Do you wish to grow and expand your business faster but don’t know which ads are going to work for you? You might want to get to know Adsense Lazada and try it out. As a user, you can also apply for this program to get extra income.

How does the Lazada affiliate program commission work and how much are you going to get from it? How are both sellers and members going to benefit from this program? Keep reading through this article and find your answer.

Does Lazada Have an Affiliate Program?

Before going far, first, we will like to explain a little bit about affiliate marketing to help beginners get a better understanding of the program. Affiliate marketing is a way to market by promoting other people’s products and gaining a commission in returns.

An affiliate member will look up the product they enjoy, make a review of it, and give a link to the product so their friends or audiences can be directed to the said product and make a purchase. In return, the company or business owner that sells this product will give a commission to the affiliate member.

According to MediaKix, 80% of brands are running an affiliate program while BloggingX reveals that 40% of worldwide marketers consider affiliate marketing as a crucial skill everyone should learn alongside mobile marketing and digital strategy. Last, Get Cake reported that approximately 79% of marketers use affiliate marketing to engage with existing customers while 83% of them use an affiliate program to raise brand awareness.

Lazada, as one of the most visited marketplaces in Southeast Asia, also enables the affiliate program which is designed for small business owners or sellers in Lazada PH and other countries where Lazada operates. 

A bit different from Shopee Affiliates where members only get paid commission by promoting products from star sellers, star plus sellers, or Shopee Mall sellers, Lazada is giving out more options of products to promote. Affiliate members of Lazada are allowed to promote products from three categories such as: 

  • Lazada Campaign.
  • Selected brands or sellers.
  • Every product that is available or sold at Lazada.

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How Do I Become an Affiliate with Lazada Philippines?

To become part of the Lazada affiliate program, you will have to be registered as their affiliate member by following these steps:

Create An Affiliate Account

First, you need to create your affiliate account for free. Here is the step by step:

  • Click “Sign Up” to start your Lazada affiliate sign up.
  • On the account details and property details section, fill in your information such as the social media page or website you will be using to promote your affiliate link.
  • After filling in your information, click the “Create Account” button.
  • Lazada’s team will send an email to complete the registration process to your registered address, click on the link sent by Lazada to confirm your email.
  • After completing the registration, you should wait patiently for one or two working days to get approval.
  • Once your registration is approved, you can join the Lazada Affiliate program.

Submit The Application To Join The Lazada Affiliate Program

Now that your registration has been approved by Lazada’s team, it’s time to get the job done. You can do the following:

  • Access Lazada Affiliate dashboard, go to “Your Partner” page, then select “Adviser Directory”.
  • Through that “Adviser Directory” page, you will see a search bar and a few options. There, you can choose which country you want to promote.
  • After choosing the countries you prefer to promote, click the “Apply” button to request Lazada’s approval.
  • Wait until you get the pop-up notification saying your application has been successfully submitted.
  • Once you get the notification, you can directly make a promotion.

Note that only six countries are eligible for affiliate programs and promotions, they are:

  • Singapore.
  • Malaysia.
  • Indonesia.
  • Vietnam.
  • Thailand, and
  • The Philippines
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How Does Lazada Affiliate Marketing Work?

Through Lazada affiliates, sellers can improve their sales by promoting the product that they sell through Lazada’s affiliate partner or members in exchange for giving incentives to the partners who had successfully sold the products. To understand the Lazada affiliate overview better, you can refer to the sub-topic below:

How it Works

As a seller, you can access the affiliate program through Seller Center. Once you have successfully joined, your products will automatically be promoted through Lazada’s affiliate network and partners. To proceed, likely follow the steps below:

  • Access AdSense Lazada Affiliate login through Seller Center.
  • Set up your affiliate offer or campaign details.
  • Wait for affiliate partners to pick up your campaign and send traffic to your online store.
  • Customers who get interested by the referral link from affiliate partners will purchase on your store.
  • The transaction details and purchase will be recorded by Lazada’s campaign system.
  • Once all the sales are verified and no refunding, you will have to pay a commission to the affiliate partner.

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Browser Scheme

For affiliate members, here is how the affiliate marketing works on the Browser Scheme:

  • First, make an Adsense login and create an affiliate link through your affiliate platform.
  • Then, publish your affiliate link.
  • Potential customers who are interested in the product will click on the affiliate link;
  • They will be directed to open the Lazada site.
  • Customers should purchase within 30 days once they clicked the affiliate link.
  • Once the order is paid and delivered to customers and no cancellation or refund is being made, affiliate members will gain their commission.

A more simple scheme can be seen in the picture above.

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App Scheme

If you are affiliate members who want to know how it works on smartphones, here is the App Scheme:

  • Create your affiliate link through the affiliate platform, preferably using desktop mode on the browser.
  • Publish your affiliate link and wait for a customer to click on it.
  • Customers will be directed to open Lazada App.
  • They should have been purchased within 7 days.
  • Once the order has been paid and delivered, if there are no refunds or cancellations, then affiliate members will gain commission.

For a better illustration, please look at the picture above.


After knowing about the Lazada affiliate login Philippines and how it works, now it’s time to talk about the commission. For browser commission, every transaction is tracked based on the last clicked attribution. In other words, the last link clicked by customers before making a purchase should be from an affiliate link. Lazada dropped a cookie through the user’s browser that will last for 30 days to track the transactions back to the affiliate.

While for the mobile app, orders are tracked through a post-click attribution where once the affiliate link is clicked, the user’s device ID will be tracked for seven days and the affiliate partners who owned the last affiliate link clicked by the customer will receive commission once customers are successfully making orders regardless whether or not the customers had been clicking on other’s channel links before placing the orders.


Lazada affiliate program is a win-win solution for both seller and affiliate partners. Sellers will gain promotion and increase their sales through this program while affiliate partners, on the other hand, will earn commission from Sellers in return for directing traffic and sales to their shop. This is another way to advertise your product in Lazada.

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