Getting a massive order and thinking about how to ship off the packing in the easiest way possible? Get to know NinjaVan Own Packaging Shopee, a solution for sellers to ditch out the standard pouch packing size and easily ship off bulky packages!

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What is NinjaVan Own Packaging Shopee?

No more nuisance thinking about how to ship off a bulky package that didn’t meet up the standard packing guidelines as Ninjavan Own Packing Shopee has come for your services. NinjaVan Own Packing (OP) is a shipping option that allows sellers to ship package(s) up to 50kgs in weight with dimensions of 100 x 100 x 100 max.

Sellers are now allowed to manage the packaging of parcels on their own, a winning solution for those who either have to ship bulk packages or packages in irregular shape. Additional notes for sellers to remember:

  • By using the NinjaVan Own Packaging delivery options, sellers are required to provide their own packing;
  • In case there’s failed pickups, sellers should manually rebook the pickup schedules instead of reporting it to Shopee or NinjaVan’s Customer Service;
  • Sellers are required to declare the correct packing dimensions for their products. In case there’s any incorrect dimensions being found, it might resulting in seller’s payout being deducted;
  • NinjaVan Shopee delivery time is from Monday to Saturday starting from 08:00 am to 10:00 pm;
  • Booking cut off for same day pickups at 11:59 pm from Monday to Sunday;
  • The maximum allowed weight for this services is 50 kilograms;
  • The maximum dimensions allowed is 100 x 100 x 100 (in Length, Height, and Width);
  • NinjaVan rate in Luzon divided by Luzon area within the province of origin or Luzon area that’s not intra-city. Please refer to NinjaVan rates calculator for detailed shipping costs.

To enable the NinjaVan Own Packing options, please do refer to “Shipping Setting Page” on Seller Centre or using the Shopee Apps. Do scroll down throughout this article to know more about these shipping options!

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Packaging Guidelines

What you should know about NinjaVan packing guidelines:

  • Seller is required to wrap any fragile material such as ceramics, glass, etc with protective materials like bubble wrap before placing the items in an outer box. Also, ensure the items are in upright positions as well as minimise the gap to prevent unnecessary movement that might damage the items;
  • Referring to “minimising the gap” as mentioned above, please do fill up any empty spaces with crushed paper, newspaper, or other suitable materials;
  • Before placing item that contain liquid materials in the outer box, make sure to place it inside a sealed bag in upright positions;
  • Don’t forget to add the fragile stickers on the package so that the sorting team could handle your package more cautiously;
  • Encase all packages from one order into one outer box and thoroughly fill up empty spaces in between;
  • If the package contain clothes or apparel, do put them into a sealed and waterproof bag before inserting into an outer box;
  • Do inform NinjaVan’s staff at point of pick up if the package contains wine, liquor, or any other bottled items.

Shopee encourages both sellers and buyers to instantly check the delivery status thoroughly. Do access the Shopee Apps to track either Ninja Van Shopee tracking or Ninjavan Own Packing tracking. 

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Ninjavan Own Packaging Shopee FAQs

Besides the notes that being reminded for you sellers to remember as stated above, here’s some others FAQs regarding Ninja Van Own Packaging that you might found useful:

Why is NinjaVan Integrated (Integ) shifted to NinjaVan Own Packing (OP)?

In order to make sure everyone gets the best experience out of their transactions with Shopee, Shopee keeps on inventing new features that will provide easy access as well as supporting the growth of Shopee seller. This shift to NinjaVan Own Packing allows sellers to ship out bulky packages up to 50 kgs in weights with maximum dimensions of 100 x 100 x 100 cm. 

With this, sellers no longer need to worry about the standard pouch size that limits the shipping process. On top of that, NinjaVan Own Packaging allows sellers to reschedule orders for pick up directly through the Shopee Apps or Seller Centre if there are instances of failed pickups.

What’s Difference Between NinjaVan Integrated vs NinjaVan Own Packaging?

The most noticeable difference is on the package weight and dimensions difference. While NinjaVan Integrated only allows packages in weight of 5 kilograms and dimensions of 30 x 30 x 30cms (or limited to the size of the pouch), NinjaVan Own Packaging can cater package 10 times heavier than those in Integrated and a whole lot bigger in dimensions.

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Will There Be Any Necessity to Print Airway Bills for NinjaVan OP Shipments?

Sellers already covered by the Seller own print of AWBs policy are required to provide their own airway bills for NinjaVan OP shipments while sellers that are not covered by the aforementioned policy will still be given airway bills by NinjaVan.

How Do I Request For Rebooking of Pickup with NinjaVan OP?

With NinjaVan OP, Sellers should rebook pickups using their Shopee App and no longer have to report failed pickups to Shopee or NinjaVan’s Customer Service.

If My Package is 101 in Length, Can It Still Be Considered?

Unfortunately no. Sellers are required to strictly follow both package weight and dimensions limits.

Shopee Supported Logistics

Aside from NinjaVan OP, there are still some others supported logistics by Shoppe which allows sellers to use their own packaging to ship out items for easier and hassle-free packing and delivery such as GoGo Express Own Packaging Shopee (formerly known as Xpost).

But with GoGo Express Own Packaging, the maximum weight of packages are limited to 20 kilograms only. 30 kilograms less than those in NinjaVan. Another drawback is, with GoGo Express OP, sellers will not be allowed to reschedule the pickups on the Shopee App on the actual day of the pickup day or thereafter.

In case there’s failed pickups with GoGo Express OP, the seller needs to wait for Shopee to update the pickup status the following working day before rescheduling pickups can proceed through the Shopee app.

If you have to ship out a package with weight about 50 kilograms and dimensions over 100 x 100 x 100, you have options to use other Shopee supported logistics such as Shopee Own Packaging J&T. J&T’s maximum weight of packages is set to 50 kilograms, just like NinjaVan’s. But the maximum dimensions of J&T OP is exceeded to 150 x 150 x 150 in Length, Height and Width.

So that’s all the things you need to know about NinjaVan Own Packaging and a tid bit of information about others Shopee supported logistics.

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