As one of the fastest growing e-commerce, Shopee ensures their customers to gain the best online shopping experiences. One of them includes enabling customers to shop cheaper quality goods through Shopee China Seller. Not only that, Shopee users may also use these resources to resell them on another platform to gain more income. Keep scrolling through if you want to know more about cross border selling through Shopee.

Can Foreigners Sell on Shopee Malaysia?

Citing the Shopee Help Centre page from the FAQ sections, it is not possible to change the country of residence for Shopee App. It said that if users want to view or purchase from other countries, users need to download the Shopee App that is specific for the respective country such as Shopee MY for Malaysia.

Also, locally registered numbers are required for signing an account to Shopee. While for registering a seller account, aside from having to do a Shopee Seller Center login, you will also be required to upload your ID which has to be sync with the respective country you logged in.

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In conclusion, if you are pointing to foreigners with other’s country ID and phone number directly selling from the Shopee Malaysia app like any other Malaysian Shopee seller, then, it might seem not possible.

However, in 2018, Shopee launched “China Marketplace Portal” which offers easier access to products from Chinese merchants through the Shopee China website without any shipping and agent fees for Singapore and the Philippines (later expanded to other Shopee-supported countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia).

Through this China Marketplace Portal, you can become a Shopee Dropshipper and have a chance to earn more since goods from China usually cost cheaper than those that aren’t.

Besides this, sellers from Shopee-supported countries will be able to sell through Shopee International Platform. This is the reason why you can still find some products with the label “ship from overseas” displayed whenever you’re scrolling through your Shopee App. 

Read the description below closely to know more about how the Shopee Cross Border Seller works and how you can make the most out of it.

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How Does a Shopee Seller Ship from Overseas?

There’s a term called Shopee Cross Border Seller in Shopee. As mentioned above, these kinds of sellers are sellers from one region who sell their products from any other Shopee supported countries.

This program is almost like Lazada Global Platform, but Shopee called it Shopee International Platform. Through this Shopee International Platform (SIP) sellers are allowed to:

  • Expand their customers outreach.
  • Expand their business overseas without any additional costs.
  • Get free logistics and customer service arrangements supported by Shopee.

Following the SIP program, there are two business models which are known as “Managed by Seller” and “Managed by Shopee” models. The difference is, by choosing the “Managed by Shopee”, the seller allowed Shopee’s personnel to pick up the package and ship it to the customer. While “Managed by Seller” means once a seller receives an order, they will have to arrange shipment of the products to Shopee’s warehouse.

The purpose of SIP is to help businesses grow faster and expand them internationally with zero costing. Here’s the benefits for Sellers who joined this Shopee International Program:

  • Minimizing the business risks through market diversification.
  • Expanding the customer base.
  • Get more exposure in campaigns which can amplify your brand.
  • Get a free access to SIP customer service.
  • Get a boost in cash flow / revenue.
  • Easily grow your business even when you only have local business experience.

Now after knowing the benefits, you might be eager to know about how to apply Shopee International Platform that will help you grow your business.

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Joining the Shopee International Platform

Before we start, please note that this SIP program is not for anyone. Means, only the qualified sellers who are pre-selected by Shopee’s team will be getting an invitation to join this program.

With that being said, if you’re qualified to be part of this program, Shopee will send you a notification through your Shopee App under the Shopee updates section. If you agree to join, you can click the “Yes” and “Agree to the SIP terms and conditions” from that notification then wait for Shopee’s team to give you a call for the onboarding process you need to get through in two weeks time.

Make The Most Out of SIP

Now that you know, becoming a part of the SIP program is not easy as there’s no exact tips on how to apply SIP Shopee or more like, for the current time being, there’s no option for sellers to proactively ask to join or be invited to this program yet.

So, once you get your chance, you have to make the most out of your SIP program experience. Here’s some pointers you might need:

  • Make sure your product names and descriptions are written in English;
  • You have to insert the products weight accurately and make sure they’re all updated;
  • Make sure that SIP Shopee Agent and Commerce trading are not blocked from both of your registered email and Shopee messaging functions.

FAQs Regarding SIP Program

Some additional infos you need to know about this Shopee International Platform program is that selected sellers will not be charged any additional fees in order to join this program as the main purpose of the program itself is to help sellers expand their business without having to make any further investments.

Also, this program offers a free assistance Shopee’s customer services which means, sellers no longer need to participate in the chat with overseas buyers. This Seller International Platform program promises an opportunity to sellers that want to grow their business beyond current customers reach.

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