Do you know there is Shopee insurance? Shopee insurance or also known as Shopee product protection service is the service that can be used to protect products you buy in Shopee but not all products are eligible for product protection service. Do you want to know more? Check this out!

What Is Product Protection Service?

Have you ever bought things in Shopee Malaysia? I think most Malaysians know what Shopee is and have bought things there at least once. As you know, Shopee is one the most popular and visited ecommerce stores in Malaysia and has been the first application that has been downloaded by people around the world. 

You can buy many things in Shopee e-commerce because they have a lot of products. All you need is just clicking on the things you want in Shopee and checking out. Shopee are available in several countries such as Malaysia The Philippines,Indonesia,Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan

The success of  Shopee is based on the result of their prepared work and the great strategic plan from the Shopee board of directors and now as you can see Shopee has turned into the most powerful marketplace in SouthEast Asia with 10 million active sellers in SouthEast Asia.

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Those who have used Shopee before must know that Shopee gives a good shopping experience by offering good sites, discounts, cashback, many language options available and other features. Beside that, do you know there is Shopee buyer protection by giving the product protection.

Then what is product protection? Product protection Shopee is an additional service by Shopee that buyers can buy to protect their electronic devices and mobile phones. This product protection service is available to the Shopee stores that sell eligible products.

The buyer will have the option of protection service during the checkout process and Shopee seller doesn’t need to enable this protection service by themselves because the Shopee system will allocate the appropriate Product Protection Service for each eligible item.

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3 Types of Product Protection Services

After you know what product protection service is. It is the time to know what products that have the protection service. There are 3 types of product protection in Shopee such as:

Mobile Protection

Shopee protection services are available for mobile phones. When you buy this protection service, it helps to protect the mobile phones you bought on Shopee for 12 months even if it is a new or used one. This protection covers any accidental or liquid damage in shipments.

Cracked Screen Protection

There is Shopee protection which is called cracked screen protection. This service will protect your new or used mobile phone screen for 12 months.

Electronic Protection

Electronic protection helps you protect your new electronic devices that you bought from Shoppe for 12 months. It covers accidental and liquid damage.

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For your additional information, there is an extended warranty too which you can use to protect the products you bought in Shopee. Here are the functions of extended warranty you need to know.

  • Protects electronic devices with an existing warranty for an additional 12 months
  • Protects electronic devices without existing warranty for 12 months
  • Covers mechanical, electrical and electronic breakdown to the products you bought from Shopee.

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Benefits Of Product Protection Services

Here are the benefits of Shopee product services

For Sellers

  • It works as the additional protection options for eligible items which help to increase buyer confidence and encourage purchase. 
  • No fees charged to sellers.  

For Buyers

  • Protection services work as the coverage against risks that are not covered from the existing warranty.
  • Buyer will get the compensation for the eligible items damaged within the 12 month coverage period.

Products Eligible for Product Protection Services

Here are Products Eligible For Product Protection Services such as:

  • Mobile phones.
  • Mobile phones accessories.
  • Laptops.
  • Tablets.
  • Wearable devices.
  • Camera.
  • Home appliances.
  • Computers.
  • Audio.

Product Protection Service Claim Process

Only buyers and the Product Protection Service partners are involved for product protection claims. Here is how to claim it.

  • First you need to launch the Shopee app and choose Tickets, Top-ups & Bills.
  • Click on Insurance option under Donation & Finance.
  • Select My Policies and choose the Product Protection Service by clicking Claim.
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Product Protection Service FAQ

Here are the frequently asked questions about the product protection service you need to know.

How Long is the Coverage Period of Product Protection Service?


The coverage period for all Product Protection Services is 12 months from the day of the service issuance. The service is counted when the buyer clicks the order received button or by the end of the Shopee Guarantee Period.

And for Cracked Screen Protection, Shopee buyers can buy and redeem up to 5 redemption codes for the same mobile phone to increase the coverage value. The Redemption of multiple codes must be done within 14 calendar days.

Will sellers need to activate the Product Protection Service themselves?


Sellers don’t need to activate the product protection service because it will be automatically enabled for eligible products in all stores.

Will sellers be charged for any additional Product Protection Services?


Shopee sellers will not be charged for any of the Product Protection Service. The Buyer is the one who bears the cost for the additional service at checkout.

Are Product Protection Services only provided by reputable partners?


Yes, Shopee works with reputable partners only to offer Product Protection Services to Shopee buyers.

Is Insurance Cost Included in the Shipping Fee for My Products?

For your information, insurance coverage is not included in your shipping fee. If you are willing to get the insurance for the shipment, you can directly liaise with the logistics provider(s).  When your orders are fulfilled by Shopee Express, you will be compensated in full in case of loss or damage during shipment.


Shopee Product protection is an additional service by Shopee that buyers can buy to protect their electronic devices and mobile phones. The buyer will have the option of protection service during the checkout process

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