The name of a company has a huge impact on how your customers and investors have their views on you. A word with similar spelling in a different language might possess very different meanings. A business name is also needed to create a business account on eBay or other ecommerce accounts. So here are Malaysia company name ideas for your consideration.

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How Do You Name A Company In Malaysia?

When searching company names, you need to follow the rules by SSM. Following the rules on naming your company as published by the SSM makes your company incorporation process go smoothly.

  1. The company name in Malaysia must not already exist
  2. The company name must not be identical to the company name of another existing business entity
  3. The company name must not contain words that have the same meaning as the word ‘company’.
  4. The company name can be in English, Bahasa, or even foreign languages
  5. The company name can consist of the names of directors
  6. The company name can include the usage of certain symbols
  7. The company name must not be an acronym that can be confusing
  8. The company name must not contain obscene words
  9. The company name must not contain gazette words
  10. The company name must not contain controlled words that are limited due to national and public interest
  11. The company name must not contain words that suggest connections with activities regulated by laws, governmental agencies, and professional bodies
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How Do I Create A Catchy Company Name?

To create a catchy company name, try to follow the SSM name search guidelines below.

Unique and Unforgettable

You want a name that stands out from the crowd at the first glance and remains fresh over time. This is a huge challenge because trends evolve with time, as well as people. Try to be creative and search unique business name ideas, think out of the box!

Easy Spelling and Pronunciation

You want to use words that can be easily spelt and pronounced by customers. Some companies made up unusual word spellings so that their business stands out. This can be a huge problem when people try to search your name or refer you to others. There are 171,476 words in The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary. Thus, there should be no reason not to stay with traditional word spelling.

Simple Is Sweet

It is wise to choose a shorter length word for your company name compared to a longer one. It is better to name your company with two syllables. Most of the successful companies named it that way. For example, Facebook, Google, Uber, and Tinder all have two syllable names. You should also avoid hyphens and other special characters. 

Similarly, when you want to change your Shopee username, you can try to use a business name generator to get name ideas.

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Make Some Sense and Give a Clue

If you want to combine words for a name, make sure it is not an absolute nonsense. You will need a unique marketing strategy or arguably “luck” to be well-known and successful. Besides, if possible, you should try to adopt a company name that provides some information about the nature of your business. 

An example of enterprise company name list in Malaysia like “Plumber Johor”. The website name “Plumber Johor” is appropriate and fits very well with the plumbing services that they provide in Johor, Malaysia. Your company name should match your business/services in order to remind customers what services you are providing.

Don’t Box Yourself In, Think About The Future

You should avoid picking names that do not allow your business to move around or expand in the future. Simply try to avoid geographic locations or product categories in your business Malay shop name ideas. It will be a big trouble when you want to expand your business to a different location or even add on to your product line. 

Example of sole proprietorship company name in Malaysia, a company providing tourism services around Kuala Lumpur City named itself “Kuala Lumpur Tourism”. Imagine when it comes to expanding the business to nearby cities like Malacca or Seremban; it will be almost impossible to use the same name. Therefore, try to think about the future of your company and not box yourself into this situation.

Name It Closer to A rather than Z

No one can be sure that this is going to work today. However, it would be great to pick a name starting with the alphabet which is closer to A rather than Z due to certain algorithms and directory listings sort names alphabetically. 

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10 Malaysia Company Name Ideas

To make a company name, you can use Malay company name generator such as Dot-o-mator, Naming, Rhymer, or NetSubstance. Here are 10 company name ideas Malaysia.

  1. ABC Grow
  2. ABC Vista
  3. ABC Persona
  4. ABC Evergreen
  5. ABC Eagle
  6. ABC Optimize
  7. ABC Synergy
  8. ABC Intelligence
  9. ABC Connect
  10. ABC Vertex

What SSM Means?

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) is a statutory body formed as a result of a merger bet​​​ween the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and the Registrar of Businesses (ROB) in Malaysia which regulates companies and businesses. SSM came into operation on 16 April 2002.

The main activity of SSM is to serve as an agency to incorporate companies and register businesses as well as to provide company and business information to the public. 

As the leading authority for the improvement of corporate governance, SSM fulfils its function to ensure compliance with business registration and corporate legislation through comprehensive enforcement and monitoring activities so as to sustain positive developments in the corporate and business sectors of the Nation.

Can I Register My Company In SSM Malaysia?

Yes, you can register your company in SSM Malaysia and check SSM name of your company. You can start the name reservation with SSM. You may apply and reserve for as many SSM name ideas as you want, but please be aware each name reservation will be charged RM50 by SSM. 

Names will be approved in 1-2 working days by SSM if they follow the guidelines for company naming. Approved company names by SSM will be reserved for three months. You will need to submit your complete company registration documents within the three-month period to finalise the company naming process. An example of partnership company name in Malaysia, will have a different process with another type of business.


To find a suitable and catchy name for your company name is neither easy nor difficult. You should test your company name just like how you would test your product. Or you can also ask your existing customers for opinions. If you still don’t have any ideas, you use the company name generator.

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