Bundle deal Shopee? Bundle Deal can be a feature that allows you to create product bundles in your shop, and offer discounts for these bundles. There’s no shortage of Southeast Asian e-Commerce marketplaces making waves in Europe. consider Airy Club, Lazada, AliExpress, and now Shopee.

Despite its playful name, Shopee could also be a marketplace that has got to be taken seriously. Founded in 2015 and based in Singapore, the social media-first marketplace quickly grew into one of the biggest players in Southeast Asia’s e-Commerce landscape.

Shopee boasts 197.8 million monthly visits and currently serves nine countries. Besides Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, Shopee is accessible in Mexico and Brazil.

Although Shopee doesn’t ship to Europe at the moment, customers can still order products from the platform and use a package forwarding service to send their items on to their home countries rather like the United Kingdom or Germany.

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Introduction to Bundle Deal

Bundle deal meaning a kind of promotion which allows you to buy a gaggle of products together at a less expensive price.

For example, a Bundle Deal may include the label “Any 3 enjoy 15% off”, where a seller has found multiple products in an exceedingly very Bundle Deal. If you get any 3 products from the selection, you’ll enjoy 15% off the price of discount promotion Shopee.

To find products offering a Bundle Deal promotion, look out for these labels on products once you browse.

Once you’re on the merchandise page, select See All under the Bundle Deal promotion > select the cart icon for any product > augment Cart. The very best bar will show you the far more items you’ll have in your cart to complete the Bundle Deal.

Shopee bundle voucher? Bundle Deal could be a feature that enables you to make product bundles in your shop, and offer discounts for these bundles. you’ll be able to self-create and manage bundles easily by:

  • Mixing and matching products in your shop
  • Setting the bundle discount type
  • Viewing and exporting order details

Why Should I Set a Bundle Deal?

Shopee bundle deals? Besides the apparent advantage (access to variant shoppers in several markets), Shopee has attracted sellers by not charging commission fees. However, that’s preparing to alter. As of June 2021, the platform will charge its sellers a 1-2% fee once they’ve reached 100 fulfilled transactions.

How adversely this might affect sellers remains to be seen. As Shopee’s main competitor, Lazada, charges its sellers a 1-4% commission fee, it’s unlikely that sellers would abandon Shopee en masse thanks to the newly charged fee.

Buyers will see a Bundle Deals label on your listing after they browse on Shopee. this can facilitate your to:

  • Attract more clicks for your products
  • Sell more products in a very single order
  • Increase sales

Create bundles with a large style of products to induce more sales with every order! you’ll consider trying these matches:

  • Clothes and Accessories
  • Phone Cases and Charges
  • Skincare and Hair Care
  • Bags and Shoes
  • Kitchen Tools + Home Appliances
  • Beauty Tools + Cosmetics
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What are the Types of Bundle Deal I Can Set?

There are 3 types of Bundle Deal to cater to your needs:

  • Percentage discount, e.g. Buy 3 products and obtain 15% off with Best for lower-priced products.
  • Amount discount, e.g. Buy 3 products and acquire RM5 off with Best for higher-priced products, as there is a limit to the discount amount. The discount amount must be not up to the initial amount of all products in your bundle.
  • Special bundle price, e.g. Buy 3 products at RM20 with Best for products that may be used together, like skin care (e.g. Facial Foam + Moisturiser + Serum).

The special bundle price must be less than the first amount of all products in your bundle. to form a Bundle Deal, the whole price of the bundle must be below the initial price of the products if sold individually.

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Which Products Should I Choose for a Bundle Deal?

When selecting your products for a Bundle Deal, these filters can help to optimise your sales:

  • Top sales
  • Most recent
  • Price (low to high)
  • Price (high to low)

To ensure that buyers can purchase your Bundle Deals successfully, products that cannot be added to Bundle Deals include:

  • Products that are sold out
  • Products with different shipping options
  • Products already in another event such as Shocking Sale

What’s New in the Bundle Deal?

With more sellers creating and using bundle deals, a number of the features are updated to ease the method to make new bundle deals. Details of the update are as follows:

  • Sellers can now see what promotions each product currently has got to prevent overlapping of discounts and promotions.
  • Sellers can even see all the shipping channels available for the merchandise to make sure that each one products in an exceedingly bundle deal share the same shipping channel.
  • Sellers can even learn possible problems or recommendations on the way to make your deals better.

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Creating a Bundle Deal promotion (Seller Centre)

Products in the same Bundle Deal must have the same shipping option. Add up to 1000 products in a Bundle Deal promotion on Seller Centre, and up to 200 on the Shopee App.

  • Login to Seller Centre.
  • Go to the Marketing Centre page and choose Bundle Deal.
  • Click on Create.
  • Fill in Basic Information.
  • After filling up the main points of your Bundle Deal, click Add Product to feature products to your Bundle Deal.
  • Select your products for the Bundle Deal.
  • Batch enables products in an exceedingly Bundle Deal. Once done, click Complete.
  • Once you’ve created your bundle, you’ll be able to view the bundle details under Bundle Deal.
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