How to sign up Shopee Malaysia is just the first step of starting a business as a seller on Shopee. As a seller, you must know that choosing a Shopee username is an important thing. Choosing the right name for your online store is very crucial to becoming successful. However, if the current username does not fit your business’s image, you can change username Shopee Malaysia. 

The correct name can earn a valuable brand image, and the wrong name can lose your money and sales in the form of losing customers.Do you regret your Shopee username and want to attract more customers? In this article, there is how to change a username on Shopee, so your shop can be more attractive. Here are steps on how to change Shopee username 2021.

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Tips for Choosing Shopee Username

To prevent wrong username selection to your shop, here are a few tips you can try for choosing a Shopee username.

Convey the Value of your Shop

The first thing you need to define is what your shop’s value is. If your shop has an image of seriousness and professionalism, you can not use the same as a brand that wants to reflect boldness and creativity. The value and your name have to be related.

Also think about your ideal client and which values identify them. If your Shopee buyer persona has specific likes and worries, look for the words that can represent those likes and worries. If your name recalls those values, it will be a point in your favor.

Research the Topic and Competitors

You should conduct market research and find out the names of your competitors. The name should be reflecting the products you are selling. Aim tools, materials, or phrases that might have something to do. Try to avoid the common words like technologies, communications, electronics, and future. Choose words that are not regular.

Check your competitors, what type of name do they use? Be sure that the name you have chosen is not very close to your competitors. As your competitors are having much more experience than you and if you chose a name similar to them there is a chance of getting confused. So be careful in choosing the name that is unique from your competitors.

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Do Brainstorming

Write down every idea that comes into your head. Whatever it is, if you see it absurd, just write it. The purpose of brainstorming is to make associations that take you to other best ideas.

You don’t need to analyze anything when you are brainstorming. If the domain is free or if it sounds good or bad is an issue that will be analyzed later, just focus on adding ideas. The more, the better, even if they sound stupid.

Ask your friends and family

A word or phrase can have many more connotations than you can imagine. So ask your friends or family to help you filter. Never stop asking others evoking them the name

Choose a Name that Can be Used Everywhere

Once you have chosen the name for your store, verify that the name can be used legally or not. Check with the Patent and Trademark office to check out if the name is registered or yet to be registered.

In addition, before choosing, double check that your Shopee’s username is free on the main social networks. You can choose Namecheckr to do that. Make sure that your name is free for, at least on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Use Generator Names

You can also use generator names to give you some ideas. There are lots of generator names that are available. For example you can use Shopify Generator to help you find a specific word combination for your Shopee username example.

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How to Change Shopee Username on Shopee Malaysia?

When you are just starting out as a seller, you must be looking for how to make a username in Shopee. But later you may not be satisfied with that name. So you are wondering how to change the username, right? If you know how to change Shopee username Singapore, it is just the same as how to change username in Shopee Philippines or Shopee Malaysia. 

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What if I registered using a Shopee buyer account and started wondering how to change Shopee username buyer to Shopee username seller? Don’t worry. You can easily change your Shopee username on the Shopee account setting by following these instructions. 

Tap the “Tool Icon”

The first step is to tap the “Tool Icon” on the Me tab. Or you can scroll down until you find “Account Settings”. Click on it.

Tap “My Profile”

The second step is to tap “My Profile”. Tapping on “My Profile” will lead you to edit the profile page.

Tap “Username”

Lastly, tap “Username”, and enter the “New Username”. In order to create a new username tied to your existing phone number or email address, we suggest that you submit an account deletion.

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Can I Change My Shopee Username More Than Once?

Have you experienced something like I can’t change my username on Shopee and why cannot change username Shopee? If so, it is because the username can only be changed once every 30 days. If you change your username it will also change your account or shop URL at the same time. 


Username is one of the most important things that you must prepare. Some tips for choosing the right username for your Shopee account are convey the value of your shop, do research the topic and competitors, do brainstorming and ask your friends or family, and the last but not least use generator names

But if you already made your username and intended to change it, here is how to change username in Shopee 2021. The first step is tap the “Tool Icon” on the Me tab or scroll down to “Account Settings”. Second, tap “My Profile”. Lastly, tap “Username”, and enter the “New Username”.

Remember Shopee only allows you to change username once every 30 days. If you change your username it will also change your account or shop URL at the same time.

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