Product selection may be a crucial step in becoming a successful Shopee seller. It leads to energetic growth for giant brands and is that the reasonably push small businesses have to propel forward. So it is important for you to know how to find winning products on Shopee. Below may be a comprehensive guide on how you’ll be able to find the simplest products to sell in Shopee.

What Is the Best Selling Item on Shopee?

Even though the quantity of products you’ll find in Shopee is limitless, you simply have to concentrate on those that are considered to be competitive like top-selling items on Shopee 2022 Malaysia because they are those that may actually cause sales.

If you’re a beginner at online selling, you would possibly be tempted to sell products that have the foremost sales and revenue. While this seems like a sound decision at the time, it’s not always an honest idea to compete with big brands.

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If it’s your first time introducing a brand to the market, you’ll have little edge against your competitors. With that, what we’d recommend you to try and do is to look at complementary products of what big brands are selling.

What are the best Shopee items? For example, if a perceived competitor is selling Apple products, you may examine introducing a product accessory that may only be used on Apple items. You can also use Google trends as your reference to find the most selling items in Malaysia 2022 or top-selling items on shopee 2022 Malaysia.

Since Apple could be a well-known brand, you’ll include its name in your copy or marketing and at the same time, you’ll be ready to introduce a product that Apple doesn’t have (and are some things that Apple users are going to be interested in).

Some niches can appear to be lucrative but lots of times, this can be only because the brands selling these products have already been around for a protracted time that they’re already considered to be a pioneer of the niche.

When a replacement brand enters the market, it’s to compete with all the large name brands and would. Since you’re selling an analogous product, developing with a USP (unique selling proposition) will be a challenge.

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Market saturation for a product happens when the quantity for a product is already maxed out. Hence, newcomers won’t make the maximum amount of profit as they expect.

How Do You Become a Top Search on Shopee?

There are Shopee seller Facebook communities you’ll be able to join where you’ll be able to network with other Shopee sellers. you’ll be able to publish a post saying that you just are trying to find suppliers and interested parties will discuss the products that they’re selling.

You can also purchase products in bulk from Shopee but we recommend reaching dead set Facebook communities instead because this can offer you an opportunity to network with other sellers. Knowing that you just are going to be purchasing in bulk while you’re still a seller, you would possibly even be able to negotiate for a reduced price.

Dropshipping may be a retail fulfilment method wherein the vendor doesn’t have products available. Instead, the vendor will purchase the merchandise from a third-party then the latter will ship the item on to the customer.

When you dropship, you don’t have to bear the chance of losing plenty of cash from not having the ability to search out the most effective products to sell on Shopee. Dropshipping may be a lot more straightforward for eCommerce stores but you’ll still use this method with the subsequent tools:

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  • Dropify – it’s a dropshipping service within the Philippines that caters to Lazada and Shopee sellers.
  • Kumoten – considered to be the most important dropshipping automation system for Shopee/lazada sellers in Malaysia.
  • Alidropship – a dropshipping service that goes beyond Shopee and Lazada. this is often your dropshipping alternative if you’re a seller outside of the Philippines and Malaysia. It caters to dropshipping globally.

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Use Shopee Ads

My Ads may be a service of Shopee that enables vendors to spice up their product listings via the position of ads on Shopee’s online platforms and mobile apps. So, Shopee Ads impressions can give your sale a significant impact.

By using Shopee My Ads, you’ll reach more potential customers to return to your store. The visibility of your Shopee store to customers is high thanks to the Shopee My Ads.

Use Shopee My Ads

There are three styles of Shopee My ads that you just can utilise to spice up your store sales and to achieve more shop traffic. Each of the kinds of Shopee My ads has its own benefits and functions. you’ll use either one otherwise you can use three of them to maximise your store visibility and sales. With My Ads, you can also make audiences see your Shopee products on sale.

The types of Shopee My ads include Product Search Ads, Shop Search Ads, and Discovery Ads. Let’s dig deeper into one by one.

Search Ads

Show your ad on the results page of your search. you decide on which keywords are shown by bidding for your ad. Shopee free ads, which publicise your goods, will give you the best exposure of all ad kinds. With this kind of ad, you can easily make your product as one of top selling products in Malaysia especially in Shopee Malaysia.

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Discovery Ads

Show consumers with comparable or complementary goods in many areas of the Shopee site. These categories include: Daily Discover, Similar Products and you will like related product detail pages on the positioning. Best Shopee items can be shown through this ad.

Shop Search Ads

Shopee ads Malaysia? If you utilise Shop Search Ads, your shop appears at the highest of the search results page, along with a store voucher and a range of products that are associated with the shopper’s search term. apart from that, you will make changes to the image and slogan of your advertisement.

By bidding on certain keywords, you will choose which of them are going to be shown together with your ad. As an example, you’ll want to bid on the term “journaling” if your store offers journaling items so customers trying to find “journaling” would see your Shop Search Ad and be led to your shop after clicking on your advertisement.

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For better ads performance, you can learn more Shopee Ads trick so that the ad you made will give you significant selling numbers. After you created your ad content, Shopee will give you the invoice Shopee Ads, then you can pay the amount for the ad. According to some Shopee Ads review, if you have Shopee Ads credit, the amount you have to pay can be less than the actual cost.


If you’re still small and new in Shopee, you’ll always start paying your Ads minimum RM20 just to determine how it goes. Once you’ve grown and have an enormous amount of cash for marketing budget, you’ll always put in a massive number.

Because Shopee Ads Malaysia billing works on a prepaid basis, it’s easy for you to regulate and monitor the allow your paid advertising on Shopee

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