Most people have done online shopping in Malaysia and one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in Malaysia is shopee. Shopee offers an easy transaction with shopee pay. What is Shopee pay? Shopeepay is a digital wallet that is offered by shopee. Then how to top up shopee pay in malaysia?

In this article, we will discuss how to top up shopee pay in malaysia, what is shopee pay minimum balance and what is Shopee pay refund. Let’s check this article out!

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What is Shopee Pay?

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Shopee have some payment methods but one of the most advantageous ones is shopeepay. So what is Shopee pay malaysia? Shopee pay is a digital wallet service offered by Shopee.

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You can use it for several transactions such as online transactions within Shopee, offline transactions with merchants who accept payment via ShopeePay and also receiving or transferring payments to your contacts. You can also withdraw the funds from shopee pay to your bank account.

How to Pay with Shopee Pay for Orders?

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As explained above, shopee pay is a digital wallet offered by shopee. You can only buy things with shopeepay by using the shopee application. Before you can use the Shopee pay wallet to pay your purchase in shopee. You have to activate your shopee account first. How to activate shopee pay? Here are the steps to activate your shopee pay account.

  • Log in to your shopee account.
  • From the Shopee dashboard, tap Me on the bottom right corner.
  • Tap ShopeePay and tap Set Up ShopeePay on the next screen.
  • Enter your full name, tick the Terms and Conditions box, and tap next.
  • Create a six-digit passcode and tap Done.
  • Confirm if you want to use your fingerprint to access.
  • Once you’re done, you’ll be directed to the ShopeePay dashboard.

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After you make the activation to your shopeepay account, you might question how to pay using shopee pay balance. Once your account is active, you can shop in shopee already. You have to top up the money in your shopee pay account by taking these steps:

  • From the ShopeePay dashboard, tap Top Up.
  • Choose an amount or enter the exact amount you want to top up.
  • Tap the Payment right below the Input Amount section.
  • Choose a payment option and tap Confirm.
  • Tap Pay Now to receive further instructions.
  • After paying the top up amount, check your new balance.

After you top up your shopeepay, don’t forget to set shopeepay as your default payment method in shopee. To pay with shopee pay for orders, you need to take these steps:

  • From the Checkout screen, tap Payment Option.
  • Choose ShopeePay as your preferred payment method and tap Confirm.
  • Once you place your order, the amount will be deducted from your current balance.

How to Pay with Shopeepay Merchant 

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Before we go directly on How to pay with shopeepay merchant. You have to understand what is shopeepay merchant. ShopeePay Merchant Account is an account that can be used to receive ShopeePay payments, manage daily transactions and analyze daily or weekly transactions. 

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Beside shopeepay merchants, there is also shopee partner. So what is shopee partner and the difference between shopeepay merchant and shoppee partner. Shopee Partner account is an update of the ShopeePay Merchant account. 

The Shopee Partner account has the same functions and features as the ShopeePay Merchant Account which accepts ShopeePay payments, manages daily transactions and analyzes daily or weekly transactions and also comes with several benefits, such as Shopee pay promotion, being safer, easier and faster. 

To pay at shopeepay merchants, you have to follow the following methods:

  • Scan the ShopeePay merchant’s QR code with shopee App homepage QR code scanner or Scan on ShopeePay page 
  • After you’ve scanned the QR code, enter the payment amount and description (optional), click Next, then click Pay Now, then Enter ShopeePay PIN , after that click OK
  • Get ShopeePay Merchants to scan your QR code from Pay on the ShopeePay page
  • Your shopeepay balance will be deducted automatically
  • You’ll receive a notification in your Wallet Updates folder once payment is successful.

How to Transfer and Request Money with Shopeepay

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How to transfer money with shopeepay? You only can transfer money using shopeepay if your shopee pay account is verified. To verify for Shopee pay malaysia, you can take this steps:

  • From the ShopeePay dashboard, tap Settings on the upper right corner.
  • Tap Identity card Verification in the next screen.
  • Enter all the necessary information and attach a photo of a valid Identity card and a photo of you holding a valid identity card.
  • Tick the Terms and Conditions box before submitting your requirements.
  • Wait for at least two business days for Shopee to confirm your account.

After your account has been verified, you can now transfer money to other ShopeePay users. Here’s how to do it.

  • From the ShopeePay dashboard, tap Transfer.
  • You can either use the recipient’s registered phone number or Shopee username.
  • Enter the phone number or username and enter the amount to transfer.
  • Enter your ShopeePay PIN to verify the transfer.
  • Check your new balance.

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Shopeepay Transaction History 

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Is Shopeepay safe? The answer is yes. You can use the password to your shopeepay account. You can check it in a shopee pay review. Beside that, you can check your shopeepay transaction history.

To check your shopeepay transaction history, you can go to the last transasctions section on the shopeepay page, then select shopeepay balance on the shopee app homepage then click last transactions. To view more transactions and filter them, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and select View More.

You can also filter your transactions by Incoming or outgoing funds from all, then click money in or money out. Incoming funds include top-ups, transfers from contacts, refunds, and more.

While Outgoing funds include all online/offline payments, transfers to contacts, withdrawals, and more.But If you find the shopeepay problem like your shopeepay transaction is not reflected on the transaction history page, you can contact shopee customer service.


Shopee have some payments methods but one of the most advantageous one which is shopeepay. Shopee pay is a digital wallet service that you can use it for several transaction such as an online transactions within Shopee, offline transactions with merchants who accept payment via ShopeePay and also receiving or transferring payments to your contacts. You can also withdraw the funds from shopee pay to your bank account.

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