Are you curious about the Lazada wallet? In this article, we will discuss the Lazada ewallet and Lazada wallet withdraw. Let’s check this out!

What Is Lazada Wallet?

Due to the growth of the internet nowadays many things keep changing. Starting from selling things in the shop now turns into selling things online by using the marketplace like Lazada Malaysia marketplace. Not only that, in this digital era you don’t need to bring cash with you because there is also e-money or also known as electronic money.

Lazada also has a digital payment feature which is called Lazada wallet. Lazada wallet is a new innovation from Lazada with many useful features. You can pay your bills by using Lazada wallet and all the transactions are secured because it is covered by Lazada’s Payment Protection.

By using Lazada wallet, you can do checkout easily with a click only. You will be able to Lazada e wallet refund as well as Lazada wallet deposit withdraw too. For your additional information, Lazada wallet was launched in 2018 and can be topped up in several methods such as credit card,online banking and also at 7 Eleven outlets.

Before you can do Lazada wallet withdraw lbc, of course you have to activate your Lazada wallet first. To activate your Lazada wallet, you need to prepare your email and mobile numbers verifications. But if you want to have multiple wallet accounts, you need to create a new email and have another registered mobile phone number. 

You might be curious about how and where I can use the Lazada e-wallet. You can use the e-wallet from the Lazada mobile app or website but make sure that you have downloaded the Lazada app because the Lazada wallet is located in the Lazada app account.

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Is Lazada Wallet Licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia?

You might be curious whether Lazada wallet is licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia and as mentioned above, Lazada wallet is a payment method that can only be used for any bills purchased in Lazada apps and websites. This is similar like Starbuck Card that can only be used at Starbucks outlets. That’s why it does not require any e-money license from BNM.

What Can I Do with Lazada E-wallet?

Using Lazada e-wallet might give you benefits because you can pay your online shopping bills easily. When you use the Lazada e-wallet, you might also get an extra discount or cashback because sometimes there is a special campaign running. You can also withdraw Lazada wallet refunds too.

How Do I Top-up Lazada E-wallet?

How to withdraw Lazada wallet? Before you know how to withdraw and the minimum Lazada wallet withdraw. You need to know how to top up the Lazada e-wallet first. There are several ways you can top up your Lazada e-wallet such as credit cards, debit cards, online banking and using cash at 7-eleven. 

The maximum amount to top up for a Lazada wallet is up to RM2,999 at the time of review. Are you curious on how to top up your Lazada ewallet? Here are the steps you need to take.

  • Go to your Lazada account.
  • Choose Wallet icon in the homepage.
  • Select the Cash-In button on the Wallet page.
  • Type the amount you are willing to top up at the Lazada Top Up page.
  • Select the Lazada e wallet top up method.
  • Then tap on the Confirm button.
  • After that, you need to check your Lazada Wallet whether the top up is successful.

How to Do Lazada Wallet Withdrawal in Lazada Malaysia?

Can I withdraw Lazada wallet to gcash? For your information, you will not be able to do Lazada withdraw in the amount you top up but you are still allowed to withdraw any balance in a refund. Here are the steps on how to withdraw refund from Lazada wallet.

  • Login to your Lazada account and click wallet icon
  • Select available banners
  • Indicate the refund amount
  • Choose refunds
  • Confirm the details and withdraw
  • After that, you need to wait for the verification which might take 3 business day

Are There Any Special Benefits Offered by Lazada Wallet?

What are the benefits of using Lazada wallet? Here are Lazada wallet benefit you need to know

Faster Checkout

As the e-wallet in Lazada, you can use the Lazada wallet as the payment method. You will be able to make payment faster and easier just by clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button and your payment is completed. 

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Faster Disbursal Time

Another benefit you can get is a faster disbursal time for your credits in Lazada.

Various Promos and Rebates Await

There are many promotions and rebates you can get when using Lazada wallet. As you know, sometimes there are special campaigns that offer many cashbacks and promotions but some of this cashback and promotion will only be available when you use Lazada wallet as your payment method.

No Expired Date for Lazada Wallet Top-Up Funds

The good news is there is no expiration date on your Lazada wallet funds. You can withdraw your credit limit to your e-wallet at any time. 

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Able to Use Lazada Wallet Top-Up Funds Any Way You Want

You will be able to decide on how and when to use your Lazada wallet funds. You have full control of your Lazada wallet funds.

Easily to Do Refunds

If your orders fail, you can ask for refunds. Your Lazada refund process will be more convenient and faster if you use Lazada wallet as your payment method. The refund amount will be reflected within an hour to your Lazada Wallet.

The refund process just takes some time because when Lazada receives and confirms the returned or order cancellation, Lazada will automatically process the refunds. You can check the details of your refunds on the ‘All Transactions’ section.

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You can shop easily when using the Lazada e-wallet. Besides that, you might enjoy the promotions too. If you have any queries, you can contact Lazada customer service at live chat on Lazada website or call +603-86011888. Lazada customer service will be available on Monday to Friday at 08.00 am to 09.00 pm and for Weekends and Public Holidays are 9.00am – 6.00pm

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