Shopee is one of the most used marketplace in Southeast Asia. With Shopee you can reach more people to buy your products. Are you interested and want to start selling on Shopee recently? First of all, have you created a Shopee account for your shop? If you have not, you can start from creating a Shopee account and choosing your Shopee username Malaysia.

For those of you who have Shopee shops already, have you decided on a username for your shop? Then, how to choose the best name for my Shopee shop? To make your life easier on the payment process, you can also verify your ShopeePay.

In this article, there is how to make a username in Shopee, so you can start selling immediately in Shopee Malaysia.

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What are Preparations Before Selling in Shopee?

Before you start selling in Shopee, there are several things that you should prepare. The first thing is to choose the best Shopee username. Why should you choose the best Shopee username for your shop? Keep reading to know the answer.

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The other thing that is no less important is to decorate your shop’s appearance. Your shop’s appearance can attract more consumers if your shop displays products clearly and effectively.

How to Choose a Good Shopee Seller Name?

You should choose the best Shopee username for your shop. But what is the reason? A good shop name helps you to stand out from the other shop and attract the right shoppers to your shop. 

A shop name that reflects the niche of your business and what you are selling helps shoppers to discover your shop easily during a search. Having a relation between your shop name and brand/products also will make it easy for shoppers to identify what your shop offers from the get go.

Using the same name across all of your sales platforms also lets shoppers recognize you on Shopee. But what if I already made my username before? Then I can’t change my username on Shopee, how to fix it? How to change Shopee username Singapore to Malaysia?

Don’t worry, if you really want to change your username, you can submit the inquiry to Shopee’s Customer Support team. But sellers are not advised to change your username once you have registered your account. By changing your username, your previously shared link won’t be working anymore. Here are some tips that may help you create an ideal shop name.

Start with a Word List

Choose a catchy shop name that is easy for shoppers to remember. Do not forget to use relevant keywords. You can start with a list of words that are related to your products or business and work from there. 

Keywords related to your main products to attract the right shoppers. This also helps to ensure your shop’s name is relevant to products that you sell, which make it easier to remember.

Keep it Short and Simple

Choose a name that is easy to read and spell, so that consumers will easily remember your shop’s name. It should also be something easy to pronounce. It also can increase the chances of them revisiting for another purchase and they may even recommend your shop to their friends, bringing in more sales. 

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A simple Shopee username example is “Fenty Beauty”. It is a simple and short brand name that is easy to remember because of its rhyme. Do not forget to make it easy to spell too. Misspelling could result in poor search results and consumers may simply move on to other shops. 

Make it Meaningful

Consider using words that will evoke emotions in shoppers when they see it, so that it makes it more memorable. You can also include adjectives in your shop name to describe the attractive qualities of your products. 

Be Creative and Explore

Several tips you can try if you are stuck to come up with ideas, try to make up words of your own to create your own shop/brand name. Many famous brand names are made-up words, such as Google and adidas. 

You can combine two or more words to form a new word that represents your brand/products and explore other languages to find suitable words.

Check to Avoid Infringement

Before you settle on your shop name, a good practice would be to perform a search on other ecommerce websites or search engines, to check if the name is registered under any trademark. This helps you to prevent any unintended trademark infringement.

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How to Make a Shopee Shop Description?

Shop description is used to attract shoppers to your shop. Simple but powerful is the best option to make a Shopee shop description. You may include information such as your shop’s history, type of products or chat reply hours. Then how to make Shopee shop description for your shop? Here are steps to make your shop description.

Login to Shopee (Signup if don’t have any Account)

First you need to have a Shopee account and do Shopee login. If you don’t have any Shopee account yet, then you have to create one. Try to search how to sign up Shopee Malaysia or“how to create Shopee account to help you create a Shopee seller account on the internet. 

Make sure you have a Shopee account for the seller. Then, what if my account is not for seller? How to change Shopee account to seller? You only need to open the Shopee app, tap on ‘Me’, then select Start Selling. 

Set up your Shop


For existing sellers, tap My Shop in the Me tab, then tap Seller Assistant and select Shop Profile to complete your shop profile. 


For new sellers, login to Seller Centre via desktop and select Shop Settings to complete your shop profile.

How to Set a Pickup Address?

You need to set your pickup address for faster and smooth delivery and pickup. With setting up your pickup address, it will be easier for Shopee shipping to pick your product on your address, then send it to your consumer.

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Then how to set a pickup address for your shop? Here are steps to set a pickup address for sellers.

Add your Pickup Address


To add your pickup address, you need to open Shopee account setting. Tap Account Settings in the Me tab. Then tap Add a new address, and fill out the required fields, and toggle on the Set As Pickup Address, then tap Submit.



To start selling on Shopee, you need to prepare your username to use and decorate your shop’s appearance. And how to choose a good Shopee seller name? You can start with a word list, then keep it short and simple to make your consumer easier to remember. 

You also need to make a meaningful and creative name. Don’t forget to check your shop’s name to avoid trademark infringement. 

After making a username for your shop, you can start selling on Shopee Malaysia immediately. Don’t forget to make your shop description and set your pickup address too. 

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