Have you ever heard about shopee affiliate marketing? In this article we will discuss shopee affiliate marketing and the benefits you will get when joining this program.

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Is There Affiliate Marketing In Shopee?

Is shopee affiliate marketing legit? Before we discuss it, you need to know what affiliate marketing is. Shopee affiliate marketing malaysia is the best way for those who want to get more income. To join this shopee affiliate marketing program, you need to be a shopee affiliate marketer. 

Shopee affiliate marketer need to share the shopee affiliate program link in their social media. They also need to create their marketing strategy too for the best result. Once the product link was clicked by the customer and there are sales through the link, shopee affiliate marketer will receive the commission which is counted from the percentage of the products’ price that has been sold successfully.

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How Do I Become A Shopee Affiliate Marketer?

To get extra income, you don’t need to set up your own business shop nowadays because you can get more income through shopee affiliate program. All you need to do is share the products’ link and promote it. You have to focus on how to market the products and how to generate sales.

So for those who are looking for extra income, being an affiliate marketer can be the solution. You will get the commission for every successful transaction through the link you share. How to do a shopee affiliate program malaysia sign up? There are 2 ways to do shopee affiliate registration,such as :

Join Shopee’s Affiliate Program Via Involve Asia

You can join Shopee’s Affiliate Program via Involve Asia. So what is Involve Asia? It is a Malaysia affiliate marketplace and website where you can find many affiliate programmes you can join and promote. To join this shopee affiliate program, you need to take these steps:

  • Step 1 – Sign Up For Affiliate Account using Involve Asia
  • Step 2 – You need to fill all the data required and don’t forget to fill in the place where you want to promote the products link like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.
  • Step 3 – You need to wait for around 3 days for the acceptance notification.
  • Step 4 – After you received the notification you can sign up for Shopee’s affiliate program through Involve Asia advertisers directory. 
  • Step 5 – Submit your program application to Shopee’s affiliate program manager through advertisers directory and search shopee affiliate program and click sign up button and wait for other notification.
  • Step 6 – After you have successfully registered your account, now it is the time to start promoting and generating sales.

When you are on the way to make your affiliate account, you have to remember to update your personal information like your account number, how you receive your payment.

Join Shopee Affiliate Program Via Shopee Website

The other way to join the Shopee Affiliate Program is by applying through the Shopee website. Once you have registered your account, you need to share the link. Here are the steps on how to join the Shopee Affiliate Program through the Shopee platform.

  • Step 1 – Log in to Shopee
  • Step 2 – Then sign up via google form by using the link of https://tinyurl.com/SHPSellerAffiliateReg  
  • Step 3 – After that, you have to fill in your shop information such as Shopee username, Shop name, and also your contact details.
  • Step 4 – Go to the seller affiliate program tab and Shopee will create and share your Shopee affiliate link to your email.

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7 Opportunity At Shopee Affiliate Marketing Malaysia

Anyone from any age and gender can be a Shopee affiliate marketer. This is because a Shopee affiliate is easy to do. Shopee affiliate is a program which can be used to promote products from Shopee on social media like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and many more.

What opportunity you will get when you join the Shopee affiliate marketing program. Here are the benefits you can get when you become the shopee affiliate marketer such as:

  • Able to choose to the products your want to promote
  • Get commission by sharing the shopee product referral link
  • Get extra 10% and more commission for new users
  • Get a minimum 3% for each transaction.
  • Get a transparent payments
  • No binding contract needed 
  • Can make your own promotional content

Based on the shopee affiliate program review, you need to make creative content to attract your customer. Here are the steps to generate your Shopee’s affiliate link you need to know.

  • Step 1 – Go to Shopee’s sites and choose for the product you wanted to promote
  • Step 2 – Click and copy the link of the product you want to promote
  • Step 3 – Open Shopee’s affiliate page on Involve Asia’s website
  • Step 4 – Select on the “Generate Link” button and paste the link you have copied
  • Step 5 – Choose “Generate Link” and your affiliate link will show up.
  • Step 6 – Start to promote and market the affiliate products you have chosen

Which Is Better Shopee Affiliate Vs Ambassador?

What is the difference between a shopee affiliate vs ambassador? Here are the differences between the shopee affiliate program and the Shopee ambassador. Shopee affiliate program is the program in which you can get extra income by marketing and promoting Shopee products in your social media with no up front payment needed.

While Shopee ambassador programs are the program where you point someone as your ambassador. Usually the brand ambassador will be a famous person such as actor, actress, comedian or even selebgram. Brand ambassadors will not receive the commission but they are going to receive the up front fee and reward including gifts, products and access to the special events made by the brands.


To join the affiliate program, you need to register your account first. After it has been registered, you need to share the shopee affiliate program link in your social media. You also need to create their marketing strategy to get the best result. Once the product link was clicked by the customer and there are sales through the link, shopee affiliate marketer will receive the commission which is counted from the percentage of the products’ price that has been sold successfully

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