Have you read the news today on Facebook? And what is the newest news?

Facebook is one of the social media that is heavily used by Malaysians. From uploading pictures of them travelling, to sharing Nasi Goreng Kampung recipe and to the recent gossip about any celebrity or social media influencers. 

There are many activities Malaysian users can do with their Facebook page. They can watch videos, find the right partner on the Dating section, share opinions about their spouse in Kisah Rumah Tangga, find jobs and more. 

Social media, too, created social commerce. Social commerce is a binding tape between Facebook users and Facebook Marketplace. Bored with scrolling through the never ending page? You can cuci mata or window online shopping at Facebook Marketplace.

But, what is social commerce? 

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What is social commerce?

Social commerce is a way for the business owner to use their social media account to promote and sell their products or services. Instead of using another online marketplaces, social commerce such as Facebook Marketplace make it easy for business owner to deal directly with their potential customers. 

Facebook Marketplace for Business

On Facebook Marketplace you can organize to sell, buy, or trade the products with your customers. If you are looking for used cars, you can simply hit the search button and search  for Facebook Marketplace cars or if you are looking for chairs or tables with a cheaper price, you can search for Facebook Marketplace furniture. By using keywords on Facebook Marketplace search engine, you can find almost anything that you want.

The most convenient is when you are looking for a place to rent, you can simply search Facebook Marketplace rentals. You might find numerous house rentals or car rentals. Easy way to ful;fill your needs! 

How to Get Facebook Marketplace?

For those who are still clueless and do not know where is the Facebook Marketplace, you can find it on your Facebook app and on desktops or tablets. Look for the icon above at the bottom of the app on your iPhone and at the top of the app on your Android. You may locate this Marketplace symbol on the left of the Facebook page if you are using a web browser.

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How to Register As A Seller on Facebook Marketplace?

If you are interested to become seller on Facebook Marketplace, there are two kind of seller on Facebook Marketplace such as Facebook Marketplace for frequent sellers and Facebook Marketplace for businesses. And what is the difference between those two kind of sellers?

Facebook Marketplace for Sellers

Frequent sellers are people who sell their goods online to make additional money, establish side-enterprises, support families and position themselves as trustworthy specialists in their communities. They provide outstanding customer service and sustain a high volume of sales over time.

Facebook Marketplace for Businesses

It is simple for customers to easily discover the items they are searching for and get helpful responses from vendors utilising Messenger in real time. With Marketplace, companies can efficiently manage relations across the whole path from first contacts and inquiries to final purchases.

How to Register Facebook Marketplace?

For those who are still new to Facebook Marketplace and does not know how to start, here’s the steps to register for Facebook Marketplace.

Setting Up Your Facebook Marketplace Account

For existing Facebook users, you can access Facebook Marketplace on the left-hand side of your Facebook homepage, you would see a ‘Marketplace’ section.

But, if you do not have a Facebook account, you can go to the Facebook page and click on “Create New Account.” Next, after you completed the information given, you may start your Facebook Marketplace account.

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How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

When you sell anything on the Facebook Marketplace, you generate a public listing, which anyone can view in the news feed, on or off Facebook. 

Here’s the step for you to sell your products on Facebook Marketplace:

  • Go to News Feed, and Click Marketplace in the left menu
  • Click Create New Listing, then click Item for sale
  • Click Add Photos to upload photos of your products from the computer (Use HD photos to make it more appealing)
  • Enter the info about your item. To mark an item as Free, you can enter 0 as the price
  • Click Next, if Next is greyed out, make sure that you have filled all the information.
  • Click Publish to post your Marketplace listing.

Viola! You are done. 

The Items For Sale on Facebook Marketplace

Other than Facebook Marketplace, you can sell your products on Buy-and-sell groups, page shops, and Instagram shops. All items for sale on Facebook need to follow their Commerce Policies. 

However, there are several items prohibited to sell such as:

  1. Not a real item which includes jokes and news
  2. Services such as house cleaning
  3. Description and photo do not match
  4. Animal for sale
  5. Healthcare
  6. Before and after pictures. 

If you are against the Commerce Policies, your access to Facebook Market will be removed by Facebook.

How to Get Seller Badges?

Seller badges are given by Facebook Marketplace. The seller badges are very important for personal sellers or business owners. It will help you to easily gain trust and confidence from your potential customers. Those who are given seller badges are the ones who have good selling history on Facebook Marketplace. And only people on Facebook Marketplace can see your badge. 

What are the types of badges on Facebook Marketplace? 

  • Very responsive badge indicates that the seller answers messages regarding their listings promptly and consistently. To get the badge, you must have answered messages on your listings in at least 80% of your message threads in an average of less than one hour.
  • Highly rated badge indicate that the Facebook Marketplace users has rated positively and consistently to you. To gain the badge, yin the past 30 days, you must have earned at least four ratings equal or higher than 4/5 stars.
  • Top sender badge indicates that for at least 60 days, the seller has used delivery on the Facebook Marketplaceand in the past two consecutive months has executed at least 10 transactions a month. To get Top Sender badge, you should have a minimum 4.5 star rating, max. 3% non-buyer cancelation rate, max. 1% missed handling rate, and ma. 1% claim escalation rate.

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