Shopee ship from overseas? If you think that you’ve reached the climax of your Shopee business, maybe it’s time to expand, join the Shopee International Platform program, and become a crossborder seller. Will tell you what this all means for you as a Shopee seller in an exceedingly short while. Here there is a lot of information about Shopee overseas shipping fee and standard international shipping that you have to know!

What Are Overseas Products?

Shopee creates an intensive reach across Asia to attach overseas sellers to local buyers. Most products are shipped from acquired sellers based in Asian countries, China, urban centre SAR, and Indonesia. you’ll be able to also tap Filter to pick out items to shipped from Overseas, follow these steps to understand how:

  • Search the item or product that you simply are trying to find, then tap Filter.
  • Select Overseas to filter items from the Shipped From, then tap Apply.
  • You will then learn the result with the filtered products from Overseas.
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How to be a Crossborder Shopee Seller

Shopee overseas free shipping? When you sign on as a Shopee seller, you simply do so per market that you simply reside in. For example, if you’re from the Philippines, you sign on for Shopee PH and if you’re from Singapore, you’ll sign on as a seller at Shopee tracking SG.

But, even after you attend Shopee to fulfil our own buying needs, we notice that some products need to ship Shopee overseas free shipping. Sellers from one region which will sell their products from any Shopee-supported country are called a Shopee crossborder seller.

This means if you’re a Shopee seller from China, potential buyers from the Philippines or Indonesia could order your products.

Lazada has its own version of the crossborder seller program. On their platform, they call it being a Lazada Global Seller. Meanwhile, Shopee refers to that because of the Shopee International Platform.

There are two business models being followed within the SIP program. These are the Managed By Seller and Managed By Shopee models.

Choosing Managed by Seller implies that once you receive an order you’ll arrange shipment of the products towards Shopee’s warehouse. Going for the Managed by Shopee model means Shopee personnel will devour the package and so will ship it to the customer. The successful delivery of the package will take 7 to 14 days. So, make sure you choose the right standard international shipping Shopee.

SIP is Shopee’s very own cross-border program that lets sellers do the following:

  • Expand their consumer outreach.
  • Free logistics and customer service arrangements.
  • Expand business overseas without the requirement for added effort or costs.
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How Long will it Take for me to Receive my Overseas Order?

How many days shipping from China to the Philippines Shopee? You may expect to Shopee delivery time Philippines overseas order within 9 to 18 days. This calculation excludes public holidays and therefore the logistics partner’s non-working days. Do note that delivery of overseas orders may take longer because of adverse climate, customs clearance processes, or holidays.

Overseas orders are only valid after you purchase from sellers who are registered to sell overseas products in Shopee Philippines.

If you would like to buy something for somebody else in another country, you must make an acquisition using the Shopee App for that region (e.g. use Singapore’s Shopee App to form a procurement for delivery to Singapore).

The SIP program isn’t for everybody. The Shopee team pre-selects qualified sellers to ask into the program. Nowadays, there’s no option for sellers to proactively ask to become an element of SIP.

If you’re qualified, you may receive a notification in your Shopee app under Shopee updates. Simply click the notification, click Yes so conform to the SIP terms and conditions. In period, someone will contact you for the onboarding process.

How to Track Overseas Order?

To track your overseas order, visit To Ship or To Receive under My Purchases via the Me tab on the Shopee App > Select shipment status of your order > View all shipping updates. 

It should take 24-48 hours for an order’s tracking status to be updated by our logistics partners. you will contact the vendor directly via Shopee Chat if you would like to trace your order urgently.

You can reschedule your pickup within the Shopee shipping app before the booking cut-off or your scheduled pick-up date. you’ll not be allowed to reschedule your pick-up on the Shopee app on the actual day of the pickup or thereafter. But, for your information, the vendor has scheduled shipment for your order. Shopee will become a notification for the buyers.

If the seller isn’t present during the scheduled pickup, this could be considered a failed pickup. look forward to Shopee to update the pick-up status the next working day, and proceed to reschedule pickup within the app.

If the courier missed to decide on your shipment, there’ll be another development attempt the following day. No rebooking is required. Two failed pickups for the identical order will result in order cancellation.

Shopee is full of possibilities and there are definitely numerous things that you simply just can do with it. From buying things to playing games for coins, Shopee is filled with attributes that make it worthwhile to download and wear your phones especially as a marketplace within the Philippines.

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How will my Overseas Order be Delivered Once it Reaches the Philippines?

Once your parcel reaches the Philippines, it’ll be delivered by Shopee Supported Logistics. You may be notified via Shopee App with an area tracking number, which you’ll use to trace the shipment of your parcel via the logistics partner’s website.

The aim of SIP is to assist businesses grow and expand internally with zero cost. once you join this program, you’ll reap the subsequent benefits:

  • Boost in income
  • Minimise business risks through market diversification
  • Expansion in customer base
  • Amplify your brand (since cross-border sellers have more exposure in campaigns)
  • Grow your business using only local business experience
  • Access to free SIP customer service
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Part of the program’s offerings is the free assistance of Shopee’s customer service. Therefore, you now should not participate within the chat. The SIP program could be a promising opportunity for all sellers who want to grow their business beyond their current reach.

If you’ve ever been a Shopee overseas seller crossborder or if you’ve had the chance, please share your experience with us within the comment section.

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