When you choose TikTok as one of the social media platforms for you to sell your products. You must know how to sell products on TikTok. Unlike other social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. TikTok only focuses on content videos. There is a limitation on how to engage your customers like you did on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Because your TikTok videos might not appear on TikTok users that follow you. 

But, it isn’t impossible for you to reach as many TikTok viewers as you can. You can still sell your products on TikTok.  Since there are many TikTok users in Malaysia 2021 since the pandemic hits Malaysia, it is wise to use TikTok to reach locally. Based on TikTok demographic Malaysia, you can reach your target audience easily. But, you also should know when is the best time to post your content.

To reach the Malaysian audience effectively, you can always reach Malaysian TikTok influencers. TikTok influencers or TikTok famous could help you to get more views and exposure.

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Should You Sell Products on TikTok?

Yes, you should sell your products on TikTok. TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media as TikTok estimated that there are 80 million monthly active users in the US only. Imagine the engagement rate. 

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It doesn’t really matter what kinds of goods you sell on TikTok; what counts is whether or not you can integrate your brand into popular viral videos and content. The attention of thousands of prospective consumers may be gained by incorporating your own unique spin onto popular Sounds in your videos, which will help you to raise brand recognition.

Before you start selling your products on TikTok, you can do videos of a new product as a teaser. In those videos, you can introduce the brand of product, the type of product, and what is the name of the product. You can put your product’s images as an example of product. 

How to Set Up an Account That Will Boost Sales in TikTok Malaysia?

Before you start to sell your products on TikTok, there are basic things that you need to do. It might seem meh, but it is really important for your exposure. You can use the TikTok generator on the Internet to make your content more appealing to the viewers.

Some of the ways for you to set up account on your dashboard TikTok:

Brand in Your Bio

It is your opportunity to promote your business and goods to the people who will be watching you on TikTok.

Because your bio is the first thing that people will see when they visit your TikTok page, it is critical that you create a strong first impression. Providing correct information about your company’s products and services is also essential.

Describe your company’s brand and what it does in a few words. The most effective method to enhance your SEO on TikTok is to include keywords into your social media posts.


Remember that the majority of your TikTok audience consists of Gen Z’ers, millennials, and members of Generation Alpha.

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This implies that it is critical to communicate in their own tongue.

Emojis are bright and eye-catching, and they may be used as visual markers to draw attention to your goods and services.

Using emojis in your online shop may help you boost conversions, so be sure to make full use of them while you are selling goods on TikTok.

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Users should be guided towards the activities you want them to do by your TikTok profile. Including a call-to-action (CTA) in your profile will inform users of what they should do next and may assist boost conversions.https://ginee.com/my/insights/what-is-fyp-tiktok/What is the Term of FYP on TikTok Malaysia? And How to Use?

For example, you may utilise a call-to-action to drive followers to your eCommerce store, blog, or another social media platform where you are selling your goods.In your TikTok profile, you may also advertise discount coupons or promotions that you are running.

TikTok Business or TikTok Pro

It is important to change your TikTok Personal Account to TikTok Business or TikTok Pro account. By using one of these accounts, you can view the analytics data of your TikTok videos. Especially, the videos that have few TikTok views, you can check and fix the mistakes.

You can improve your TikTok content. Also, you can check which time is suitable for you to post your TikTok videos. 

Steps For You to Sell Products on TikTok Malaysia

Once you have done it, it is time to start creating your strategy to post on TikTok.

Here are some steps for you on how to sell your products on TikTok.

Sponsored Branded Hashtags

Getting your brand in front of as many people as possible is essential if you want to make money selling goods on TikTok.

For example, sponsoring a branded hashtag that encourages people to produce user-generated content may be one of the most successful methods of accomplishing this goal (UGC). This is referred to as the Hashtag Challenge Plus on TikTok, and it enables users to buy items that are linked to a sponsored hashtag on the app.

As soon as you’ve established your challenge, you can build a paid-for hashtag that will lead your followers to a particular landing page where they can make a purchase. The challenge will appear on the Discovery page, which will result in an increase in views.

In addition, TikTok enables in-app purchasing for your hashtag, allowing viewers to purchase items straight from the app.

Shoppable Videos

TikTok announced a new partnership with eCommerce behemoth Shopify in 2020, which will allow the company’s more than 1 million eCommerce merchants to connect with TikTok’s expanding viewership.

Shopify merchants can now link their stores to their TikTok for Business accounts, allowing them to sell goods on TikTok directly, via shoppable videos and advertisements that appear in the in-feed of the app.

This is a fantastic method to simultaneously build your Shopify eCommerce business and your TikTok following.

Shopify Features

When it comes to selling goods on TikTok, the Shopify app itself offers a slew of built-in tools to assist you.

Some of the Shopify features for TikTok are:

TikTok Campaigns

You can use TikTok campaigns to create your own ad campaigns and select your target audience. Not only that, you can also track all your campaign ads’ performance by only using one website.

Video Template Tool

Tiktok provides a video template tool for you to use to create your TikTok ad videos. You can choose your own TikTok template, and create by choosing any existing photo, text, and logo.

You can use TikTok studio to make high quality TikTok videos.

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Target Audience

By using Shopify features for TikTok, you can choose your own target ads based on your desire location, demographic, and behavioral metrics

One-click Pixel

Another great feature is one-click pixel. The TikTok Pixel enables you to keep track of the success of your marketing initiatives. These statistics assist you in increasing conversions in your future marketing efforts.

Promote Your Ecommerce Store on TikTok

If you have a Shopify store, you can promote the Shopify store with your TikTok videos. So, it will make your TikTok viewers who want to purchase your products, can go directly to your Shopify store.

Here are some of the ways:

Link Your TikTok on Your Store

Certain applications, like Vop, enable you to integrate your TikTok stream directly into your sales website, which is very convenient.

Customers will be able to view your goods in action before making a purchase as a result of this.

If you frequently include user-generated material on your TikTok stream, you will have the opportunity to benefit from real, digital word-of-mouth advertising. This may go a long way toward increasing the level of confidence consumers have in your company.

E-commerce Store Link in Your TikTok Bio

Every TikTok bio has an option to provide a link to your website.

Utilize this section of the page to include a link to your eCommerce store or any other sites that you wish to drive more traffic to such as related promotions or landing pages.

On TikTok, this approach is a fantastic method to direct viewers to the content that you want them to see while also increasing purchases.

Start now with TikTok

You can start your Business account by changing your personal account on your setting. But, make sure your TikTok username reflects your brand identity. If it is not, you can easily change your username with simple steps.

By having your own ecommerce store, you are having an online presence on the Internet. Shopify and TikTok is another platform for you to grow your business. 

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