Do you want to find Facebook ads of competitor? Nowadays, you are able to do that. By analyzing your competitors’ Facebook Ads, you can make better Facebook Ads for your owning business. Check this article for more information needed!

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Exploiting Facebook Page Transparency

Nowadays everyone with a Facebook account will be able to see the ads associated with any Facebook page since the updated policy by Facebook. This change makes it much easier to do market research on Facebook. You can use Facebook ad finder to see and find other people’s ads on Facebook.

Why Spy On Your Competitor’s Social Media?

Can I do Facebook ad spy? Absolutely yes. Nowadays, you can spy on your competitors to see how they are doing. You will get benefit too when spying the Facebook ads competitors such as: 

  • Get a head start. When you spy on your competitors’ ads, you will get an inspiration and a head start and also help you avoid wasting time on trial and error. 
  • Find out which ads perform and which don’t. You will get information on what works and find ways to implement it into your campaigns
  • Target the right audience. 
  • Save time. Knowing how other companies position products, reach customers, and invest in advertising will save your time to plan your own advertisement.
  • Save money. Researching what your competition is doing on social media is much faster and cheaper.

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Where Can You Find Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads?

After you know the benefit of spying on your competitors’ Facebook ads, you might be curious about how to see competitors’ Facebook ads. Here are the ways for it such as:

Facebook’s Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library is the most popular way to find your competitor’s ads on Facebook. By using Ad Library,it will help you get the additional information about ads, such as who funded the ad, a range of how much they spent and the reach of the ad across multiple demographics.

Here are the steps on how to see competitors Facebook ads in the Facebook Ads Library

  • Find your competitor’s Facebook page and go to the Page.
  • Scroll down to the Page Transparency section.
  • Then Click on See All.
  • After that scroll down and click on the Go To Ad Library button.
  • Now you can see your competitor’s Facebook Ad Library
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Follow Your Competitor’s Facebook Page

The other way to find your competitor’s Facebook ad is by following their page but when you do this you will only be able to see ads that are targeted to you. 

How Do You Find Someone’s Facebook Ad?

If you want to find other people’s Facebook ads, you can search for them. Here are the steps you can take to get the information about Facebook ad spend competitor

  • First you have to type the business name into the Facebook search bar.
  • Then find the business page in the search results.
  • After that go to the business page and scroll down until you see a box labeled Page Transparency on the left-hand side. Click See All.
  • Then choose Go to the Ad Library.
  • Finally you will see the ads from that business, both active and inactive ones.

How Can I See Facebook Competitors Ads For Free?

You might be curious whether you can see Facebook competitors’ ads for free. Here are the steps on how to spy on competitors Facebook ads for free

Head To The Facebook Ad Library

The first thing you need to do is go directly to the Facebook Ad Library. You can find the Facebook Ad Library on it’s own website. 

Search For The Facebook Ads You Need To See

In this step, you will be able to see and search for specific businesses in the Facebook Ad Library. You can search based on the ads category. This enables you to search more broadly for ads in your industry and related industries, which is a quick way to check all the relevant ads with a single search.

This list of Facebook interests will help you choose the right categories for your search. Beside that, you will get the list of possible results as you type in search terms. Then click a result to see the ads that business is running.

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How Do You Analyze Competitors On Facebook Ads?

You need to analyze your competitors’ ads on Facebook before you make your own ads. As you know, analyzing your competitors’ ads will give you many benefits such as saving your money and time. You will also get the information what ads work and which one are not working.

Every business is unique at some level, even those that offer the same product or service, there will always be a difference between them. That’s why you need to make an ad that can make your audience spot the difference between the competitors and your product. To make great ads, you need to analyze your competitors on Facebook Ads. Here are the steps you need to take for it.

Identify Where You And Your Competitors Are Completely Different

The first thing you need to do is identify that there is a difference between your ads and your competitors one. You can use the questions to help you find where you completely diverge from your competitors such as :

  • Do you offer a service or feature that your competitors simply don’t?
  • Is your price significantly higher than your competitors for a good reason? 

Create Ads That Capitalize On Your Differences

The foundation of good advertising is by getting attention that shows a difference between you and your competitors. Once you have the audience’s attention, you can tell them why they need to choose you for a better option.

The easiest way to  get your audience’s attention and show how you’re a better option than your competitors is by using video because people watch video longer and retain more information from video than other online media.

Your video ad will stop your customers’ thumbs, quickly show them what makes your business special, and make your customers remember you. That’s why you need to make a great video ad that makes you stand out and get attention, even in the most crowded marketplace.


Facebook is now used as a digital marketing tool to promote your brand and business. You can also spy on your competitors to see how they are doing. You will get benefit too when spying the Facebook ads competitors

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