According to data cited from Markets and Markets, the frozen food market is estimated to account for about US$244.3 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach US$312.3 Billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 5%. With this kind of infos, we can picture profit gaining opportunities by knowing how to sell frozen food through online platforms.

Now let’s discuss what frozen food is and how to start a frozen food business in Malaysia 

alongside Shopee as your trustworthy selling platform. Keep scrolling through.

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What is Frozen Food?

Frozen food is a food that has been subjected to rapid freezing and is kept frozen until being used. According to EatRight org, frozen food generally retain their vitamins and minerals with no change to the carbohydrates, protein, as well as the origin fat content.

Even more surprisingly for some cases, frozen foods have contained more minerals and vitamins compared to the fresh one since fresh food may lose its vitamins and minerals over time but the process of freezing preserves the nutrients. In conclusion, EatRight argued that frozen food is an affordable and convenient way to incorporate healthful foods from every food group including whole grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, and dairy products.

It’s said that frozen food could not only be more affordable in price but also can aid in reducing food waste. Freezing the food slows down the decomposition by turning residual moisture into ice, inhibiting the growth of most bacterial species thus, making the food allowed to be stored longer.

Can We Sell Frozen Food in Shopee?

According to Shopee Seller Center guidelines, frozen food is not listed as the prohibited food and is legal to be sold on the platform as long as the seller adhering to the minimum standards and guidelines such as:

  • All food items sold in Shopee must be clearly and properly labelled with expiration or “use by” date;
  • All food and related products sold on the site should be packed or sealed to ensure that buyer can identify evidence of tampering or defect; and
  • Sellers who list perishable items should clearly identify in the item description the steps that they take to ensure that the goods are properly packaged.

So as long as we’re following the guidelines listed above, selling frozen food through Shopee is allowed, just like how it works for Shopee can food. In fact, you can offer a hassle free option to get consumers their desired frozen food coming to their doorstep by selling it online.

How Do I Start a Frozen Food Business in Shopee?

Speaking about how to sell frozen food online, we would highly recommend using Shopee for your first selling journey. Reason is because Shopee as a growing marketplace has a lot of features that will help you to boost your sales and their platform is so easy to use.

But before further discussion about selling through Shopee, in order to be able to running an online business of frozen food, here’s some things you need to do:

Partnering with Fishermen

If you want to become a frozen food business supplier that has expertise in frozen seafood as your main products, then you have to first look out for fishermen who’s willing to partner up with you in order to get your seafood stocked fresh from the sea. It will be better if you can partner up with fishermen who catch a variety of seafood and of the sizes to support your frozen food business.

Look out for the demand for seafood in the market and look for the fishermen who can cater the demand size. Also you might need to have knowledge about how to manufacture frozen food for the better.

Platform to Sell the Frozen Seafood

Now that you have already found your partner who will supply you the fresh product from the sea, it’s time to find a place to distribute all of them in order to fulfill the demand of frozen food Malaysia residents are looking for.

Our recommendation as stated above, will go to Shopee food. While some people might argue that platforms like Shopee and Lazada are too crowded with competitors and unlikely to make your product have a smooth selling, online stores also offer some benefits where you can hardly find if you’re building your own website.

First, while you need quite a lot of budget making a website with a good hosting and presentable yet friendly design so people can get the best experience buying from your website, Shopee already offers you a simple and neat display where people can easily buy everything they have been looking for.

Second, building a website couldn’t be considered as an easy task. You have a long way to go in order to generate your traffic and make your website noticeable for internet users. There’s just a long time process needed while in Shopee, you get the traffic ready, what other things you have to do is only using the right strategy, maximise all the features that Shopee prepared for you to boost your business, and you can make the most out of it.

Third, while making your own website might sound more promising considering “there’s less competitor”, you still have to look out for the delivery services to ask for a partnership and go along the way with that. Meanwhile by using Shopee, you don’t have to worry about this delivery process as Shopee has its own Supported Logistics that will help you deliver your package with no hassle.

Although, there will also be a good idea if you want to sell your frozen food products in more than one platform to widen the sale closing opportunity. As long as you commit to it, then there’s nothing stopping you and your product to become best selling frozen foods across nations.

Maintain the Freshness of The Seafood Throughout the Delivery

After knowing a lot of how to start frozen food business from home, the other “must pay attention” part is about how to maintain the freshness of your frozen food product throughout the delivery.

If you started from a small business, try opting to store the sealed seafood in a cooling box after storing it in a freezer before the delivery time. If your business is getting bigger, you can rent a cooler truck or buy one as an investment if you have gained enough profit, of course.

Or you might want to partner up with a cooling transporter to get your frozen food products delivered to your customers.

Social Media Marketing to Help Your Business Grow

Make the full use of your social media as a tool of marketing. Convert the visitor of your social media page into leads by directing it to your online shop where you sold your frozen food.

Through social media marketing, you can gain lots of traffic and there’s a huge market potential lies between. However, you also need to do some research to identify which social media is the rightful place to help you reach your audience. You can also try to use Facebook Ads to increase traffic and conversion through its demographics and psychographic settings

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How Does Shopee Deliver Frozen Food?

Shopee through their “Listing Your Products” sections in Seller Education Hub has mentioned how to package frozen food. Seller is required to use cardboard boxes or insulated boxes and filters then label the parcel with perishable or fragile.

Besides, Shopee encourages sellers to use same day delivery through their own fleet or self arranged couriers. For frozen meat products, Shopee requires that the vehicle used by the non-integrated courier is accredited by the National Meat Inspection Service.

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