How does Shopee shipping work? Before knowing the standard of delivery fee, you’d prefer to know what Shopee is. So, Shopee provides consumers a simple, secure, fast, and enjoyable online shopping experience that’s enjoyed by tens of voluminous consumers daily. It offers an outsized product assortment, supported by integrated payments and seamless fulfilment. And also Shopee process flow is really easy to make money.

Here there is a lot information about order fulfilled Shopee bills and how to ship in Shopee via J&T.

How Does Shopee Process Shipping?

Seller is preparing your order Shopee? The seller must prepare the orders for packing and indicate the Shopee Order ID. you’ll find the Order ID by visiting My Sales > To Ship. Secure the item to stop any damages during the ship out. the vendor must schedule a pickup date on the chosen courier of the customer.

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How does Shopee Choose Shipping Costs?

Shipping fees for Shopee logistics partners are predefined. Sellers must set the proper weight and dimensions because the shipping fee is going to support the particular weight of the things or the volumetric weight of the package (inclusive of the external packaging), whichever is higher.

How to Set Shipping Fees

How to ship via Shopee checkout? Before fitting the shipping fee, sellers should first activate the popular logistics provider. On the add or edit product page, it’s mandatory to line the right product weight and dimensions. find out how to properly measure different forms of items.

  • Go to the Me tab, then tap My Shop or Start Selling.
  • Choose My Products or Add New Product counting on where you wish to line the shipping fee.
  • Tap Shipping Fee.
  • Input the accurate dimensions (size/weight). Toggle on the popular courier for shipment, then tap Save.

Measure the packaging size of the item and fill within the dimensions accurately to forestall additional shipping costs or failed delivery. Sellers can only nominate and customise shipping fees to non-Shopee logistics partners.

Shipping fees for Shopee logistics partners are predefined. Sellers have to set the proper weight and dimensions as shipping fees support the particular weight of the things or the volumetric weight of the package (inclusive of the external packaging), whichever is higher.

If the client has purchased quite 1 product, shipping fees of the order are going to be supported by the sum of actual weights of every item or the volumetric weight using the max length, width and sum of height across all items. Whichever is higher. This can avoid overcharging the customer for multiple shipping fees in one order.

Order volumetric weights are going to be computed as (max of length x max of width x sum of heights)/3500 or (50x50x30)/3500 = 75,000/3500 = 21.42. Order volumetric weight for GoGo Xpress should be divided by 3600 rather than 3500.

Rounding up, the volumetric weight for all couriers (except for GoGo Xpress) are going to be 21 kg. Actual order weights are going to be computed because the sum of actual weights of all items within the order. Actual order weight within the given example is 20 kg.

The chargeable weight will take the max of the order volumetric weight vs. the order actual weight. Therefore, within the example above, buyers are charged to support the order’s actual weight.

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Overcharged Shipping Fee

Seller own shipping Shopee? Overcharged shipping fee refers to the excessive shipping fee that may be borne by the sellers when the particular shipping fee (ASF) or shipping fee charged by the logistics partner is on top of the estimated shipping fee (ESF) or shipping fee calculated by Shopee’s system.

The difference between the shipping fee charged by the logistics partner and shipping fee calculated by Shopee system may well be attributed to the subsequent reasons:

Seller didn’t input the dimension of the product

The Shopee system will calculate the shipping fee supported actual weight or volumetric weight reckoning on whichever is higher. Thus, when a seller doesn’t input the dimension within the product listing, the Shopee system will automatically calculate the shipping fee supporting the particular weight that the vendor has inputted.

The Shopee system will calculate the shipping fee supporting the particular weight which is 15 kg as there’s no dimension inputted for the merchandise.

In the example given, the logistics partner will use the volumetric weight (50 kg) within the shipping fee calculation because it is more than the particular weight (15 kg). Hence, the shipping fee charged by the logistics partner is going to be above the shipping fee calculated by the Shopee system.

Seller inputs incorrect weight/dimension of the product

When an incorrect weight or dimension is inputted (e.g. not factoring within the packaging into the burden or dimensions input within the product listing), the shipping fee calculated by Shopee’s system will be incorrect. Hence, this may end in an overcharged shipping fee.

Shopee’s system will calculate the shipping fee supporting the volumetric weight since it’s higher (7.7kg).

In the example given, the logistics partner will use the volumetric weight in computing for the shipping fee because it is beyond the measured actual weight. Since the particular volumetric weight is above that calculated by the Shopee system, discrepancies are going to be deducted from the vendor payout.

Actual pickup address is different from the default pickup address

Besides the burden of the package, how far a delivery travels from the seller’s pickup address to the shipping destination affects the shipping fee calculation. In essence, the further the gap, the lower the value.

Shopee system calculates shipping fee charged to buyer supporting the default pickup address of the vendor.

However, when the vendor sets a special pickup address upon arrangement of shipment, the logistics partner will adjust the shipping fee in step with the particular pickup address. Any discrepancy between the system generated shipping fee which is computed by the logistics partner is borne by the vendor.

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ASF-ESF Best Practices

To avoid payment discrepancies because of overcharged shipping fees, please strictly observe the rules highlighted below.

Use quality packaging of the right size

Make sure that items fit snugly within the external packaging (i.e. box) to secure the products and avoid being charged with higher shipping costs.

Ensure both weight and dimensions of the product are inputted correctly

By providing both weight and parcel size, Shopee’s system can accurately calculate the shipping fee to be charged to the client, minimising mismatch with actual shipping fee as calculated by the logistics partner.

Make sure to enter values for weight in kilograms and for dimensions in centimetres. Convert measures to required measurement units if needed.

Set your pickup address as your return address

To avoid payment discrepancies during returns, set your address to the identical location as your pickup address. If you’re using the drop off option, don’t forget to line your pickup address as your destination.

Payment Discrepancy

Below are the 3 main reasons for why a seller may not receive full payment Shopee for the completed order:

  • Overcharged Shipping Fees – the particular shipping fee charges measured by the logistic partner is over the estimated shipping fee paid by the customer.
  • Seller Voucher Discounts – Buyer used a seller voucher for an order.
  • Return and Refund – The order had undergone partial refund.

Setting Courier Maximum Vol. Weight / Dimensional and Weight Limits

Any items/orders exceeding the volumetric weight/dimensional or weight limits will prevent buyers from placing an order on the checkout page. Buyer will receive a checkout error message saying “weight or size limit exceeded”.

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Overcharged shipping fee is calculated by subtracting the estimated shipping fee as assessed by the Shopee system from the particular shipping fee charged by the logistics partner.

Shopee’s system calculates estimated shipping fee supported the most of either the inputted weight or computed volumetric weight. On the other hand, logistics partners calculate actual shipping fees supported the most of either actual weight or actual volumetric weight inclusive of the external packaging.

Should the particular shipping fee be beyond the estimated shipping fee, the vendor is charged with the discrepancy.

Guide for Greater Manila Area (GMA)

Shipping method Shopee? For parcels shipped FROM Metro Manila TO Greater Manila Area Metro Manila rates are followed by all third-party logistics. For parcels shipped FROM Greater Manila Area TO Metro Manila Metro Manila rates are going to be followed by Shopee Xpress, GoGo Xpress, and J&T Express only.


If you don’t follow this Shopee standard international tracking terms and conditions just like the shipment doesn’t have a printed label, the printed label attached doesn’t follow the standardised Shopee Air Waybill format or perhaps if the label is broken, the shipments won’t be accepted during pick-up.

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