Did you know that Shopee can overcharge the shipping fee? This results from the different weights of a package during the delivery. Want to avoid any extra charge on the shipping fee Shopee seller? Please pay attention to our article and jot down the tips!

How to Set Shipping Fees?

A shipping fee is incurred by sellers when delivering packages to buyers. Before setting the shipping fee, you will need to enable the courier services on the shop level first. Courier services can be set through the Shipping Center page on the Shopee Seller Center or via the Shopee App. 

You can use Shopee Supported Logistics for hassle-free shipments as you only have to arrange the shipping and print the airway bill to the package, then wait for the respective courier to pick up the package. But if your location is out of the supported services area from Shopee’s Integrated Courier, you can choose your shipping service by Non-Integrated Courier.

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After enabling the courier services, you will now learn to set your shipping fee. If you are using Shopee Supported Logistics, the shipping fee will be automatically calculated by Shopee based on the weight and dimension of the product that you submitted on the listings. Only sellers with Non-Integrated Courier can nominate and custom the shipping fee.

For Shopee Supported Logistics, here are steps you have to follow:

  • Access the Shopee Seller Center by login to your Shopee Seller account.
  • Go to “My Products” and click “Edit” to initiate change on the product you want to set its shipping fee.
  • After the product’s editing page shows up, look for the shipping sections;
  • Insert the weight and dimension of your products;
  • Click “Apply” after you’ve done with your change.

For a Non-Integrated Courier, instead of inserting weight and dimension, the seller can directly input the required shipping fee. If a seller enables the toggle for “I will Cover Shipping Fees,” the shipping fee will be shouldered by the seller Shopee, and the payment amount will be deducted with the relevant shipping fee used to send out the package.

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What Is Shopee Overcharged Shipping Fee?

Have you ever gotten into a situation where your payout amount is mysteriously deducted even when you are not enabling the option to cover the shipping fee? This situation happens because the Shopee shipping fee increase due to the difference between the fee charged by the logistics partner and the shipping fee calculated by Shopee.

Two possibilities caused this situation to occur, such as:

Seller Didn’t Input the Dimension of the Package

The weight and dimension of a package determine how much is the shipping fee in Shopee Malaysia. Shopee’s system —except Shopee shipping rates J&T— calculates the shipping fee based on actual and volumetric weight, following the higher one.

For example, the seller input only the package’s actual weight and didn’t list the dimension because it’s not mandatory. But when the courier receives the box, the volumetric weight is higher than the actual weight and results in a higher shipping cost being charged to Shopee. This is when Shopee will deduct the total payment amount from your Seller account to compensate for the extra charge.

To help you understand better, here are some illustrations:

One package has an actual weight of 2 kilograms and a dimension of 15cm x 60cm x 20cm. When updating the listing, Seller only inputs 2 kilograms of weight but leaves the dimension unfilled.

Meanwhile, when being delivered to the logistics partner, their measurement is:

Actual weight: 2 kilograms, volumetric weight (inclusive of external packing): (15x60x20)/5.000= 3,6 kilograms. The shipping cost charged by courier to Shopee is the volumetric weight of 3,6 kilograms. This is where the overcharge is coming from.

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Seller Inputs the Wrong Weight and Dimension Of The Package

Another cause of overcharge by Shopee is because the seller inserted the wrong dimension measurement when listing a product resulting in a different Shopee shipping fee Malaysia. For example, the seller input the weight of a package on their listing as 2 kilograms with the product dimension (not inclusive of external packing) being 15cm x 60cm x 20cm, which means the volumetric weight (not inclusive of external packing) is 3,6 kilograms.

When the logistic partner measures, the weight of the package is the same as the listing;  2 kilograms, but the dimension of the package inclusive of external packing is 20cm × 65cm × 20cm = 5,2 kilograms. Therefore, the logistic partner calculates the shipping fee according to volumetric weight as it is higher and causes the shipping fee to be higher than the one calculated by the Shopee system.

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How to Avoid Shopee Overcharged Shipping Fee?

Remember that the shipping fee paid by Shopee on your behalf, so as long as the measurement key into the Seller Center is correct, you will not have to pay any extra fee. The seller is encouraged to measure the package correctly before uploading the listing of products.

It will be better if you can bring home a measurement device to get the most accurate weight, length, width, and height of a product. Also, do give an allowance for the weight. For example, your product weighed approximately 2 kilograms. Please input it to be 2,3 kilograms during the listing. 

You can also measure your product, including the packaging you usually use to wrap it before shipping it to your customers. You will have an even more accurate measurement of weight and dimensions. 

How Shopee Mitigates Overcharged Issue?

Shopee is growing along with the sellers. Hence, they will always make sure to protect the seller’s rights. If the logistics partner charged an unusually high Shopee checkout shipping fee rates, Shopee’s system would automatically flag out orders with unusually high shipping fees to check it with the relevant logistics partner to confirm the actual weight and shipping fee for the order to validate what the system calculates. 

This investigation might result in the seller’s payout being temporarily withheld by Shopee until the logistics partner confirms the actual measurement. Shopee will update the new shipping fee accordingly before releasing the seller’s payout to the “Seller Wallet.”

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Shopee offers Supported Logistic Services that will help sellers to arrange shipments easily. The Shopee shipping rates 2022 starting from April 1st, are listed in the table below:

To avoid overcharging shipping fees because of miscommunication of package actual weight and volumetric weight, sellers are encouraged to use a measuring device to measure products before inputting the weight and dimension on the listing.  It will be even better if the seller measures the effect included with the packaging usually used to send out the items.

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