Have you ever seen ads or advertisements written at the top of the search results on Google’s search engine? If you’ve seen it, that’s one of the digital marketing strategies that have been widely applied by business people today. This advertising model is known as Pay Per Click (PPC). Now, in this article, you are going to understand the explanation on how do you set up a PPC campaign!

PPC or Pay Per Click is one advertising method that offers more potential customers for you in a short time. With the right combination of planning and initiative, pay per click marketing is a cost-effective way to increase your bottom line.

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But without using a smart strategy and the right tactics, a pay per click marketing campaign can cause big problems. Like not using the right keywords, or bidding too much at not working PPC campaigns

Then, how do you set up a PPC campaign? In this article, it will be explained what Pay per Click is, and why you should use Pay Per Click as your marketing strategies. 

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What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay per click advertisement is when you only pay if someone clicks your ad. Different from the traditional advertisement which is paid when you broadcast your ad. 

The most popular PPC ads are on search engines like Google and Microsoft Advertising. There is a Google Ads campaign planning template if you use Google Ads for your advertising. 

Why Use PPC Advertising?

Pay per click advertising is better to use to encourage people to take immediate action. PPC campaign example such as for buying a product, or subscribing to your mailing list. But you can still use pay per click advertising to increase brand awareness

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Here are several advantages you can get by using Pay Per Click Advertising.

Showed in Right Audience

You can get your PPC ads in front of the right audience if you use the right keywords that match with your target customer. So your target customer can immediately click on your PPC campaign. 

Pay only per Click

You only pay when someone is interested enough to click on the ad. That takes them to a landing page on your website, where you have the chance to convince them to take the next step such as buying a product. 

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Flexible Bid

You decide how much a visitor is worth to your business and you set your advertising bids accordingly. You can put more bids on options that give more conversions to you by seeing the performance tracking. 

Control your Cost

You can control your costs by setting a limit for your total advertising spend. If your PPC campaign does not work well, you can limit your cost and set a better strategy for your PPC campaign. 

Get Accurate Performance Tracking

You can try different options and get a detailed analysis of the performance of each ad campaign. So you do not waste much budgets on not working campaigns and allocate budgets on campaigns that work for you. 

How Much Does PPC Advertising Cost?

PPC advertising costs are likely driven by your market competitiveness, the value of your product, and your regular marketing spend. The more competitive your market is and the more expensive your product is, the more you will have to pay to get a prominent place in the ad. 

The amount you want to pay per click depends on your marketing budget and online conversion rate. For example, if you typically set aside 10% of the retail value of the RM100 shoes you sell for sales and marketing, you should stick to this. 

If you know that one in ten visitors to your site will buy your shoes, this indicates that you can afford to pay up to RM1 per click, which is the equivalent of RM10 per sale, or 10% of the retail value of the shoes. 

You can use a free tool that can help you to get keywords ideas and also helps you to determine how much you need to bid. Try different keywords to see which gives you the best return on ad spend. 

Tracking Your PPC Campaign

Ad performance tracking helps you achieve your marketing goals. Website analysis tools let you see where your visitors are coming from, whether they are coming from pay per click ads, regular search engine listings, or referrals from other sites. 

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For analytics manually, you can also use the PPC template Excel that is scattered on the internet. The advantage of using PPC campaign template of course is you can save more of your marketing budget. 

Analytics allows you to track exactly what visitors are doing on your website. You can see which ads are producing the desired results and calculate how much it will cost for each successful conversion. 

Knowing which PPC channels and keywords are working will help you refine your approach so that you can create a better PPC campaign strategy. With the better PPC campaign strategy, you can direct more resources to the methods that work for you. 

Pay per click is like a supermarket putting fruit in front of a store, you put the right thing in front of people at the right time. Spend more once you find a formula that works for turning interest into sales. 

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Pay per click advertisement is when you only pay if someone clicks your ad. By using PPC you will get many advantages, such as only paying when someone clicks on your ad, and displayed in front of your target when they search the keywords that you use. 

To achieve your PPC campaign goals, you need to plan carefully before starting a bid on your PPC campaign. You need to track your PPC campaign too to know the performance of your PPC campaign. So you can direct more resources to the methods that work for you. 

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