Are you looking for supplier Shopee? Supplier is the one who helps you with your products inventory. Since the supplier will handle your customers’ orders, Of course you need to find the top supplier. Are you curious on how to find the top suppliers? Let’s read this article to get the tips on how to search the top supplier for your shop.

What Is Supplier In Shopee?

There are many ways to find income in Shopee Malaysia. You can be a seller, supplier or even Shopee dropshipper. What is dropship Malaysia? Dropship is the type of selling model in which sellers aren’t required to have any inventory stock.

Dropship selling model is the best for those who are looking for more income but don’t have any capital for the product’s stock. You have to create your Shopee account first  before you can be a Shopee dropshipper Malaysia.

Before you can do Shopee dropship Malaysia, you need to find your product supplier. What is a supplier in Shopee? Supplier is the one who will handle your order and help you with the product inventory.

Since you will not handle the order by yourself, that’s why you need to find the trusted supplier. You have to check their background and product quality before choosing them as your supplier.

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How To Find Top Suppliers For Dropshipping?

You might be curious on how to dropship from China to Shopee but before you become a Shopee dropshipper, you need to find your supplier first. Finding the top dropship supplier is the important thing to do for those who want to be dropshipper because your supplier will be the one who packed and shipped the customer’s order. 

Here is the way to find top suppliers for dropshipping.

Search The Supplier Background

The first thing you need to do to find your supplier is by checking their background like how long they have become a supplier. You can try to search for it on the Internet. Don’t forget to read the supplier’s review too.

Search The 4+ Star Shopee Dropship Supplier

After you have checked the supplier background. You need to ensure that the Shopee dropship supplier has a good rating. It is better to find the 4+ star Shopee dropship supplier. If the suppliers are 4+, it means they are trusted enough and their products are the best selling one.

Have Sold at least 100 Items per Month

Young entrepreneur, teenager business owner work at home, alpha generation life style. checking parcel for deliver

If you are intending to do dropship Shopee, you have to find out how many products that the supplier sold in a month. It is also important to know because it will show that the supplier is the big supplier or the small one.

Try to find the supplier with a hundred sold items in a month. When they have sold a hundred items per month, it means that they have a lot of inventory so when you have many orders from the customers, they can be fulfilled. Besides that, it means the suppliers are trusted and many people buy from them.

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Check The Product Quality

After you have checked their background and how many items they have sold in a month. Of course, you also need to check their products’ quality. Since you will not be the one that handles the order. You have to make sure that you are selling the best quality product. Try to buy a small amount to check the product quality.

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6 Supplier Shopee Recommendations

Do you want to be a dropshipper but need the recommendation? Here are the recommendations for you.

Chubby Bitsy

If you want to sell babies and kids products, try to contact Chubby Bitsy. Chubby Bitsy sells many kinds of babies and kids’ needs.

Sweet Home Planet

Sweet Home Planet is the best supplier for those who want to dropship the home living products.


If you want to be an electronic dropshipper and looking for a supplier. Ecubstore can be the solution. You can find many kinds of electronic devices from any brand here.

Knt Marketing

Knt Marketing is a supplier of baby and women products. They sell various products such as women’s fashion, beauty tools, cosmetics, baby clothing and many more. Try to search Knt Marketing to know more about them.

A Fashion Story

Fashion will change regularly. It will depend on many cases. Many people are following the trends that’s why being a shop dropship can be a good decision. To find your supplier, you can try to contact A Fashion Story. A Fashion Story sells complete trending female products such as beauty tools, clothing and also its accessories.

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In this pandemic era, many people are cycling. So dropship bicycles can be the solution for you to get more income but you need to try a good supplier. You can contact Asogo. Asogo is the biggest bicycle supplier in Malaysia. They only sell the good quality products.

How To Master Dropship Business In Shopee And Find Good Suppliers?

How to start dropshipping in Shopee? The first thing you need to do is create your Shopee seller account. Here is how to set it up.

  • Step 1 – Download your Shopee Application
  • Step 2 – Create your dropship account profile and click register
  • Step 3 – Fill in all the required data there
  • Step 4 – After that click sign in
  • Step 5 – Now your account has been registered

Once you have registered, you can upload the products you want to sell there. You need to provide a high quality product image before uploading the product listing. There is another way to make product listings by using shop sync. Shope dropship sync is the way to export the product listing from another marketplace.


supplier shopee

There are many ways to get extra money even when you don’t have enough capital. You can be a Shopee dropshipper. Before you can be the dropshipper in Shopee, you have to find the best supplier to help you with your product’s stock. To find the top supplier, you need to do several things such as market search, search the supplier background, the products sold in a month, the quality of products and many more.

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