What improves Landing Page Experience and what is the function? Landing page experience is used to measure how well connected your landing pages are to your ads. A good landing page has to be relevant to their ads. The more relevant they are, the more conversion you get. Do you want to know more about landing pages and how to improve landing page experience in Malaysia? Read this article to get all the information!

What Is Landing Page Experience? 

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You might be curious on What Landing page experience meaning is. Landing Page Experience is used by Google Ads to measure how well your landing page connected to your ads. This landing page will calculate the experience you get by analyzing your post click landing page through a combination of automated systems and human evolution.

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Your page experience is going to affect your ad rank and so will your CPC and your ad position. Your ads might show less or even not show at all if you direct the users to disjointed, poorly designed and slow post click landing pages.

Landing page experience is important rather than the money you spend on Google Ads because if your landing page experience is not as the user expects, you are not going to see the profitable result from your landing page. So, how to improve landing page experience Google Ads in Malaysia? To improve your landing page experience, you have to do this seven listed things such as:

Pay Attention To Page Speed

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The first thing you need to do is pay attention to your page speed. You can check the page speed by using the Landing page experience checker. You might be questioning why we need to check our page speed? It is because page speed will affect your conversion.  A page that loads slowly has a higher bounce rate, a low average time on page and will automatically reduced the conversion rate of your landing page.

How to improve Quality Score then, the answer to this question is you have to make sure that your landing page content loads instantly because the faster your landing page is, the more opportunities your landing page gets viewed and converted by the users. 

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Make Your Pages Mobile-Optimized

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The second thing to improve your Google landing page is by optimizing your mobile pages. You can optimize your mobile page by paying more attention to mobile first indexing, responsive ads and accelerated mobile page and other initiatives. 

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As the advertiser, you have to make sure that when someone clicks their mobile ads, users land on a post click landing page that’s not only mobile responsive but also mobile optimized. Mobile responsive pages meet the Google Ads landing page requirements for positive mobile user experience by reformatting and restructuring any device automatically regardless of the screen size.

Mobile optimization is involved in designing each page element with the user experience in mind. You can optimize your mobile page experience by removing clutter, adding sticky CTA buttons, introducing click to call buttons and also featuring concise and readable copy.

Ensure Your Page Is Relevant to the Ad

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The other important things you need to do is ensure the relevance of your page and your ads.  Your post click landing page should be the extension of your ad so that the pre and post click experience have to be matched to each other.

Maintaining the same message from your ad to your post click landing page will help to create the relevance and increase your conversions so that you need to pay more attention to your ads message such as the match user intent, headlines, copy and also brand imagery.

Personalize Your Page for Different Audience Segments

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A personalized landing page must have a designed corresponding ad where each page of element should confirm that the offer the user wants is only CTA click away. This personalization page presents users with a highly relevant and original experience throughout the entire campaign which begins with the ad and continues through to the post click landing page.  

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The successful ad to page personalization will help to boost up the relevance of your landing page which is the main factor to get a good quality score. When your content is relevant, the more chances you will get to improve your landing page experience. Not only that, it also increases your chances to get the advertising conversion.

Make Your Page Easy to Navigate

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How to get 10/10 Quality Score AdWords? One factor you need to ensure is your page navigation. A landing page design has to be clear and easy to understand. This means organizing and designing your landing page is important so that the users can find it easy to navigate and don’t have to hunt for the crucial information.

Your landing page looks are going to attract the users’ interest. Here are the techniques you need to follow to help you establish your landing page looks and make the page easy to navigate.

  • Use the F page pattern.
  • Use the Z page pattern.
  • Add plenty of white space.

Increase Credibility 

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A good landing page has to be transparent and credible so that the users will feel comfortable when visiting your landing page. To increase your landing page’s credibility, you can take these steps:

  • Present the offer before you ask the user to fill out the form
  • Add your contact information.
  • Put a link to your privacy policy.
  • Provide your social proof.

Add a Clear, Contrasting CTA Button

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Your user journey starts from the ad click and ends with the post click landing page CTA button click. So, it is important to make sure that your CTA button is clear and personalized to the offer. 


A good landing page will give you more conversion to your ads so that if your landing page is not good enough, you can try to improve your landing page experience to get a high google ads quality score by using the mentioned tips above. If you are confused about how to improve your landing page, you can find Google Ads landing page examples in SEO.

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