As one of the most visited marketplace, Shopee can be the right choice for those who want to get extra money by selling things one. To be a Shopee seller, you have to create an account. Are you curious on how to set up Shopee seller account or how to sell on Shopee without inventory. You go to these sites, this article will discuss it.

How Do I Register As A Seller On Shopee?

Being a Shopee seller in Malaysia is not difficult nowadays and Shopee is a great place for those who are first time sellers. As you know, Shopee is one of the leading marketplace in Malaysia and also the most visited ecommerce sites. Shopee offers an easy, fast and enjoyable shopping experience. This is why many people love to buy things in Shopee. In other words, Shopee has a high traffic which will help the new Shopee seller with their traffic.

You can sell many things in Shopee since Shopee offers many kinds of products such as home appliances, stationery, clothing and many more. But, you have to remember there are several products that are prohibited to sell in Shopee so you have to make sure that your products are not prohibited one.

Now you might be curious on how to sell on Shopee Malaysia. Before you can sell in Shopee, you need to create your Shopee seller account first. Then after you create your account, you can sign up. The way to do Shopee seller sign up Malaysia is the same as how you do Shopee seller center Philippines sign up. Here are the steps on how to register a Shopee seller account from the seller center.

  • Step 1 – Go to Shopee and then login.
  • Step 2 – After that, you have to go to the seller center.
  • Step 3 – Click on “Start Registration”.
  • Step 4 – Then, you need to fill in all the information needed there. If you are making a business account, you have to click on registered business and click on individual account if you are making and individual account.
  • Step 5 – Fill in all your Shopee shop Information data.
  • Step 6 – Select your shipping partner.
  • Step 7 – And the last step is to choose the submit button.

Now after you have registered your Shopee seller account, it is the time to set up your Shopee shop before selling your products. Here are the steps you need to take for it.

  • Step 1 – Do Shopee sign up
  • Step 2 – Fill in and verify your phone number as well as your email 
  • Step 3 – Go to Shopee seller center and select on the Shop Profile to complete your Shopee shop profile.
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For a better look and become the trusted shop, you have to complete 3 main components for your Shopee shop profile such as:

Your Shop Name

Before selling things, of course you need to create your shop name so that your customer can remember you. Try to create a shop name that reflects on what you sell. For your information, you can’t change your shop name once it is registered so choose your shop name properly.

Product Listing

You have to create your product listing so that the buyer can see what product you sell. A good Shopee product listing must have several photos and videos from different sides. It is better to use white and clean background for it.

Shop Description

To attract your customer, you need to make your shop description. Just make the full and simple shop description.

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Do Shopee Seller Need To Register As a Business?

You might be curious who can be the Shopee seller. Actually anyone can be a Shopee seller. You just need to prepare your identity card or passport, phone number and also email. There is no registered business needed to be a Shopee seller. You can contact Shopee customer service if you have any problems registering your account.

Another question might occur is how much does it cost to sell on Shopee? For your information, there is no cost for selling things in Shopee which means it is free. Shopee doesn’t take any upfront fee or commision to their seller unlike other markets. 

How Does Shopee Seller Get Paid?

Are you curious about your Shopee seller fee? Don’t worry because you will get your payment once your buyer has clicked on the “Order Received” button or after the Shopee Guarantee period has finished. So that before selling things in Shopee, you need to set up your bank account to withdraw the payment from the seller balance.

To easily withdraw your seller balance, you have to add your bank account. Here are the steps you need to take to add a bank account.

  • Step 1 – Go to your Shopee Account, then click the Me tab.
  • Step 2 – Then choose account setting.
  • Step 3 – After that click Bank Accounts/Cards and choose “Add New Bank Account”.
  • Step 4 – Fill in all the required data in the Add Bank Account page. Then click next when you are done.
  • Step 5 – Wait for the verification code that is sent to your registered phone number. Insert the code once you received it and select verify.
  • Step 6 – Now your bank account has been successfully added to your Shopee account.

If you want to withdraw your seller balance through Shopee pay, you can do it in 2 ways such as:

  • Withdraw the seller balance on the Shopee App directly.
  • Choose seller balance as cash in the option of ShopeePay.

Here are the ways to cash in your ShopeePay transaction with seller balance you need to know.

  • Step 1 – Go to your ShoperPay Wallet
  • Step 2 – Choose Cash in
  • Step 3 – Insert the cash amount you want to withdraw
  • Step 4 – Click seller balance as the payment method
  • Step 5 – Click confirm and enter your seller balance PIN
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Shopee is one of the biggest ecommerce sites in Malaysia. Anyone can be a Shopee seller and there is no commission fee when selling things in Shopee. To get your payment, you need to add your bank account but if you accidentally added your account wrongly, you still can delete it.

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