin
  • Limits on your Facebook Page
  • If it is included in a global page, you cannot alter the name of a Regional Page.

In addition, your Facebook Page’s username would not be affected after you change your Facebook Page’s name

New Pages Experience

If you have Facebook access to a Facebook Page, you may go to your Facebook Page and ask for a change to the Facebook Page name. If you have task access to a page, the name of your Facebook Page cannot be modified. You may only request a change to the name of your page while you are signed in to a computer on Facebook.

How to change Facebook Page name on on pc:

  1. Log in to Facebook via computer, then click on the Facebook Page account.
  2. Tab your Page photo.
  3. Tab Setting and privacy, then tab Settings.
  4. Under General Page settings, tab Name
  5. Fill in with the new Page name, then tab Review Change.
  6. Fill in your password, then tab Request Change

If you are having problems as you cannot see the option to edit your Facebook Page, you might have the same issues as the Classic Page.

What Facebook Page Names That Are Not Okay?

Still finding the perfect Facebook Page Name that shows your identity and brand? And most importantly, you can register the business name on SSM. Page names have to represent the Facebook Page. And what Facebook Page names are not allowed?

Here’s the list of the Facebook Pages Name that are not okay:

  • Terms or sentences which may be harsh or which violate the rights of someone.
  • The term “official” if the page is not the official brand, location, organisation or public figure page.
  • Inappropriate capitalization (e.g. tHe best sHoP). Page names must utilise grammatical capitalization and shall not contain any capital letters except acronyms.
  • Symbols (e.g. ®) or unnecessary punctuation
  • Slogans or descriptions (e.g. The Best Cafe – We serve the best dessert in town). Those who administer pages may add this information to a section on the page.
  • Any modification in the word “Facebook.”

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The Facebook Page Names list cannot be composed of only:

  • Words generic (e.g. burger). Facebook Pages must be administered by official representatives of the issues they are concerned with.
  • Geographical places generic (e.g. Muar, Johor). However, for an organisation representing a geographical place you may establish a Page Name. The following are acceptable pages, for instance “Muar, Johor – YB Paling Perform”

Remember, your Facebook Page name is important as it shows your business identity as well as it will make your customers easier to find you on Facebook Page.

Facebook Page Username

Facebook Page username is important because it helps your existing or potential customers to find and remember your Facebook Page. If you create complicated and hard to remember Facebook Page username, the possibility of the customers finding you on Facebook Page is low. So, how do you create a username for your Facebook Page?

First and foremost, to create a Facebook Page username that will be your Page’s URL too, you need to be an admin. Your username could be @TheGulaDough if your Facebook Page name is The Gula Dough. 

So how do you create a Facebook Page username? Here’s the steps:

  • Tab on Pages from your News feed
  • Tab on your Page
  • Tab on Create Page @ Username under your Page’s name
  • Tab Create Username if the username is available. 

Unfortunately, if the username you chose is already taken or not approved, you have to create a new and different username. 

Changing Facebook Page Username


If you are looking for a way to change your Facebook Page Username without having to lose the followers and likes, there are two options available each for Classic Pages and New Pages experiences. To change the username, you have to be the admin of the page. 

Classic Pages

  1. Tab on Pages from your News Feed
  2. Tab your Facebook Page
  3. Tab Edit Page info
  4. Tab your current Facebook Page username
  5. Fill in the new username
  6. The guidelines for costumes username will appear if your username is available. 

New Pages experience

If you have access to a Task Page, you cannot alter the Page’s username. If you have access to a Facebook page, you may turn on the page and alter your Facebook username.

Here’s the steps:

  1. Go to the Page 
  2. Tab your Page photo, tab on Setting & privacy, then tab on Settings
  3. Tab Edit, next to Username
  4. Fill in the new username, and tab Save Changes.

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And Voila! You Are Done

Choose your Facebook Page Username and Facebook Page name wisely as it can give an impact on your business reputation. Choose username and page name that reflect your business, mission, and goal. The content of your Facebook Page must be interesting enough to hook up millions of Facebook users. In that way, you can grow with Facebook Page. 

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