Doing digital marketing is a must because it will help you to boost up traffic to your business. You can use digital marketing analytics tools to help you with it. What are the best digital marketing analytics tools and how does it work? Are you curious? Check these out!

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What Is Digital Marketing Strategy?

Have you ever heard about digital marketing strategy? A digital marketing strategy is one of the market analysis tools which helps you to plan specific goals through carefully selected marketing channels such as paid, earned, and owned media. 

You might be curious why you need to use digital marketing strategy for your campaign. It is because if you run digital marketing without a strategy, you might take the wrong steps. Digital marketing products plan will help you to increase efficiency.

How to make the strategy of brand marketing tools? Here are the components for a successful digital marketing strategy such as:

Goal Setting  

The first marketing analytics technique is to decide what you want to achieve. When creating a digital marketing strategy, the destination is a set of defined marketing goals you hope to achieve from your efforts. You have to check and measure the results too.

Understanding Your Target Audience

For a successful marketing strategy, you need to understand your target audience, demographics, behavior and the psychology of existing and new customers. 

Establish Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Buyer Personas

As a digital marketer, you need to develop your buyer personas so that you know exactly who you want to speak with, knowing that they will have a mutual interest in speaking with you. You can try to identify the buyer personas basic background information and what they want or prefer.

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Pinpoint Effective Marketing Channels and Buying Stages

Another way for successful marketing is to pinpoint the marketing channels and buying stages like the awareness stage, consideration stage and conversion stage. Here are their functions you need to know.

  • The awareness stage focuses on education and establishing expertise while targeting decision-makers in ideal client verticals. 
  • The consideration stage would influence and incentivize by targeting those that engaged with your awareness campaign with a promo or value proposition. 
  • The conversion stage would drive sales by retargeting past website visitors. 

Get Your Messaging Right

You need to create your message properly so that other people will understand and get your message. For example if you’ve identified where they are in the sales funnel, you should know where to kick off the conversation. If they know nothing about your prospecting stage, then you begin by establishing your expertise and building trust.

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How Analytics is Used in Digital Marketing?

Marketing analytics tools are software solutions that help advertisers track and forecast campaign performance. Marketing analysts can track a multitude of metrics such as ROAS, ROMI, CPL, CPC, deal with attribution modeling, and aggregate marketing data from different channels.

Marketing analytics will help the advertiser to reach their goal significantly which can make marketing activities more effective and justify the investment. By using digital marketing and web analytics, advertisers can use their time and resources more effectively, accomplish better results, and achieve other visions which impact every marketing campaign.

You will be able to gather more data from all channels in your marketing mix and report them together when you use marketing analytics tools. Marketing analytics tools will help you to monitor your marketing campaigns data such as:

  • Website visitor data
  • Customer touchpoint / event data
  • Paid campaign performance data
  • Customer purchase data
  • Email marketing data

What are Digital Marketing Analytics Tools? 

After you know the function of digital marketing analytics tools for your business, you might be curious about the best marketing analytics tools to help you to market your business. Here are the best digital marketing resources for your reference.


Ginee is one of the best marketing analytics tools which can help you to market your business. By using Ginee, you can see the increasing of traffic to your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is basic digital marketing tools that are provided by Google. It can be used to track the traffic on your website, know where your web visitors are coming from, how they came to know your website, the amount of time they spent on your website, etc.Beside that Google Analytics can also be integrated with other tools like Google AdWords and Google Data Studio for a deeper analysis of your marketing data.


MixPanel can help you to track the events on your website, mobile app, or product. By using MixPanel, you can know what users are doing on your mobile app or website. Once you add an event to MixPanel, you will see the trends, count, the users who used them and in what order. 

The AdWords Performance Grader

The Adwords Performance Grader helps you evaluate the strength of your Google Ads account quickly and securely. Once the tool has performed an audit of your account, it will give you a detailed report that shows the strengths and weaknesses of your account. By using adwords performance grader, it will help you to know what account elements that need more work. 

Heap Analytics

Heap is a web and mobile analytics tool which has similar functionalities as MixPanel. Heap Analytics helps you track all the activities taken by your website visitors. You can also use it to select the events that you need to analyze and preview on your dashboard. It can help you to track the individual user behavior and segment users based on their behavior.


Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard that allows marketers to integrate data from various marketing tools and see all of it in one place.You can use it to track data from all your social media marketing platforms, sales platforms, pay per click marketing channels, and others.

Cyfe has pre-built widgets which you can use to connect to Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and SalesForce accounts. Beside that, Cyfe is also able to collect all the data that you need from these platforms and display it on one dashboard. 

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Digital marketing is an important thing to do. You can use marketing analytics tools to help the advertiser to reach their goal significantly which can make marketing activities more effective and justify the investment. 

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