Do you know that hosting a live session through Shopee is a way to promote both your shop and your products directly to your potential buyers? Here’s tips on how to do live in Shopee so you can boost your sales, don’t skip this article away!

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Introduction to Shopee Live

Shopee is one of the leading e-commerce companies in SEA which was founded in 2015 by SEA Group in Singapore. In a span of years, Shopee has now expanded to 16 countries including South American regions like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Europe regions such as Spain, France, and Poland.

Per 2019 to 2020, the growth of livestreaming views hours increased by 99% which perhaps goes in line with the fact that most people are prohibited to go outside due to pandemics. This data of livestreaming growth then, being sought by businesses as a media that would help highlight, demonstrate, even sell their products through different platforms.

In 2019, Shopee joined the live selling circle by launching a feature called Shopee Live. This feature was initially offered only in their main headquarters, Singapore. However, the feature is now available to both sellers and customers in other Asian territories, including Shopee Malaysia.

In order to start the livestreaming you only have to find the Shopee Live logo, do some settings and click on the “Go Live”. Your followers are going to get push notifications of your livestream so they could interact with your livestream like doing Shopee Live like or even start to communicate. 

The purpose of Shopee Live availability is to answer the growing demand of video content as well as to bring both brands and retailers closer to their consumers. The concept of Shopee Live is no different from any regular Livestream where users can directly ask and engage with sellers in real-time through Shopee Live Selling and even complete their purchase without having to leave the Live Streaming page.

Sellers who have already done the Shopee Live Selling claim to see an increase in sales up to 75% with the help of this feature. It’s no secret that through a live streaming, you got a better understanding about what your market needs and how to enhance their shopping experience.

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Preparing for Your Livestream

Just like any other things that you want to do, hosting a live show also requires you to be fully prepared in order to get the optimum result. There’s few things you have to make sure yourself prepared well before starting the Livestream, such as:

Programme Flow

Treat your Livestream selling as some sort of TV Live performance, you need to make sure you have all the rundows prepared. This helps you to stay on topic also to make sure you don’t miss out any details that might impact the selling result. Basic live stream flow through Shoper live is:

  • Opening monologue where you as sellers come and give a brief introduction about what’s the purpose of the live stream in the first 30 seconds;
  • Main content that usually run for a minimum 5 minutes or depend on your featured products;
  • Incentives or call to action is a session where you allow your audience to claim their gift such as discounts or vouchers, or giveaway winners, etc;
  • Announcement of next live to close the live streaming and let your audience know when they can expect your next live selling on Shopee again.

Reliable Equipment and Background

Talking about hosting a live stream, of course you have to get your “weapon” installed includes:

  • Camera settings: make sure to use smartphone with high quality camera;
  • Tripod: so the camera will stabilly stand there the whole live streaming process;
  • Stable internet connection: this one can’t be bargained. You don’t want to ruin your audience live shopping experience with a buffer here and there, so make sure you have at least 4G connection and keep your WiFi with minimum of 5Mbps running before start the live streaming;
  • Microphone: if you want your voice to transferred more clearly to your audience, you can bought an external microphone and connect them to your smartphone device;
  • Light: for a better image result, you can use the light ring to help with the lighting problems.

Test all your live streaming equipment before the live streaming begins to make sure all of the devices are working properly. Prepare extra batteries and charging equipment during the live in case of emergency.

Turn on the “Do Not Disturb” setting on your phone during the live streaming session so you wouldn’t get distracted by the notifications coming to your phones. You might also want to do a background check, make sure the environment where your live stream is going to take place is appropriate as well as having all the equipment you might need within an arm reach.

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Setting Up Your Livestream

Once you’ve passed the seller eligibility and prepared the necessary equipment for the livestream, you can choose whether you want to start your live stream through Shopee App or Desktop.

Shopee App

You can start your livestream session via the Livestream page on the Shopee App. Select up to 500 products from your shop or your favorite items list to be tagged in the livestream. In order to add discounts to your livestream products, you must set the discount via the Marketing Center on your Shopee App beforehand.

You can also remove or rearrange products on the “Create Streaming” page before previewing your livestream. Once you’re done, click on the “Go Live”. But before you “Go Live”, toggle between the front and back cameras of your device to ensure they’re working properly. 

Once you start your livestream session, your followers will get push notifications immediately. You can also turn off this feature by unchecking the “Notify Followers” options.

Desktop Live

Go to Shopee Live PC Portal site or simply type Shopee Live Malaysia on your browser to start your livestream session through PC. Real Time Message Protocol facilitates the streaming of audio, video, and data between your livestream software and the Shopee LIVE platform.

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Creating Livestream Reminders

If you wish to promote your scheduled livestream, you can create and share reminders so your audience can anticipate your livestreaming session. When you set your livestream in advance, consumers can view your upcoming livestream and choose whether they want to get reminders or not. 

Please note that only livestreamers recommended by Shopee or from shops that a viewer follows will appear on the Shopee LIVE page and the reminder only available on Shopee App.

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Tips Joining Shopee Live as Sellers

Streaming indeed is the best way to connect with your audience. However, we also have to admit that by the end of the day, the purpose of hosting a livestream is to have some close sales. If you’re also looking for a way to allows Shopee Live have conversions and sales, then, you might want to try this tips below:

Product Should Be Easy to Buy

It’s better if you can focus on one main topic or category of your products while the livestream is running. Also, you have to make sure that your items are within the Shopee Guidelines.

Do your best to introduce the items one at a time so your viewers can have a better understanding about them. You can also try to interact with it so your viewers get the idea of how the item should be used and how it works. For example if you’re livestreaming to introduce a makeup product, you can try to apply it on your hands to show off the colour and texture.

Also, make sure you have added the product you are trying to promote into the Shopping Bag section so your viewers can purchase them immediately without having to leave the livestream page.

Offer Discount and Utilize Voucher

As we all know, no one would be able to resist discounts! You can increase buyer conversion during livestream by offering exclusive prices or deals they can only have for as long as the livestreaming is running. Add the livestream sale in the Shopping Bag so they can appear on top of the list.

You can also offer permanent voucher codes on your platform and make sure they appear or displayed throughout the livestream.

Host Auction

Just like any normal auction, in Shopee Live Auction you can pick either a random audience or the one with the fastest hand to win your livestream exclusive deals. Once you have this schedule started, an “In Progress”  card will be displayed before changing into “End Round” once the session expires.


With Shopee Live, there’s a huge chance for sellers to increase awareness of both their shop and products as well as gaining new followers or even new customers. Through Shopee Live Chat, sellers are allowed to directly communicate with their customers and boost sales through a streamlined way to shop.

The only drawback probably is you need a Shopee seller account in order to utilize the service just like how the viewers who need to download the App in order to be able to watch the livestream. Besides, merchants have no control over data they collect thus resulting in them not being able to reach out to customers accurately.

However, the increase of sales by doing livestream is admitted to gain growth about 75% of the promoted product. Looking at it, it’s no wonder that there’s so much page willing to even give shoppe live streamers salary as long as they’re good in public speaking and could persuade the audience to at least put the items on the shopping cartt to purchase later.

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