Have you ever heard about Revenue focused bidding strategy? Revenue focused bidding strategy is a strategy or method that advertisers use to campaign their business in Google Ads. This bidding strategy will help the advertiser to reach their goals.

What is bidding strategy in Google ads and How to change bid strategy Google ads might be the question you really want to know right now. This article will help you to understand the bidding strategy definition and its function to your campaign. So are you ready? Let’s check this article!

What Is Revenue – Focused Bidding Strategy For Google Ads

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Revenue – focused bidding strategy for Google ads is a Google ads bid strategy to maximize results based on your campaign goals. In other words, this bidding strategy will automatically set bids for your ads based on the result in a click or conversion to reach for goals. This bidding strategy will help you to achieve a specific goal for your business.

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There are 7 types of automated bidding strategies such as:

  1. Maximize clicks
  2. Target search page locations
  3. Target outranking share
  4. Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
  5. Enhanced cost – per – click (ECPC)
  6. Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
  7. Maximize conversions

These different types of bid strategies will help you increase clicks of your ads, visibility in search results, conversions and the conversion value.

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How Does It Work

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As mentioned above, there are several types of bidding strategies which means they work differently from each other. Maximize clicks works by setting your bids automatically to  help you to get as many as possible clicks within your budget while target impression share works on setting your bids automatically with the goal showing your ad on the absolute top of the page or anywhere on the page of Google search results.

Target CPA automatically sets search or display bids to help you to get as many conversions as possible at the target cost-per-action (CPA) that you set. Target ROAS will set your bids automatically to help you to Maximize conversion value at the target return advertisement spend (ROAS) you set.

Maximize conversion will help you to get the most conversions for your ads campaign while spending your budget and Maximize conversion value will help you to get as many conversion values as possible for your campaign while spending your budget. Now you know the difference between Maximize clicks vs maximize conversions.

Why Do You Need To Use This Type Of Bidding Strategy

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The most frequent question is the reason why we have to use this type of bidding strategy. The first reason is to save more time. You will save more time when using this bidding because the bids are set automatically so you don’t need to set the bid amounts for ad groups or individual keywords by yourself.

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The second reason is that bidding uses machine learning to evaluate performance over time and optimize for your specific goal and the last reason is to maximize conversions bid strategy which will help you get the most conversions for your campaign within your budget.

Benefits Of Using This Type Of Bidding Strategy 

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Using Revenue focused bidding strategy has a lot of benefits such as:

  • Easy to set up, you just need to set the limits and so do bids and you are done
  • Save more time
  • Evaluate performance over time
  • Optimize your specific goals
  • Algorithms make adjustments as necessary
  • Maximize conversion

What Is The Best Bidding Strategy For Display Campaigns

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The bidding strategy you choose will impact your business and campaigns so how is the Bid strategy best practices? It depends on what you want to reach in your campaign. If you are concerned with profitability, you can try to use Target Cost Per Action (CPA) Bidding and Target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). These 2 types will help you to up your PPC game while working within a pre-set KPI.

If you want to focus on maximizing conversion or maximize conversion value, you can choose between maximize conversion bid strategies, maximize conversion value or enhanced cost per click (EPCP). maximize conversion is a smart bidding strategy that will bring as many as conversion as possible. 

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Maximize conversion value will help to maximize the revenue from sales generated through Ppc bidding strategies and ECPC allow you to set and adjust your bids manually.

For those who are concerned with brand awareness , you have to focus on showing in the SERP and traffic to the website which can be done by using Top Impression Share Bidding and Maximize Clicks. Top Impression Share Bidding allows you to set how often your ads appear on Google and maximize clicks will take care of the optimizing traffic to the website.

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How Can I Set Up A Revenue – Focused Bid In Google Adwords

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If you don’t have time to manage your manual cpc bidding strategy and want to change your campaign into a revenue – focused bids on Google Ads,  you need follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account 
  • In the page menu on the left, click campaigns
  • Select the campaign you want to edit
  • Click settings in the page menu for this campaign
  • Open bidding and then click change bid strategy 
  • Choose automated bids strategy from the drop down menu

How Much Should I Spend On Ads Per Day Or Week


Are you worried about the campaign budget? Don’t worry there is no minimum budget on Google Ads. You can choose the Google Ads based on your budget.  For small businesses, you have to spend between $5,000 to $12,000 per month on their Google paid search campaign. So you need the average budget $1,250 until 3,000 per week. This budget also includes the Google Ads cost, agency performance fee.

You can do a budget for Google ads by following this instruction:

  • Sign in your Google ads account
  • Navigate to campaigns and find the campaigns you want
  • Hover over the budget value for the campaign you want to edit
  • Click the pencil icon to open the edit box and enter a new average daily budget
  • Click save


Revenue – focused bidding strategy for Google ads is a Google ads bid strategy to maximize results based on your campaign goals. This bidding strategy will help you with your campaign and optimize your specific campaign goals.

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