There are many e-commerces in Malaysia, such as Amazon, eBay, Lelong, Carousell Malaysia, and many more. But what is the difference between them, especially eBay Malaysia Lelong? Here is the comparison between the two of them.

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What is eBay Malaysia?

eBay was founded in September 1995 by Pierre Omidyar’s San Jose. eBay was originally developed for consumer sales. Since then, eBay Malaysia has grown into a consumer goods and special offers business. 

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eBay Malaysia or eBay Indonesia introduces all product categories from antiques to art, baby products, coins, computers / tablets, networks, homes and gardens, jewelry and watches, musical instruments, real estate and more. You can search eBay com MY to visit eBay Malaysia’s website.

Customers can easily shop through the official website and app. eBay Malaysia or eBay Thailand charges different basic fees for different categories for the retailers. For customers shopping on eBay, shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and location. Cheaper shipping costs for shopping and shipping to Malaysia are also offered by eBay .

What is Lelong Malaysia?

Lelong Malaysia is an online marketplace for consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer transactions. has grown into a general market and was founded in 1998 as an auction website operated by Malaysian company Interbase Resources Sdn Bhd.

More than 10,000 retailers with a wide variety of products and services are exposed to this comprehensive and affordable online marketplace. has over 1.3 million products in various categories such as electronics, coupons, beauty and personal care products, fashion and accessories, and even frozen foods.

The Lelong dealer setup fee is free. However, offers packages that come with ready traffic to the retailers.. Delivery will be charged to the customer based on the number of items ordered, the distance traveled, and the weight and dimensions of the package. However, some sellers may offer free shipping by setting a minimum order amount.

What Are the Differences Between Ebay and Lelong Malaysia?

Here are the general differences between eBay Malaysia Lelong, and how to sell on both of them.

General Differences

To know the difference between Lelong and eBay, here are the general differences for your comparison. eBay
Overview Local King – Malaysia Homegrown Marketplace since 1998 Buy and sell locally, nationally or globally on eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace
Web Traffic 5.88 million(Avg Traffic of Sept 2016 till Feb 2017) 724K (Traffic of Aug 2019 till Jan 2020)
Accept Individual, Company or International Seller? Accept Individual, Company and International Seller Accept Individual, Company and International Seller
Retail (B2C) No YES
Global Marketplace Presence  Malaysia Only U.S., Canada, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam
Store Fee RM498/year Vary depending on the type of Store subscription chosen
Support Products Bulk Upload via Excel File YES YES
Shipping Fee Buyers Pay Buyers Pay
Free Education Class YES ( YES
Merchant Support 03-8090
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How to Sell on eBay vs How to Sell on Lelong

To sell on eBay Malaysia or eBay Singapore, sign up to accept PayPal first as eBay Malaysia seller (the preferred payment method on eBay (optional)). Next, fill out the Sell Your Item form. The Sell Your Item form is where you create your eBay listing. 

Some of the sections you will be asked to complete, such as category, ite specifics, write title, add pictures, write an item description, choose selling format, choose pricing and listing duration, and increase your item’s visibility. You’ll see a preview of your listing and a summary of its details. Look this over carefully. If you’re satisfied and finished, submit your listing.

When your listing ends, communicate with your buyer. If you use eBay’s Checkout service, when your buyer completes Checkout, eBay will notify you by email. If you didn’t specify postage and payment details, the buyer can use Checkout to request this information. You can also use Checkout to send the buyer an invoice.

If the buyer paid with PayPal Malaysia, you will receive an email confirming payment. If you have not yet registered for the PayPal service, you will be prompted to register to accept the payment. If the buyer paid via wire transfer, check your bank account to see if you have received payment.

Of course, you first need to register on the website to sell in After doing this, you can log in and start publishing your items immediately. You need to fill out the form and agree to the Posting Rules and Regulations, and so on. 

The information entered in the form includes the method of post (the type of auction used), item category, pricing information, payment and shipping options, and more. Of course, you can also preview everything and you can upload photos. This is a highly recommended step.

Tips to Sell on Marketplaces and Ecommerces in Malaysia

If you are looking forward to starting your small online business, you have to know several things that could make your online store successful. Here are some tips to sell on marketplaces and ecommerces in Malaysia.

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Think Like Your Customers

Please ask yourself. Where do you go if you are an internet user trying to buy a product online? According to a recent survey by Yellow Pages Malaysia, the most common platforms Malaysians use to find information before making a purchase are Google and social media.

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Use Social Media to Increase Your Chance of Being Discovered

Potential customers not only search Google, but also search for the desired article on social media and in some cases come across an offer for your product. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to complement their marketing efforts in the online marketplace, with equal attention to increasing their presence on social media. 

For example, if you own a bakery, enter attractive images of the various cakes available on social media. And with an impressive array of filters and editing tools available on social media platforms like Instagram, you don’t even need a gorgeous camera to get the job done.

Offer Free Shipping

To encourage customers to purchase additional items, implement free shipping based on the amount spent on the purchase. Customers can enjoy free shipping on purchases over RM100.

Based on the survey, it’s important to note that shipping costs can be a factor in deciding whether a customer chooses your brand or relies on a competitor. This little incentive to exclude shipping may look like a little bonus, but it will please customers who are accustomed to online shopping and are looking for ways to save money.


Both eBay and Lelong Malaysia are the top marketplace in Malaysia. Both of them sell various products that can be easily found by buyers. You can choose to be a Lelong seller, eBay seller or both. It all depends on your preference.

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