Thousands of workers of all ages are ill with job losses or reduced salaries thanks to the pandemic and also the frequent lockdowns in Malaysia. So, that they’re finding different ways to make money and online business is the solution. You simply need the web and also the products to start out selling Shopee shop descriptions in Malaysia.

So have you ever ever decided to begin an online business on Shopee marketplace Malaysia but no experience yet. the way to begin selling on Shopee Malaysia, the thanks to start selling on Shopee employing a laptop or how to sell in Shopee without a product is the question you’re wondering.

Don’t worry! This text will provide you with all the knowledge you would like to start selling your products on Shopee Malaysia. So do you want to know more? Let’s check these out! There is a lot of information about Shopee description and Shopee decoration that you have to know! But, make sure you have been download Shopee Malaysia.

Creating an Attractive Shop Profile

The majority within the globe do online shopping nowadays and one altogether famous e-commerce platform is Shopee.

Shopee seller centre is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in geographical area and Taiwan which offers several products like consumer electronics, household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and groceries. You’ll buy many things in Shopee.

On your Shop Profile page, there are five key elements which will create a storefront that encourages shoppers to browse your shop, such as:

  • Create a logo that represents what you sell. For instance, a store that sells children’s clothes can have a vibrant and playful logo. In contrast, a playful logo won’t work for a store that sells office wear.
  • When shoppers browse your shop, the duvet photo is the very first thing they see. Choose a picture that captures the essence of your brand. Avoid having text in your cover image. to urge the most effective fit, use a picture in an exceedingly 2:1 ratio.
  • Choose a particular and memorable shop name that reflects your shop and products, while keeping with Shopee’s policy on shop-naming.
  • Capture shoppers’ attention with attractive images and videos showcasing your brand and products. Upload media (images and/or videos) to impress shoppers.
  • Provide details about your shop like its history, sort of products, shipping location, chat reply hours, and other unique qualities. However, you must not include personal information like email addresses or phone numbers to conduct transactions outside of Shopee.

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Writing Informative Product Descriptions

Shopee could also be a marketplace platform that connects buyers with sellers. Sellers can publish their products to Shoppers large user base by using the net and Shopee acts as the technology provider for it. Shopee provides several features which can help sellers to increase their sales and customer service at Shopee com my.

Shopee acts as the connector between seller and buyer because Shopee will hold buyers’ money and release it to sellers after buyer’s receive their package. There’s no charge for creating an account on Shopee but sellers will get a charge for sales commissions.

This also becomes a commonly asked question. You’ll sell plenty of things in Shoppee because Shopee Malaysia has various categories of products like clothing, home appliances, gadgets, baby’s products and many more.

A complete and detailed description provides shoppers with a higher understanding of the merchandise, which helps them to create informed decisions and reduces the necessity for enquiries. Here are 3 ways you’ll be able to create informative product descriptions:

  • Provide shoppers with technical product details like material, weight, dimensions, and other unique factors. These details are especially important for electronics, equipment and tools.
  • Explain your product’s features and benefits, and show the various ways buyers can enjoy using your product.
  • Indicate any available warranties and their warranty periods.

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What is Shopee’s Policy on Shop Naming?

A professional shop name builds trust and confidence in buyers. Follow these rules when choosing a store name to reflect credibility:

  • Include a minimum of 5 characters, but no more than 30 characters.
  • Include both alphabetic and numeric characters. Avoid shop names that only have numeric characters.
  • Avoid emoticons or special characters like punctuation marks.
  • Avoid the word “Shopee”.
  • Avoid vulgar, prohibited, offensive, or sensitive words.
  • Avoid using the identical name as an existing account on Shopee. you will see a mistake message if you enter an existing account name.
  • Only use a trademark or brand if you are the brand owner. Supporting documents are required.
  • Avoid listing products in your shop name.
  • Avoid personal information, like addresses or contact details.
  • Avoid promotional content, like discounts or free shipping.
  • Avoid links to external websites or platforms.
  • Avoid including your shop’s operating hours.

Choosing a Good Shop Name

A shop name that reflects what you’re selling helps shoppers to get your shop easily during an exploration. Using the identical name across all of your sales platforms also lets shoppers recognise you on Shopee. Here are three guidelines for creating a perfect shop name:

  • Choose a catchy shop name that’s easy for shoppers to recollect.
  • Choose a reputation that’s easy to read and spell.
  • Add keywords associated with your main products to draw in the proper shoppers.

Editing the Shop Name

You can edit your shop name from download Shopee App or Shopee web mobile. You’ll be able to only change your shop name once every 30 days. Avoid frequent changes because it may confuse buyers.

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