What is the Shopee affiliate program Malaysia? Shopee affiliate program is the new way to get extra cash. Are you curious? Let’s check this article to get more about it.

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What Is Shopee Affiliate Program Malaysia?

Is there any Shopee affiliate program Malaysia? And yes, there is a Shopee affiliate program in Malaysia. Most of you must not be familiar with the Shopee affiliate program. So what is affiliate Shopee Malaysia? Shopee Affiliate program is a program which is used to promote and sell your products by sharing a link. The way to sell the products based on a commission payment model. 

How does the link work? The affiliate link you share will work based on the sales made through the link. So when your customer clicks the affiliate link that you share in other social media, it will direct them to your shop and when they buy the products directly, you can get the commission. But how to make the affiliate link? Here are the steps you can take for it.

  • Do Shopee Malaysia login 
  • After you done Shopee login, you need to sign up via google form by using the link https://tinyurl.com/SHPSellerAffiliateReg  
  • Then, you have to fill in your shop information such as Shopee username, Shop name, and also your contact details on the Google Form.
  • After that, you have to wait within one week after registering.
  • Then, you may click the seller affiliate program tab and Shopee will create and email your Shopee affiliate link.

This Shopee affiliate marketing will help Shopee sellers to generate more sales. Affiliate Shopee is a place to promote the products available on your shop and products listing through another social media. Once you have successfully generated sales, you will get a commission. But how to get commission from affiliate Shopee? Here are the steps you can take to generate sales and get the commissions.

  • Share your affiliate link by using social media, e-mail,chat or other platforms. 
  • When the customer clicks your affiliate link, it will direct them to your shop automatically.
  • The customer will see your shop and your products listed there and can directly place an order through the link.
  • After that, Sellers will get the commission if the customer places an order and checks out using the link.

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Terms And Conditions To Join Shopee Affiliate Program Malaysia

When you want to join the Shopee Affiliate program, of course there are terms and conditions that apply. What are they? Here are the terms and conditions, such as:

  • Shopee affiliates have to give all information requested by Shopee and make sure the information given is true and accurate. Any false information given by the affiliate shall be deemed as grounds for termination of this Agreement.
  • Once Shopee affiliate join this program, Shopee grants to Affiliate for the duration of this Agreement a non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to display the Affiliate Links on its Affiliate Media at its own cost and for the sole purposes of Affiliate’s participation in this Program.
  • Affiliate may not make any prohibited and inappropriate content or Shopee will terminate the Affiliate’s participation.
  • The minimum age of a Shopee affiliate must be 18 years old.
  • The commission from this Shopee affiliate program will be paid for a given month.
  • The commission is calculated based on  the Confirmed Budget or the Net Completed Purchase Value multiplied by the Commission Rate, whichever is the lower.  
  • All Commission Fees paid  are inclusive of all value-added taxes.
  • Shopee shall validate and approve the Commission Fees within sixty (60) days of system approval.

How Do I Become An Affiliate Shopee?

You might be wondering how to be an affiliate Shopee. If you want to be a Shopee affiliate, you need to register at Involve Asia, which handles many affiliate programs like Shopee affiliates and other marketplace affiliates. If you are curious, here are the ways to join the affiliate Shopee program. 

Step 1 Property Info

After you have registered at Involve Asia, you need to open the registration form and then paste your Facebook Page Copy Link. You can create your page if you don’t have a Facebook page. After that, you have to name the property and choose the content channel. Don’t forget to explain about your page there.

Step 2 Property Category

After you have finished all things in Step 1, you need to input the data such as type of advertiser, country, ad format and also traffic acquisition.

Step 3 Premium Inventory

You can skip this section by clicking no button then choose next.

Step  4 Personal Information

Now it is the time to insert your personal information data like email and password. Remember to use the valid email address.

Step 5 Confirm Your Registration

After you have done all the steps mentioned above, you need to check your email and confirm your registration. Your email will be used to confirm your account so that you can log in to the Involve Asia Dashboard.

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Benefits Of Joining Shopee Affiliate Program

What are the benefits of joining Shopee Affiliate Programme Malaysia? Here are the reasons why you need to join Shopee Affiliate Programme

  • You don’t need to pay for any cost to join the affiliate programme.
  • You will get additional income for all completed orders made via sellers’ Seller Affiliate link.
  • There is no cap on monthly cash incentives payout.

Tips on Doing Affiliate Program in Shopee

Are there any tips for a successful affiliate program in Shopee? Here are the tips you can follow for a successful affiliate programme in Shopee:

  • Go to your Shopee app and get your affiliate link in the push notification or seller affiliate program page.
  • Share your seller affiliate link through your social media platforms like instagram, FaceBook, YouTube and other platforms.
  • If there is a complete order made by using the affiliate link you share, you will earn commission which will be credited to your seller’s wallet at the end of the month.


If you are looking for extra money, you can try to join the Shopee affiliate program. This Shopee affiliate program allows you to earn cash for every completed order made through the affiliate link you share. And there is no minimum Shopee follower to join this programme but not all sellers can join this programme. Only selected Shopee sellers can join this Shopee affiliate programme.

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