What is a Shopee search algorithm? The Shopee search algorithm will only work if there is a keyword. That’s why if you want your product to be searchable, you need to conduct a search to find the best keyword for your product. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s check this out!

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What Is The Shopee Keyword?

The Shopee keyword is the important part you need to have to reach the top search in Shopee 2022 but do you know what Shopee keyword is? Keyword is a word that you can use to describe the product you sell so that the customer will easily find you.

You can try to use the Shopee keyword tool to help you find the Shopee keyword. This tool will supply you with the keyword recommendation that might suit and relate to the product you sell. Once you find out the best keyword, you can use it for your products. 

This keyword will help your product to be easily found in the search result when the customer types the keyword in the search bar. That’s why doing keyword research is a must thing to do because it really helps your product to be more researchable.

How to find a good Shopee seo? Here are the steps you need to take to find keywords and reach top search in Shopee 2022.

Google Search Keyword

The easiest and simplest way to find keywords is through google search. You just need to input the terms of your products that others might explore. Then google will recommend a bunch of keyword varieties at the results page.This method is usually used by the new seller.

Filter and Choose Top Searched Products on Shopee

Another way to find a good keyword is by filter and choose the top research. You can try to compare it with top search in Shopee 2021 too. For your information, the product with a high sales and high search products is highlighted on the Shopee homepage monthly. 

Keyword Tool Shopee Keywordtool.io

Shopee keyword pro or Keywordtool.io is a computer program that is generally used to search keywords. You can see the search volume for some keyword in a month when using this program.

Use Shopee’s Search Engine

Shopee search engine can be the solution to find keywords. You just simply input your merchandise in the Shopee search bar then the website will give the keyword recommendation.

Check Directly With Shopee’s Keyword Suggestion Tool At Seller Channel

After you have looked at the Shopee trending search, you can try to choose which keyword suggestion you want to use. To know the keyword research rate, you need to input and click on search then the Shopee system will automatically examine the keyword search rate in 30 days.

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Shopee Product Listing Optimization Strategies?

Are you curious on Shopee product listing optimization strategies? Here are the tips for you.

Generate Keywords That Are Specific For The Shopee Search Algorithm

Since the algorithm will only work to produce search results by using keywords. That’s why it is important to find a good keyword so that your product listing will appear in the search result. To find a good keyword, you need to conduct keyword research.

Use Keywords In Your Product Title and Product Description

After you have found the keyword that are related to the product you sell, don’t forget to use and blend the keyword to your product title as well as its product description. Make sure to use the keyword in the natural way because if you over-stuffing your product title and description with the keyword will only bring you to the opposite goals you want to reach.

Constantly Update Your Keyword Research

As customers’ behavior and their interest keep changing which will impact the algorithm, it is better for you to keep updating the keyword research. You can try to update the keyword within a month. If there are any changes, you can replace the last keyword with the new one in the product title as well as its description.

Track Your Search Ranking

Another important thing to optimize your product listing is by tracking your product search rank. By doing search rank tracking, you will know whether your product listing optimization strategies are effective or not.

Optimise Product Page For Better Search Results

For a better search result, you need to optimize your product listing page. Product listing optimization needs a long process but it is an important thing to do when selling things online and want to make more sales. You can automate your optimisation process so that you can have more time for business operations.

Update Shop Description For Users Search Intent

After you have updated the keyword research, you need to update your shop and product description if there are any changes. By updating your shop and product description, it will make you more visible when the customer types the keyword.


Here are the frequently asked question you need to know such as:

Why Should You Optimize Your Shopee Product Listings?

It is important to optimize your Shopee product listing because if you not optimize it, your online shop might not make any sales due to several reasons such as:

  • Bad searchability for buyer.
  • Not click-worthy.
  • There is no product information that customer need to know.

How Does Your Product Listings Affect Your Sales?

When you own offline stores, you might need to persuade your customer to buy the product you sell. Meanwhile, when you sell the product online, your product listing is the important thing that can attract buyers. That’s why you need to put all the detailed product information there, use a high quality product image and also don’t forget to use the keyword.

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Keyword is a word that you can use to describe the product you sell so that the customer will easily find you. You can try to use the Shopee keyword tool to help you find the Shopee keyword. This tool will supply you with the keyword suggestion.

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