Doing Shopee product research is important when you run a business in Shopee. It helps you to find the best products to be sold in Shopee. Besides that, you will know how the market is going. Do you want to know more about how to do the Shopee product research? Let’s read this article for more information needed.

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5 Reasons Why We Need To Do Shopee Product Research?

What is Shopee market research? Shopee research is the process to decide what products that might be successful and the best to sell in the Shopee marketplace. You can use the Shopee keyword research tool to help you find what products are best selling. By doing Shopee product research, you can find and identify the aspects that affect your sales such as price, type, design and the trend.

Doing the Shopee product analysis is an important step to be a successful seller. It can help you know how the market is, what your customers are looking at and also find the best products to sell in a shop. Doing market research and selecting your products before selling them really helps to get more conversions and leads that you might get in the future. 

Here are the reason why you need to do Shopee product research to find Shopee trending product

  • Help to determine and identify your customers
  • Help you to know how to compete
  • Get more effective sales
  • More sustainable for long term business
  • Help you to do the ad targeting to find the right customer

You might be curious why you need to sell in Shopee. It is because Shopee is one of the leading markets in South East Asia and has become the most visited platform. Here are the benefits when you become a Shopee seller such as:

  • No Financial Burden which means you will be able to start selling your products online with no upfront cost. 
  • Higher Traffic, you can get higher traffic and more opportunity to make sales in Shopee
  • Get Free Live Streaming Platform which means you can sell your products in live streaming
  • Can Link To social media, you can link your Shopee account in your social media which help to direct the customer that clicks the link.

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How Do You Do Product Research On Shopee?

When you sell things in Shopee, it means you will get many competitors because there are many sellers in Shopee. To survive in the competitive market, here are the tips for you.

Have Optimized Product Listings

To get good product listings, you need to use high quality images in your product listings because your product impression will affect your customer attention. Don’t forget to put the clear description there.

Higher Search Rank

Using the right keyword that is related to your product will help the customer to find your products easily. If you use the best keyword, your product might appear in the first page of Shopee search engine results pages.

Market Your Business Products

Beside increasing your search rank, you need to market your business products to be a successful Shopee seller. You can market and promote your business in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can also promote your business using ads.

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Conduct Market Research

The best way to be a successful Shopee seller is to know what you are selling and be aware of what products are on trend right now. You can also compare your products and your competitors.

How to find best selling products? You can do the best selling products by conducting a market search. Here are the steps you need to take for it.

  • Step 1 – Go to your Shopee Account
  • Step 2 – Choose Market Research
  • Step 3 – Click On the Shopee Sales Database
  • Step 4 – Fill in your country and choose your market category
  • Step 5 – After that, go to filters 
  • Step 6 – Fill in your competitor’s brand name at the A textbox. Then Click Search. 
  • Step 7 – You will see the product’s research result including the monthly sales and revenue of the products you search from that particular item.

If you do the market research wrongly, you will get some risk such as:

  • Your sales will be slow-moving
  • Difficult to achieve the long term sales
  • Difficult to align your products benefit and customer base
  • Selling things with low interest
  • Hard to compete with many competitors

Before you find the top search in Shopee 2021 and 2022. There are several factors you need to consider before finding the best selling products to sell on Shopee such as:

  • What Are The Competitive And High Selling Products On Shopee?
  • What Other Complementary Products Can You Sell in Shopee?
  • Is The Shopee Market Still Sustainable Or Too Saturated for you to sell your products?
  • How much do you need to pay to sell on Shopee?
  • Is your product a long term need or only once?
  • What products are the customers looking for?
  • How much will your margin be?
  • How do you get the products you want to sell?
  • How long is the estimated time to manufacture or receive the products you sell?

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Can Ginee ERP Help To Shopee Product Research?

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Shopee research is the process to decide what products that might be successful and the best to sell in the Shopee marketplace. By doing Shopee product research, you can find and identify the aspects that affect your sales such as price, type, design and the trend.

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