Are you looking for ways on how to delete Lazada seller account? You go to the right place. In this article, we will discuss more about how to delete and deactivate your Lazada account.

How Do I Deactivate My Lazada Seller Account?

Lazada is one of the most popular marketplace in Malaysia which has been used by most Malaysians nowadays. Before they can use the Lazada application, of course they need to create the Lazada account first by taking these steps below.

  • Download the Lazada app.
  • Then click the sign up button on the Lazada homepage.
  • After that, you will be directed to another page where you need to click Sign Up Now on the bottom right corner.
  • Then you have to choose the way you want to register your Lazada account such as a mobile number, facebook account and Google account.
  • After you have chosen, you will be asked to fill in all the data required there. 
  • After you have filled all the data needed, you need to click the Sign Up button and once the registration is successful, you will get an email.
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Now the question is can the Lazada seller account deactivated? And the answer is yes. You are allowed to delete or deactivate your Lazada account. Here are the steps on how to deactivate your Lazada account.

  • Step 1 – Go to Your Lazada Account.
  • Step 2 – Select Account Tab.
  • Step 3 – Tap on Chat with Customer Care.
  • Step 4 – Tell the reason why you want to deactivate or delete your Lazada account.

For your additional information, you can request to deactivate your Lazada account by contacting Lazada through the “Chat With Customer Care” icon. Another way to deactivate your Lazada account is asked  “Please permanently delete my Lazada account“.

The other question that might occur is how to re activate Lazada seller account? If you have changed your mind and want to reactivate your Lazada account again, you can contact Lazada using “Chat With Customer Care”.

What if I want to delete my Lazada account? How to delete Lazada account permanently? Actually you can delete your Lazada seller account by requesting Lazada to delete your account from the Lazada database. To request this thing, you need to email Lazada first. Here are the steps on how to delete Lazada account MY:

  • Go to your email that is registered in Lazada application.
  • Now you have to compose a new email and type the email address of in the recipient column.
  • Don’t forget to type “Request To Delete My Account” in the subject column.
  • After that, you need to write an email requesting Lazada to delete your account from their database and clear out all of your information, if any.
  • Then you need to wait for Lazada to response.
  • Once it is deleted, you will not be able to use your account again.

After you know how to delete Lazada seller account MY, don’t worry, you can make new one and continue to upload your products. You still need to note that your Lazada will only be deleted if you have no active order outstanding in your Lazada account. If there is an outstanding order, you need to contact Lazada again when receiving an order or canceled order. Then Lazada will help to assist further with your request.

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How to Delete Lazada Account or Deactivate It?

Are you looking for ways on how to edit data or how to delete Lazada account 2022? If yes, you go to the right place. As we know, Lazada has been used by many people but this doesn’t mean that they know how to edit their phone number or delete their account.

If you intend to remove your phone number, here are the ways on how to remove phone number from Lazada account.

  • Go to your Lazada account and click on the Settings button. 
  • Tap on edit Account Information to update or change your phone number. 
  • After that, update your new phone number and click save after you are done.

There are several reasons for someone to delete their account but if the reason is because of a lot of email spamming, actually you don’t need to delete the account. You just need to mark the mail as spam when you open it or you can unsubscribe it from their newsletters by tapping on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the mail you received. Here are the steps on how to delete Lazada seller account Malaysia.

Login to Your Account

Firstly you need to login to your Lazada account.

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Click Account Tab

Then after you have logged in, you need to click on account tab.

Click Chat with Customer Care

After that, you need to click chat with Lazada customer care to ask for account deletion.

Tell Your Reason Why You Need to Deactivate or Delete Your Lazada Account

Then you will need to tell the reason why you want to delete or deactivate your Lazada account. Here are several reasons that you can choose for it such as:

  • There is an abnormal activity in your account.
  • You rarely shop in Lazada.
  • Don’t remember your account email address, password and others.
  • Don’t have access to the registered email anymore.
  • A lot of spam messages.

If you have other reasons, you can also write it down and make sure that the reason is acceptable to Lazada Customer Service. Once Lazada accept your reasons and make an account deletion, the Lazada account that link to you email address will be disable which means:

  • You can not use the last email address to sign up for a Lazada account.
  • You will not be able to access your customer profile, including your purchase history and product reviews.
  • Will not be able to process returns and refunds in this account.
  • Will not be able to use the Lazada wallet.
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If you don’t want to use a Lazada account anymore, you can ask for your account deletion. To delete your Lazada store, you have to go to the “My Account” tab in the Lazada app. Then choose the “My Store” tab and tap on the “Delete my store” button.

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