Shopee food voucher? Shopee is now the most important online marketplace in Malaysia. With an estimated 38million visitors a month, it’s undoubtedly the #1 go-to shopping site in Malaysia in 2020.

Shopee’s popularity amongst buyers means one thing for sellers and potential sellers: the next opportunity to create money on the platform compared to all or any other marketplaces. Even for the tiniest sellers on Shopee, you’ll have the most effective chance of getting more eyeballs on your product and store.

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Can I Sell Food on Shopee?

Shopee food Malaysia? Shopee is the leading e-commerce online shopping platform in geographical area and Taiwan. You literally live 5 minutes faraway from Tiangge in Taytay Rizal where a large selection of clothing is anticipated wholesale. Sellers are going to be able to sell through the Shopee regional platform to other regions as per below.

The product has calcium which helps build strong teeth and bones. Know the final Laws Around Selling Food within the US retailers who sell food from home are required to stick to Cottage Food Regulations. On Shopee you’ll almost sell anything.

Then you wish to pay a USD 315 fee to register your business with the ACRA Accounting and company regulatory agency in Singapore.

To begin your journey as a seller in Shopee please make sure you have completed the account registration together with your sign as any account without a signal won’t be visible to buyers. Another solid reason to concentrate on the way to sell in Shopee.

You can start selling in Shopee for as low as 10 thousand pesos for your stocks alone excluding your internet cost. Meaning your sales are all yours. Tap Account Settings within the Me tab.

Grab food? There are only a few restrictions. With Shopee, putting in place your own online shop is as easy as adding your pickup address.

All these great features indicate that it is a great product to sell on Shopee. Tap Start Selling within the Me tab then follow the Create a product listing below. How does one become a preferred seller on Shopee?

But so as to keep up a good and legal environment Shopee encompasses a list of prohibited items selling which can be a violation of Shopee rules and regulations. you will attach up to 9 pictures to your. move and click on it.

Book a Free Online Demo to work out a way to sell better and automate your Shopee Business Easy Steps to start out Selling. What is able to sell on Shopee? This figure only applies if you’re near your supplier and do not need to get transportation.

5Insert your product details and brand. Shopee includes a big choice of product categories starting from consumer electronics to home living health beauty, baby toys, fashion and fitness equipment. 3 Click on Add New Product.

After signing up an account you instantly have a store and you’ll be able to start selling in but 30 seconds. It’s that quick. Selling on Shopee is free unless you wish to be listed on Shopee Mall. Whether it’s a physical product, digital product or perhaps workshop access Shopee is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of business models.

Another really cool feature of Shopee is the Seller Assistant where you’ll easily track and monitor orders and update product details immediately. These laws apply to food, jams and jellies, dry mixes popcorn and nuts and permit you to sell at farmers markets and other local events alongside your online operation. you’ll be able to sell almost anything on Shopee.

Selling on Shopee mobile app Download the application on your phone Shopee application is obtainable both for Android and IOS. Thereupon being said there are still some restrictions on what you’ll sell. Since Shopee could be a peer-to-peer platform anyone can sell thereon.

Once clicked you may be taken to a page that contains plenty of knowledge about selling on Shopee. There are two ways to list products as a seller via the Shopee App or Seller Centre. First of all Shopee has no commission fee.

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What is ShopeeFood?

ShopeeFood is the latest feature from Shopee that permits our users to order food from nearby restaurants via the Shopee App.

Shopee is an e-commerce platform that connects buyers with sellers. For sellers, Shopee acts as the technology provider, enabling sellers to show their products to Shoppers large user base. On Shopee, sellers also get a large number of features that help them with boosting sales, and customer service.

For buyers, Shopee acts as the middle-man, holding their money and releasing it to sellers only after they have successfully received their orders.

While it’s free for both buyers and sellers to form an account on Shopee, Shopee charges sellers a payment and sales commissions. In Malaysia, Shopee’s biggest competitor is Lazada.

How to Sell Food on Shopee Food?

How to claim a Shopee voucher? Anyone can become one of our partner ShopeeFood sellers! Whether you’re a business owner owning a restaurant, or a home based food seller.

Once you receive your application, our working agents will process your application within 7 working days and can contact you if necessary actions are needed from you via email. On successful application, you may be notified via email to start out putting in place your ShopeeFood accounts and to start out selling your delicious foods via ShopeeFood platform.

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How to Use a Shopee Food Voucher?

How to buy a Shopee voucher? You can redeem your e-vouchers offline or online. Here some steps for you:

Offline Redemption (Swipe & Barcode Redemption)

How to use a Shopee voucher? For “Deals Near Me” e-vouchers (e.g. fast food, snacks, drinks, services, etc.), head to Shopee App > tap on Me > Digital Purchases > choose a deals voucher under To Receive > Tap on “Go to Redeem” > the page will either show a “Swipe To Redeem” OR a Barcode.

Outlet staff will swipe the slider and choose the right location OR scan the barcode to redeem the voucher.

Online Redemption (Text Code)

For Transport (e.g. TADA, Gojek, etc.) and Food Delivery (e.g. Foodpanda, WhyQ, etc.) e-vouchers, visit Shopee App > tap on Me > Digital Purchases > choose an e-voucher under To Receive > Tap on “Go to Redeem” > Tap “Redeem” on your required voucher > copy the text code to redeem the voucher and mark voucher as redeemed.

You can apply the voucher upon checkout on the chosen product supported vouchers’ T&C.

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Why is There No Shopee Food in my App?

Do make sure that you’re using the most recent version of our Shopee App. you will talk over with the subsequent troubleshooting steps you’ll attempt if you have to encounter any technical issues to use the ShopeeFood function.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Clear cache on your Shopee App. To clear your cache, tap on Me > Settings > Clear Cache
  • Clear all items in your cart
  • Close the Shopee app and re-open it again.


Shopee is undoubtedly the foremost popular online marketplace in Malaysia. The platform makes it easy for buyers to seek out products they need to shop for, still to discover new products they may interest them.

For sellers, Shopee provides an exciting opportunity to create money from their large user base of buyers. Apart from that, the Shopee platform also comes with an oversized number of features to assist sellers sell more.

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