Ezbuy Malaysia is one of Malaysia online marketplace. You can set up your business thereby becoming an Ezbuy seller. Do you want to know how to be an Ezbuy seller? Read this article for more information.

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What Is Ezbuy Malaysia?

Do you know what Ezbuy is? Ezbuy which is owned by Ezbuy Holdings Limited was founded in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs that have a single mindset to bring quality products in a convenient way to the locals via platform. 

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Nowadays, Ez buy has more than 3 million customers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. We have also brought millions of quality products from China, USA, Taiwan, Korea and also Local for Ezbuy customers. 

What Are the Benefits of Being a Seller in Ezbuy Malaysia?

What are the benefits of being a seller in Ezbuy? As one of Malaysia’s online shop, Ezbuy will give the customer excellence service and also keep focus to develop better service for customers.

Ezbuy is  an international shopping platform that will  always be in tune with what customers need by creating simple yet complete solutions From sourcing to shipping. You can try to find an Ezbuy Malaysia review or call Ezbuy contact number Malaysia to get more info about Ezbuy.

How to Open a Store in Ezbuy Malaysia and Sell My Products There?

Ezbuy’s market boasts many categories which include clothing, baby supplies, and even automotive parts. How to sell on Ezbuy Malaysia? The first thing you need to do if you want to be an Ezbuy seller is do the Ezbuy login by creating your seller account. Here are the steps:

  • Initiate contact.
  • Submit documents.
  • Wait for verification.
  • Account created successfully.
  • Start selling.
  • Expanding business further.
  • Registration.
  • Aid from onboarding specialists.
  • Update inventory.
  • Supply.
  • Wait for order.

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How to Buy on Ezbuy Malaysia?

cheerful woman using laptop computer to shopping online on a bed

The way you shop in Ezbuy is actually the same as how you buy things online in other markets like Lelong Malaysia. The first thing you need to do is register your account. How to register Ezbuy Malaysia? Here are the steps you need to take before you can shop in Ezbuy.

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  • Step 1 – Register Account by using mobile number and email address.
  • Step 2 – Do an Ezbuy Malaysia login. You can also download it from the app store.
  • Step 3 – Look at the things you want to buy on Ezbuy and make sure you choose the correct size. If you have make sure already, put it into the cart.
  • Step 4 – Check out the products. In these steps you have to input and make sure your detailed address then choose the shipping available there such as express, air and sea. You can join prime membership for unlimited international shipping.
  • Step 5 – After that, you have to pay your order. You can choose the payment method you want. The available payment that you can choose such as credit card, debit card, Local bank transfer through i-banking and ATM.
  • Step 6 – Now you have to choose your  Parcel Delivery. The Lowest Home at RM3. Very flexible. Don’t forget to choose the delivery time such as Day & night, weekday & weekend, and other detailed time-slot to choose from.

How Does Ezbuy Shipping Work?

Your order would be auto-shipped once all items in the parcel arrived in our overseas warehouse. Repack is a value added service provided by Ezbuy. International shipping charges depend not only on the weight of the packages but on their volumetric sizes as well. Beside that you can also do Ezbuy return policy.

You can also choose the shipment method you want such as economy air, special air and sea air. How long you will receive your order varies. Here are the shipment duration you need to know

  • Economy air shipment duration 5-8 working days.
  • Special air shipment duration 8-10 working days.
  • Sea air shipment duration 16-22 working days.

Is there any term and condition about Ezbuy delivery? Absolutely yes. Here are Ezbuy terms and condition delivery.

  • International shipping is charged on every 500g basis. eg. 700g will be charged as 1kg.
  • All weights stated above refer to Chargeable Weight, which is 1.1 times the sum of the heavier of each order’s actual weight or volumetric weight.
  • Working days do not include Saturday, Sunday, Malaysia or product source country’s (China) public holidays.
  • Items longer than 3 meters will have an over-length fee of RMB200 charged by courier agents when the item arrives in Malaysia before delivery.
  • All durations specified do not include the time taken to purchase and receive the items at the respective country’s warehouse. It typically takes 2-5 days for items with ready stock to reach our China warehouses.
  • Special Air and Sea shipping methods are specially for customs sensitive items or items restricted by normal transportation. Such items include, but not limited to, small amounts of air-tight food, battery, liquid, cream, gel products, cosmetics. We also have the right to reject such sensitive items if we think they are not appropriate.
  • The shipping duration quoted above are norms. Above 95% of our shipments meet these duration. Delays caused by unforeseeable factors such as bad weather, customs clearance are beyond the control of Ezbuy and its shipping partners. parcels. The ETA stated above is a guideline for these shipping methods under smooth customs clearance. There will be no compensation for delivery later than ETA. Customers will be fully responsible if such sensitive items are confiscated or retained by importing or exporting country customs.
  • Ezbuy logistics partners have limited the shipping of power banks/batteries to sea shipment only due to recent several incidents of power banks exploding onboard, for safety reasons
  • Ezbuy are unable to deliver to Island, Highlands and other restricted or remote areas.
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To be a seller on Ezbuy, you need to create and register your account first. After your account gets verified. You can start to upload your products listing and wait for an order. Your buyer can choose the shipment they want and track their order by using the tracking number and Ezbuy Malaysia tracking.

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