There are lots of opportunities that include selling online in Shopee Philippines. Especially the Shopee parcel measurement update because now that we are all stuck in reception, people want to shop online. you actually have to start selling on Shopee and make use of this good opportunity while it’s still here.

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How are Shopee Parcels Measured?

Parcel measurements update meaning Shopee will automatically rearrange the declared dimensions into Length, Width and Height supported descending order when calculating the volumetric weight. (Longest side because the Length, and therefore the shortest side because the Height). = Max Length (cm) x Max Width (cm) x Sum (Height (cm) x Quantity) / 5000.

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How Do I Change my Shopee Parcel Size?

Here is the step how to change packaging size Shopee, such as:

  • Step 1: move to the Me tab, then tap My Shop or Start Selling. 
  • Step 2: Choose My Products or Add New Product counting on where you would like to line the shipping fee. 
  • Step 3: Tap Shipping Fee. 
  • Step 4: Input the accurate dimensions (size/weight).

Parcel Measurements Update

Parcel measurements update how many days? It’s important to always check the Shipping Information page to view the Timeline tracker of your order.

Minimum weight in Shopee is Shopee’s main integrated logistics partner. It allows sellers to ship package(s) that may not exceed 144 kg in weight and maximum dimensions of 100cm x 100 cm x 100 cm.

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What are the Different Kinds of Order Status?

Ninja Van uses multiple delivery statuses to assist you retain track of your parcel. Once you enter the Tracking ID on our website, you will see one in all the subsequent statuses:

Pending Pickup 

The parcel is currently together with your seller. Ninja Van will retrieve your order on the pickup date scheduled by your seller.

Van En-Route to Pickup

One of our Ninja Riders is thankful to devour your parcel from the vendor. Ninja van warehouse location that you can choose to self-collect your parcels when shopping with our partner merchants. This means no more waiting at home for your parcels to arrive – simply select the nearest Ninja Point and you can pick up your items at your convenience.

Shipping Fee Guidelines

Shopee shipping fee calculation is a Shopee system that calculates the shipping fee based on the actual weight which is 15kg as there is no dimension inputted for the product. Therefore, when the logistics partner is calculating the shipping fee, they would take the volumetric weight as it is higher than the actual weight. 

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Shopee shipping fee rates are like a handling fee that covers the cost of payment transactions. For every successful transaction using Shopee’s payment services, Shopee charges 2% (+VAT) of the buyer’s total amount paid.

How to Set Shipping Fees

Before fitting the shipping fee, sellers should first activate the well-liked logistics provider. On the add or edit product page, it’s mandatory to line the right product weight and dimensions. find out how to properly measure different varieties of items.

  • Go to the Me tab, then tap My Shop or Start Selling.
  • Choose My Products or Add New Product counting on where you would like to line the shipping fee.
  • Tap Shipping Fee.
  • Input the accurate dimensions (size/weight). Toggle on the popular courier for shipment, then tap Save.

Shipping Fee For Multiple Items

If the customer has purchased quite 1 product, shipping fees of the order are supported by the sum of actual weights of every item or the volumetric weight using the max length, width and sum of height across all items. Whichever is higher. This may avoid overcharging the customer for multiple shipping fees in one order.

Order volumetric weights are going to be computed as (max of length x max of width x sum of heights)/3500 or (50x50x30)/3500 = 75,000/3500 = 21.42. Order volumetric weight for GoGo Xpress should be divided by 3600 rather than 3500.

Rounding up, the volumetric weight for all couriers (except for GoGo Xpress) is 21 kg. Actual order weights are computed because the sum of actual weights of all items within the order. Actual order weight within the given example is 20 kg.

The chargeable weight will take the max of the order volumetric weight vs. the order actual weight. Therefore, within the example above, buyers are charged to support the order’s actual weight.

Overcharged Shipping Fee

Shopee checkout shipping fee rates that overcharged shipping fee refers to the excessive shipping fee that may be borne by the sellers when the particular shipping fee (ASF) or shipping fee charged by the logistics partner is above the estimated shipping fee (ESF) or shipping fee calculated by Shopee’s system.

The difference between the shipping fee charged by the logistics partner and shipping fee calculated by Shopee system may well be attributed to the subsequent reasons:

Seller didn’t Input the Dimension of the Product

The Shopee system will calculate the shipping fee supported actual weight or volumetric weight counting on whichever is higher. Thus, when a seller doesn’t input the dimension within the product listing, the Shopee system will automatically calculate the shipping fee supporting the particular weight that the vendor has inputted.

Shopee system will calculate the shipping fee supporting the particular weight which is 15 kg as there’s no dimension inputted for the merchandise.

In the example given, the logistics partner will use the volumetric weight (50 kg) within the shipping fee calculation because it is above the particular weight (15 kg). Hence, the shipping fee charged by the logistics partner is on top of the shipping fee calculated by the Shopee system.

Seller Inputs Incorrect Weight/Dimension of the Product

When an incorrect weight or dimension is inputted (e.g. not factoring within the packaging into the load or dimensions input within the product listing), the shipping fee calculated by Shopee’s system also will be incorrect. Hence, this may end in an overcharged shipping fee.

Shopee’s system will calculate the shipping fee supporting the volumetric weight since it’s higher (7.7kg).

In the example given, the logistics partner will use the volumetric weight in computing for the shipping fee because it is beyond the measured actual weight. Since the particular volumetric weight is on top of that calculated by the Shopee system, discrepancies are deducted from the vendor payout.

The Shopee system requires weight measurements in kilogram (kg) and dimensions in centimetres (cm).

Besides the load of the package, how far a delivery travels from the seller’s pickup address to the shipping destination affects the shipping fee calculation. In essence, the further the gap, the lower the value.

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