Have you ever ordered food from a food delivery app Malaysia? Food delivery services are popular nowadays and especially in this pandemic situation, most of the food and beverages merchants try to join the best food delivery platform Malaysia to continue their business. Are you curious about the best food delivery app Malaysia? Here are some of the best food delivery services in Malaysia to pamper your palate on your lazy and busy days.

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Who doesn’t know Grabfood? Most Malaysians might have a Grabfood application on their phones. Grabfood is one of the best food delivery app kuala lumpur that you can use to order food. 

On GrabFood, one can grab any food they crave from their favorite restaurants around. You can find many options in GrabFood such as Chinese cuisine, Western cuisine, local delights and light bites. There is also a section dedicated to Halal food only for Muslim customers too.

GrabFood delivery coverage in major cities nationwide. If you order from GrabFood, you will be charged a service fee of up to 30%. Beside that, there is often a delivery fee too. Don’t worry about the service and delivery fee you will be charged because GrabFood usually gives promotions and obtains vouchers & discounts. Beside that there is a flexible credits/e-wallet that can be used for rides and e-marketplace.


Lalamove is one of the  food delivery organisations which promise to provide food vendors with the most feasible logistics solution for their online food business. Lalamove welcomes anyone who wants to partner with them.

The Lalamove team prioritizes a great transportation service with no charges on all deliveries. Food vendors can decide on the suitable vehicles to deliver their food and Lalamove will find them matching drivers in an instant. Lalamove will also use their own bags which are called Lala Bags to keep the food safe, fresh and hygienic. The food price is depend on available restaurants


SmartBite is a food delivery organization which is not marking up the restaurant price. You just need to insert your location and SmartBite will work to find the best nearby restaurant for you. SmartBite cooperates with various restaurants in Malaysia to provide food delivery service for not only individuals but also gatherings and seminars.

Customers can find many cuisines from both the East and the West such as Chinese, Japanese and American food, and also have selections such as Italian, Filipino and Mediterranean specialities. The food starts from RM5 and you will get the food delivery charges in Malaysia and don’t forget that they are minimum order required and it differs among restaurants and caterers. 

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AirAsia Food

When hearing AirAsia, you might think about traveling or an affordable airline service but did you know that the company also does food parcel delivery app Malaysia? AirAsia Food is an online food-delivery service that offers diversified selections, focusing on local cuisines made by locals. 

Besides delivering food deliveries to you from local sellers, AirAsia also serves their exclusive in-house restaurant selection Santan which was previously only served in their airplane rides.The price depends on the restaurant.

Eat Cake Today

Do you want to find a birthday cake for your family and friends? Eat Cake Today is the solution. You can find various cakes here. The whole cake starts from RM60 and the delivery charge starts from RM10

Many Malaysian Bakers join this platform, so that you can find your favorite bakers too and if you are planning to have a customized cake, you can contact eat cake today team 4 days in advance.

Beside that, customers can arrange a cake delivery on the same day or any dates within the following 3 days. For those who are in a hurry, Eat Cake Today also offers a 4-hours delivery option to deliver the cake as soon as possible! 


FoodPanda is one of the largest online food delivery services in Malaysia. The company partners with various local eateries to bring Malaysian comfort food to the customers. You will find local flavor here.

Foodpanda operates 24 hours and delivers food to more than 85 cities in Malaysia. The delivery charges differ according to food stores and target locations. There are also special promos and food vouchers available on the platform for everyone to claim!  


Hometaste is a food app which offers home cooked food. Hometaste food is fresh with high-quality ingredients used every day. You will get the authentic tastes and recipes here. Besides that, you can get a meal from RM10.90 here.

All hometaste foods are available as a-la-carte items as well as in meal packages. If you’re up for it, dinner-exclusive subscription plans for 5, 20 and 40 days are available too. And of course, Hometaste provides delivery services for catering and bulk orders; ideal for any house parties and corporate events. productnation

The Naked Lunchbox

Are you dieting and want to find healthy food? The Naked Lunch Box is the answer. All meals on theNakedLunchbox are prepared with superfoods and fresh ingredients only. Each of them is gingerly crafted to achieve a nutritional balance. Even the dressings are made from scratch by the chefs without extra preservatives!

Beside that, it is also designed with complete nutritional value while maintaining tastes. The menu consists of light bites, superfood bowls, sandwiches and filling mains. The meals start from RM18.90.

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Sala provides meals with a touch of Texan and Mexican flavors. It incorporates protein-packed plant-based ingredients like Tempeh, Tofu and Beans into its food. The food starts from RM11 and you will get free delivery for orders above RM100.


If you want to find fresh healthy food without using any MSG or artificial ingredients. Try to look at Dietmonsta. Dietmonsta offer a weight loss menu with both no carb and low carb options. It is using professional nutritional advisors to make sure that the food quality and healthiness are never omitted.


Chunky Monkeys focuses on preparing food that is low in carb and keto-friendly. Its menu consists of a mix of local and international flavors where customers can easily hunt down yummy Malaysian, Mexican, Vietnamese and Indonesian delights on the website.

The meals start from RM20.90 and the delivery service is only available on Saturday and Monday. Customers can place their orders anytime from Monday to Thursday and have the meals sent frozen in one go. 


Pledgecare is food delivery but it is for your pets. If you are a dog and cat lover, you can use Pledgecare app to find the best food for your pets. All the food is made with 100% human grade ingredients which help your pets healthy growth. 

Pledgecare offers several types of air-dried treats for both cats and dogs, made from several types of protein choices including chicken, fishes, beef and even duck. The price varies depends on the food such as 

  • Cat and dog treats from RM20
  • Air-dried cat food from RM39
  • Air-dried dog food from RM67

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Online food delivery business in Malaysia is promising nowadays because many people are lazy and busy to go out to buy food so ordering food from the delivery app is the solution. Compari ngto personal takeouts and dining in, ready-to-eat meals are delivered straight to your doorstep which saves you more time and hassle. Beside that, you might get the discount too.

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