Do you want to know more about packaging size Shopee and how to set them? This article will explain more about it. Are you curious? Let’s check these out!

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What Is Packaging Size In Shopee?

Are you interested in Shopee packaging size Malaysia? But before that, you would like to grasp what Shopee packing is first. Shopee Packaging is another packaging material for your parcel. These Shopee packaging materials are called Shopee pouches. Shopee pouch is formed of a biodegradable opaque material that features a waybill pocket which helps to stay sufficient pouch supplies for your orders.

You can buy the Shopee Packaging from Shopee’s Partner shops. There are 3 available packaging sizes for Shopee Pouches, such as:

  • Small – 6”x 11” – 5 kgs max.
  • Medium – 9”x14” – 5 kgs max.
  • Large – 12”x18” – 5 kgs max.

For your additional information, Shopee Supported Logistics provider will now not supply pouches so you wish to form sure that you just follow the Shopee packaging guidelines to ensure that your products are safe and to avoid higher shipping fees. 

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What Is Overcharged Shipping Fee?

Shopee overcharge shipping fee is the excessive shipping fee which will be borne by the Shopee sellers Malaysia when the shipping fee charged by the logistic partner is above the shipping fee calculated by the Shopee system supporting the particular weight or volumetric weight.

Why does overcharged Shopee happen? This happens when there’s a difference between the shipping fee charged by the shipment logistic partner and also the Shopee system. The difference between the shipping fee charged by the logistics partner and therefore the shipping fee calculated by Shopee system may be attributed to the subsequent reasons:

Seller Didn’t Input the Dimension of the Parcel

How does Shopee calculate shipping cost? The Shopee system will calculate the shipping fee supported actual weight or volumetric weight betting on whichever is higher. So when a Shopee seller doesn’t input the dimension within the product listing correctly, the Shopee system will then calculate the shipping fee supporting the particular weight that the vendor has inputted.

However the logistics partner is calculating the shipping fee, they’d take the volumetric weight because it is more than the particular weight. This matter might cause the shipping fee charged by the logistics partner to be above the shipping fee calculated by the Shopee system. 

Seller Inputs the Wrong Weight and Dimension Of The Parcel

When an incorrect weight or dimension is input, the shipping fee calculated by the Shopee system would even be incorrect. This is able to also lead to an overcharge shipping fee.

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How Do I Set Packaging Size In Shopee?

The Shopee shipping fee to East Malaysia will rely upon how long the space and the way heavy your package is. That’s why the packaging size is vital because it helps to calculate the shipping fee.

Actually the packaging size Shopee in cm only. to line the packaging size, you would like to calculate the Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm). If you do not calculate it properly, you may be charged for overcharge shipping Shopee

Does Shopee charge shipping fees to sellers? within the case it’s an overcharge shipping fee which happens thanks to the seller’s mistakes, the Shopee seller is going to be charged for the fee too. For instance, the customer ordered a product which required the customer to pay a shipping fee of RM 8.50.

However, the logistics partner charges a shipping fee of RM 18.50 causing an overcharge of RM 10. This overcharge is deducted from the vendor’s payout and can cause the payout released to the seller to be negative.

What to try to do to forestall overcharge shipping fee Shopee? Shopee systems are visiting flag out orders with unusually high shipping fees to avoid overcharged shipping fees from happening, and also the seller’s payout will temporarily be withheld until further actions are taken.

Shopee is additionally gonna check these Shopee shipping problems with the relevant logistics partner to substantiate the particular weight and shipping fee of the customer‘s order to validate what the system has been calculated.

Once the logistics shipment partner has confirmed, Shopee will then update the new shipping fee as soon as possible and your payout is going to be released to your seller’s wallet. it should take around 3 to 5 working days for the method of validation to be clear. 

How Are Shopee Packages Measured?

Shopee packages are measured by using the particular weight and dimensional weight. Shipping large or irregular-shaped items will be influenced by the number of space it occupies in dimensional weight instead of the particular weight. The Volumetric weight is calculated by Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm).

The calculated shipping fee is automatically identified supporting the item’s chargeable weight. If the vendor wrongly inputs the dimensional and actual weight, you may be charged for the overcharged shipping fee Shopee. Here are tips how does one avoid payment discrepancy Shopee

  • Make sure the mandatory field like the scale of the merchandise you sell is filled in in order that the right weight is employed to calculate the shipping fee.
  • Make sure that you input the right data of your products weight and dimension in Shopee product listing in order that the shipping fee is calculated correctly. Weight and dimension are the most factors that affect the shipping fee.

How Is Volumetric Weight Calculated?

How is Shopee volumetric weight calculated? Once Standard Service Types shipping channels are activated, the volumetric weight calculations are standardized across shipping partners. Once you input the information, Shopee will automatically rearrange the size into Length, Width and Height supported descending order when calculating the volumetric weight.

For one item in one order, the calculation are going to be :

Volumetric weight calculation (kg) = Height (cm) x Width (cm) x Length (cm) / 5000.

If there’s a multiple items in one order, the calculation are :

Volumetric weight calculation (kg) = Max Length (cm) x Max Width (cm) x Sum (Height (cm) x Quantity) / 5000.


Shopee packages are measured by using the actual weight and dimensional weight. If the seller inputs the wrong size, you will need to pay the overcharged shipping fee.

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