What does dropship sync to shopee means? Do you want to know more about it? This article will discuss more information about dropshipping and how to do dropship sync to shopee and its benefits. 

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What Is Dropshipping?

Are you curious on how to dropship home living in Malaysia? but before that you need to know what dropshipping is. Dropship shopee malaysia is one type of selling model in which you don’t need to have any products stocks. This means you don’t need any capital to become a dropship agent. All you need is just creating the online stores and finding the trusted supplier to help you fulfill the order.

Shopee dropship malaysia is the best way for those who are looking for extra income but don’t have enough money for the capital. You just need to find a trusted supplier and get the cheaper price for the dropship products. Dropshipper will not handle, stock and pack their order themselves. The supplier will be the one who packs and ships the order to the buyer.

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Can I Do Dropship In Shopee?

Can I dropship shopee malaysia? What are the criteria to be a dropshipper in Shopee? These two questions are the frequently asked question and the answer is yes. You can do dropship malaysia in Shopee. Dropshipping is the best for beginners who have never done an online business before and it is also the best way to get more income. 

To be a successful dropshipper, you need to find the best selling and trending products. For example, you can search what things are on trend in your country right now, then find the shopee dropship supplier for the products and sell them in your Shopee account.

What Is Dropship Sync To Shopee?

Now you can dropship malaysia shopee from several apps such as Kumoten, Lazada, Taobao shopee and so on. By dropship sync to Shopee, you can get more products to sell and of course get more sales but what does dropship sync means? Dropship syncs Shopee is the way to import the dropshipping products including the product images and its description automatically to Shopee and you just need to synchronize the price.

Kumoten To Shopee

There is no limit to sync any products from Kumoten to Shopee. Are you curious on how to sync products from Kumoten to Shopee. Here are the steps you need to take.

  • Step 1 – Choose the product item you want to sync
  • Step 2 – Click Add to My Store and Go To My Store button 
  • Step 3 – Choose the product from My Store and select the Shopee logo to sync to Shopee
  • Step 4 –  Choose the Shopee Category and image template
  • Step 5 – After that, Click Sync to Shopee
  • Step 6 – Now, you need to go to your Shopee account and click on My Product
  • Step 7 – The product has been sync and uploaded to your Shopee account

For your additional information, If it has not been synced, the logo will be black and white but if you see a color logo, it means the product has already synced. In some time, your Shopee account might not be connected to Kumoten. if this happens, you need to check several data such as:

  • Correct email and API key
  • Spacing when copying and pasting in the column
  • Make a confirmation that you have done and completed the Shopee account activation

Lazada To Shopee

Here are the steps to sync Lazada products to Shopee.

  • Step 1 – Go To Products and choose copy Listings
  • Step 2 – Click on Shopee and the active products you choose
  • Step 3 – Select Import to stores and choose Shopee
  • Step 4 – Go to Draft and edit the product information
  • Step 5 – Select the products and click on publish

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Benefit Of Dropshipping In Shopee

Why do you need to choose dropship as your business? It is because you don’t need stock and other benefits. Here are the other benefits you will get when dropshipping in Shopee.

Fulfill The Order Automatically

When you choose dropshipping as your business, you don’t need to be stress because the system will fulfill the order you get from Shopee automatically.

Systematic Tracking Data 

Your tracking data will automatically show up as soon as the package has been packed and shipped to the buyer.

No Stock Needed

When becoming a dropshipper, you don’t need to stock any products because you just need to focus on sales and market the product you sell. Once you receive the order, the supplier will handle the fulfillments.

Stock Balance Update 

You don’t need to count your products’ stocks because the stock will automatically update by system.

There Is No Minimum Order 

There is no minimum order because you can still get the dealer price even for 1 unit that sold.

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5 Suppliers In Shopee To help In Dropshipping Business

To be a Shopee dropshipper, of course you need to prepare several things such as the products to sell and also find the trusted supplier dropship shopee. Finding a reliable supplier is important to make sure that you are selling the best quality products and also to help you with the order fulfillment. If you are looking for the shopee supplier, here are the few things you need to mark on.

  • Search the supplier and find their background.
  • Check how long they have been a supplier for the products and get other people’s reviews.
  • Try to buy in small amounts first to check the product’s quality.

The supplier you need to find out will depend on what products you are going to sell, here are several recommended suppliers for you.

  • Ecubstore is the gadgets and hot trending suppliers
  • Knt Marketing is the supplier of cosmetics, health products, fashion and also baby products.
  • Chubbybitsy is the supplier of baby and kids products related.
  • Sweet Home Planet is the supplier for all home products.
  • A Fashion Story is the supplier for women products.

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Finding a trusted supplier is one of the most important things to do if you want to be a dropshipper. For a successful business in Malaysia, you need to find out the supplier background first before you choose them as your partner.

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