Shopee Supported Logistics means the third party logistics providers that have integrated their system with Shopee. The available supported Logistics you can choose in Shopee Malaysia such as Pos Laju, J&T Express, DHL courier, Ninja Van, The Lorry, Shopee Xpress and also City link Express. In this article, we will talk more about what is pos laju, how it works and how to do Shopee poslaju tracking. Let’s check these out!

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What Is Poslaju?

Are you curious what Poslaju is? Poslaju is one of standard delivery Shopee Malaysia which enables sellers to enjoy faster and reliable logistics services to deliver the products to your buyer. You can choose Poslaju tracking standard delivery to deliver your package in Malaysia. Poslaju is available for the package up to 30 kg volumetric weight in East Malaysia and West Asia.

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The maximum measurement for each length, width and height may not exceed 150 cm. The volumetric weight calculation is using the formula of height (cm) x width (cm) x length (cm) / 5000. If it is too difficult for you to count, you can try to use pos laju’s volumetric weight calculator to help you to measure and check the volumetric weight if your package.

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If you choose to use Poslaju to deliver your package, you can use poslaju Shopee tracking to check where your package is. Using PosLaju delivery will give you a lot of advantages. Here are the advantages of using standard delivery tracking Shopee Malaysia such as:

Drop off an Order without Upfront Payment 

When using pos laju Shopee supported logistics, you can choose to drop off your package at the nearest PosLaju branch or at other Malaysia post branches without making an upfront payment first.

Automated Air Waybills

The second benefit you can get when using pos laju is you don’t need to print or fill in your airway bill manually because once you ship your package, you will get the air waybill automatically. You can see the pos laju tracking number in your Shopee app. You can see all the shipping status of all orders on the Shopee app. 

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Automated Calculation of Shipping Fees

When you use pos laju logistics, the shipping fee will be calculated automatically. You just need to fill in your parcel dimensions in the PosLaju volumetric calculator. Then your shipping fee will be calculated and adjusted automatically. 

What Is Pos Laju Tracking Number and How Do I Find My Poslaju Tracking Number?

Doing the poslaju tracking Shopee is actually the same as how you do the standard delivery china tracking. Poslaju tracking number Shopee is also known as air waybill numbers. It is the number of shipments where you can check the position of your products. You can do the tracking Shopee by using the Shopee App or you can also do the tracking by using www shopee com my poslaju.

How does tracking poslaju Shopee work? Here are how pos laju works:

  • Seller receives an order to be shipped out using Pos Laju.
  • Seller prepares parcel as per order attached with airway bill printed from Shopee seller center. Don’t forget to pack your package using the bubblewrap to avoid any harsh impact during the shipping.
  • After that, seller can choose to ship out the order via drop off or pick up with no upfront payment.
  • Pos laju will proceed with the delivery and bills Shopee for the shipping fee incurred 
  • Shopee then will pay Pos Laju logistics for the shipping fees incurred and release the balance of the order payment to the seller.
  • If the actual shipping fee as determined by Pos Laju is more that the estimated shipping fee calculation, the seller’s payout will be automatically deduct to pay the excess of shipping fee then the other balance will be release to the seller.
  • After that, you will get the Pos laju tracking number. You can do Shopee standard delivery tracking by using the tracking number you get from the logistics.

For your additional information, Pos Laju has the pick up and drop off option. Pick up option is also subject to logistics’ partners coverage area and area availability. To be eligible to use the pick up option for Shopee supported logistics, sellers need to fulfill the minimum average daily order count of 10 paid orders per day. 

This average daily order calculation is based on the total number of orders sent out by all of your available Shopee logistics partners such as Pos Laju, J&T Express, DHL courier, Ninja Van, The Lorry, Shopee Express tracking and also City link Express.

How Do I Know If My Parcel Was Delivered in Shopee by Poslaju?

Pos Laju is one of Shopee supported logistics which has integrated their system with Shopee to help the Shopee sellers to deliver the buyer’s package to their front door. How Do I Know If My Parcel Was Delivered In Shopee By Poslaju? Buyer can easily track and see what logistics the seller uses to send the package by using the Shopee app.

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However with this integration, sellers can arrange and keep tracking the shipments themselves by using the Shopee app or seller center. So both seller and buyer can do express tracking to see how the progress of the delivery is and how long the estimated time that the buyer will receive the package.

Why Is Poslaju Tracking Number Not Found?

If you want to find and check your Shopee tracking number, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to your Shopee app.
  • Go to order details page.
  • Choose Ship and go to the ship page.
  • Tap on the set carrier and select the logistics provider.
  • Input the tracking number.
  • Then click ship.
  • Your tracking number is updated shipping information. 

How if my tracking number was not found? What should I do? You don’t need to be worried if this happens. If your tracking number is not found it means that your shipment hasn’t been picked up yet by the pos laju courier or the courier has not scanned the tracking number when receiving the package. Actually it is common, you just need to wait for a few hours and check it again.


Pos laju is one of Shopee supported logistics which help you to deliver your buyer’s order. You can choose to get the order picked up by the courier or drop off the nearer branches. Using pos laju logistics will give you many benefits as mentioned above.

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