Just like any other e-commerce, Shopee also offers cash on delivery as one of their payment methods. This feature is activated in order to give buyers a not only convenient but also reassuring method of payment. So, how exactly does cash on delivery Shopee work for a seller and what kind of benefit does this feature have to offer? Keep scrolling down to find your answer.

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How Does Cash on Delivery Work for the Seller?

Shopee, as one of the largest marketplace throughout Southeast Asia, always develops its services to make sure everyone has a good online shopping experience. With online transactions where all of the activities go virtual, it is inevitable if there’s people who feel anxious and doubt whether their purchase is legit or not.

Even with Shopee’s good system where the payment won’t be released to the seller before the transaction is fully finished and no complaint from the buyer sides, it might still not be enough to make some customers feel at ease. Thus, Shopee came up with more reassuring solutions by enabling the COD system.

System of Cash on Delivery Shopee Malaysia has the same terms and conditions just like any other Cash on Delivery features on another service area of Shopee. These features allow the buyers to make payment only after the order has been received. 

For sellers, you can only get the Cash on Delivery money and Shopee COD pending review by the Shopee seller if the order has been received by the buyers. In order to activate this feature, sellers must first make sure that they’re located inside the covered area of Shopee Supported Logistics courier. In case there’s no COD option Shopee seller, it indicates that your area is outside of the covered area.

For Cash on Delivery Malaysia, this method is only available for Shopee Express, DHL ecommerce, Ninja Van, and J&T Express delivery options. So make sure your area has one of these shipping options to enable the COD payment on your store.

5 Benefit If You Use Cash on Delivery

By activated Cash on Delivery Shopee seller will get some benefits as these followings:

Lowered Cost

With COD payment, there will be a lower transaction fee with only 1% rate before SST, half cost lower than via other payment methods which cost 2% before SST.

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Sellers with COD payment options activated will stand a chance to get featured at the COD microsite along with other hot selling products. Which means, you will get a free exposure that will help you boost your sales.

Bigger Chance to Win Buyers Trust

As stated above, some people might get anxious and have trust issues purchasing items online as they are afraid of a scam where they pay for things that they will never receive. With COD features enabled, buyers can get more confidence and encouragement to purchase from your store. Afterall, they don’t have to pay before receiving the package.

Free Returns

Any failed transactions or delivery will be returned to the seller with zero costs and Shopee will compensate if the parcel return is damaged.

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Get Discount Voucher

Shopee will sponsor any seller who gets COD payment method enabled with discount vouchers. These vouchers will help in boosting your sales for all of the COD-enabled items.

Can I Pay Cash on Delivery on Shopee?

Initially, if a buyer purchases products from a store where the COD payment is supported, then the buyer will be able to pay their orders with cash right after they receive their package. However, there’s some cases where the buyer couldn’t pay with COD options. Here’s some of the cause:

Is Under Suspension

Shopee will suspend an account from COD payment method for 90 days if the buyer has rejected COD packages delivered to them 2 times or more within the past 90 days. This term is made by Shopee to protect the sellers from irresponsible customers or unhealthy business competition. Failed transactions according to Shopee includes:

  • Buyers refuse to accept COD orders; or,
  • Buyers failed to receive the package after the 2nd delivery attempt.

Suspicious Activity Detected

In some cases, Shopee might observe some suspicious activity from your account when you made an order with COD payment. Do contact Shopee Customer Service if you think you’re not violating any of Shopee’s rules or if you’re unsure on why such an occurrence happens to your account.

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Sellers Do Not Have a COD Option

Another reason why you can’t do the COD payment method is because the seller’s location is out of the covered area as COD options is only supported by Shopee’s integrated couriers  or, another possibility is sellers are not enabling this payment method.

Additional notes buyers might find useful is that as long as an order is successfully being paid, there’s still a chance to change the payment method. So, in response to “how to change COD in Shopee”, as long as the payment hasn’t been been successfully done, you can change it by following steps below:

  • Go launch your Shopee App, go to “Me” tab and tap on the “To Pay” options;
  • Then select the order you wish to change the payment method;
  • After that, tap on the “Change Payment Method”;
  • Choose a new payment method (COD Payment in this case);
  • Last, tap on the “Confirm” button to proceed the orders.

But of course, to change this option, you have to make sure the seller has COD options enabled.

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What Happens If You Don’t Pay Cash on Delivery Shopee?

In case buyers refuse to receive their package and/or refuse to make payments, the package will be returned back to the seller. However, as we have mentioned above, please note that too many failed transactions may result in buyers’ accounts facing Shopee COD limit or worse, permanently banned from doing the COD transactions in the future.

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