The fastest way to gain profit is by selling stuff always trending stuff that is in the highest demand. Here’s a few insights of some hot item in Shopee you might want to try to supply and sell out.

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Get To Know About Shopee

Shopee is a Singaporean multinational technology company which focuses it’s development mainly on e-commerce. Although joining the market a bit later than other platforms, Shopee still proved that they’re serious in developing their company.

In a span of a few years, Shopee succeeded to serve in 16 countries which were divided into 6 Southeast Asian countries, 1 South Asian country, 1 East Asian country, 5 South American countries, and 3 Europe countries. Not only that, by the Q2 of 2021 according to Statista, Shopee has around 53,98 Millions visits, making the platform the most popular platform in Malaysia.

As the leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, it’s just reasonable if there’s so many people wishing they could start their own business through Shopee Malaysia. But of course, the more potential a platform is, the more crowded it will be.

However, that shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you have the right stuff to sell and combine it with the right marketing strategy, then you should be doing well on your business too. So, here is our compilation of most selling items in Malaysia 2022 which might inspire you to start your own business.

Top Selling Items

There will always be people who come to looking for items they want to buy on Shopee, everyday. For some people, shopping is a way of living and not less from them will keep looking for deals as well as discount coupons to fulfill both their need of shopping and their need of savings.

And to respond this behavior, Shopee as a reliable platform which always want to make sure everyone get the best experience, provides its consumer to have the best shopping experience with lots of discounts and beneficial deals offer.

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Thus, we can see deals everyday but how to know which Shopee products got the best deals? Top selling products list is determined by the following criteria such as:

  • Best Selling;
  • Relevancy;
  • Ratings.

So now, we think it will be just right if we start to discuss on which is the top-selling items on Shopee 2022 Malaysia, look at discussion bellow:

Women’s Fashion

Citing from the neighbor marketplace, Zalora, women in Southeast Asia spend over 40% more time browsing online retail sites than men. This data goes in line with the facts that most women always think they have no more outfits to wear despite their wardrobe is already loaded with tons of apparels. The product of this category includes:

Printed Striped Culotte

Among many other different products in the category, printed striped culotte has the highest sales in Malaysia. This maybe goes hand in hand with the fact that women nowadays prefer to purchase clothes that they can wear to almost every location or occasion. Thus, making this printed striped culotte comes off with a 5-star rating in Shopee. 

Birthstone Earrings

Following suit, a birthstone earrings come with 4.8-star ratings on Shopee, considered as one of the most popular products on this site. Reason may be because it has embellished Swarovski crystals that will help increase the face accentuation. 

Or may also because there’s an offering of discounts voucher as much as 10% up to 20% off. Whatever the reason, these birthstone earrings have become one of the most popular items among Malaysian women.

Men’s Fashion

Men’s Fashion products are considered as one of the most popular products categories in the e-commerce industry in Malaysia. With offering of wide range fashion products include apparel, trendy shoes, as well as accessories with extremely affordable prices, it’s no wonder if the men’s fashion category is one of the leading product categories in Southeast Asia.

Here’s some hot products in this category:

ORIGINALAB Adjustable Sneaker Freshener Pill

Men of course want to keep their sneakers fresh all day. Avoiding awkwardness every time they have taken off your sneakers in public places is probably the main reason why this freshener pill is rated 5-star at Shopee and become one of the most top selling items on Shopee Malaysia.

Sneakerguard Midsole Pen Boost White Marker

It’s just right to assume that sneakers are one of the most valuable assets men like to keep. Why throw away your favorite sneakers just because the midsole has started to change into yellow color? We can still save it using this midsole marker! 

Thus, this product has become the most appealing item for most men and rated at 4.7-star on Shopee, making its way as one of the top-selling items on Shopee 2022.

Toy, Kids & Babies

People often look for gifts and items related to their children. Parents like to surprise their kids either related to their favorite games or to satisfy their school needs. So there are many products in the categories of kids & babies. Here’s some of the example:

Mini Bear Cute Small Size

This one little soft toy has successfully become one of the most top selling items in Shopee with 4.9-star ratings and has sold over 186k units each month. It’s size is just perfect to fit either in your hamper set or simply give it to your child. Besides, its fluffiness is something no one can resist!

DIGI Baby Bath Towels

DIGI baby bath towels are one of the most fast selling products in Kids & Babies category and become one of the highest rated baby products on Shopee Malaysia. This particular towels sales are over 64k each month.

Food and Beverages

On average, the FNB products which are sold on Shopee come 75% cheaper than those in physical stores. With Shopee, you really can find millions of items for sale, on every occasion.

Besides, if you add 15 more products to your cart, you will get a discount coupon and save up to 50% when you redeem the coupon. So what kind of FNB items that are most popular in Shopee? Let’s have a look:

Milo Packet Drink (24*200ml)

It won’t be exaggerating if we say that Malaysia’s Milo has been everyone’s favorite of all time. It not only offers you a tasty milk rich in chocolate, but also contains vitamin B which will help you to reduce fatigue and tiredness. This product is also high in calcium, very helpful in building strong teeth and bones.

Salted Egg Indomie

Indomie has made its name globally and we can say that it’s most people’s sweetheart if not everyone. This instant noodle already has a big market now innovating a combination of rich and savory taste of salted egg with their original goodness.

This is what makes the products even more appealing for Shopee’s consumers. You only need to offer a nice price and ensure to market the products to the right people. This will guarantee you to get a raise in profit.

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Mobile and Gadget

Talking about mobile and gadgets, this probably being one of the most expensive items on Shopee. But nevertheless, it’s still successful in making a way into becoming one of the most popular product categories in Shopee Malaysia. Here’s some of the list:

Xiaomi Amazfit

Based on data from Statista, smartwatch sales reached 141 million back in 2018, outsold the 75 million sales back in 2017 which indicates that the market is still expanding. There’s a lot of people interested in getting themselves a high-quality smartwatch as well as give it as a gift for their loved ones.

Tecware Phantom Mechanical Keyboard

Computer users, especially those who used to play games with their PC, are looking for keyboards that allow them to type more efficiently even under dim or dark rooms. This one particular product features long-lifespan SMD LEDs and multiple lightning effects making more people interested in making some purchase.

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Tips to Find Supplier in Shopee

After understanding some of the Shopee product statistics and getting some insight about which items will be perfect for you to make some profits, here comes another real problem that needs to be thought about thoroughly. Knowing a hot item is one thing and getting a trustworthy supplier is another real big thing.

But don’t worry because we will give you some tips on how to find supplier in Shopee so you can be one step ahead to open your own online store, here it is:

Become a Reseller

Join the Shopee Seller community on Facebook to connect yourself with other Shopee sellers. Make a post about you finding a supplier and those who are interested will comment under your post along with the product that they sell.

Since you will be purchasing in bulk and becoming their reseller, you can negotiate for a discounted price. That way, you can earn a little bit more than initially.

Try Dropship

If becoming a reseller requires too much capital from your current starting point, or you think it’s too much of a hassle due to an area of restoring the product is not enough, then you can try doing a dropship. With dropship, you don’t have to stock your products. You only need to purchase orders from a third party and then the latter will directly ship them to your customers. Lower risk and still profitable.

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