Do you want to know the steps on how to register in Shopee as seller and what benefits you will get when selling things in Shopee? This article will give all the information about it.

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What Is Shopee Malaysia?

Most Malaysians must have shopee malaysia apps in their phones. Who doesn’t know what shopee Malaysia is. Shopee is one of the most visited ecommerce sites in Malaysia which offers a fast, easy and enjoyable shopping experience.

You might be wondering how Shopee gives convenience to the customer. To provide convenience to the customer, Shopee offers many kinds of products categories, besides that there is shopee free shipping program j&t, cashback, several payment methods and many more. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Shopee?

After you know the advantages you might get when selling in Shopee, you might be curious on how to be a shopee seller and how much does it cost to sell on Shopee. If you want to be a shopee seller, you need to register your account through the shopee seller center. It also applied the same to Lazada sellers, they need to register via the Lazada seller center if they want to sell on Lazada.

So how much does it cost to sell on Shopee? Here is the good news for those who want to be shopee sellers. You don’t need to pay any cost when selling things in Shopee which means it is free. Unlike other markets, Shopee doesn’t take any commission when sellers sell things in Shopee.

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How Do I Register As A Seller On Shopee?

As one of the most popular marketplace in Malaysia, Shopee will give a chance for sellers to get more sales and traffic here. How to register as a seller in shopee is one of the frequently asked questions. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s keep reading this article.

How Do I Register As A Seller Via Seller Centre?

If you want to be a Shopee seller and are curious about how to register as seller in Shopee, here are the steps on how to do shopee seller login via the seller center.

  • Step 1 – Do shopee login and go to seller center
  • Step 2 – Choose “Start Registration”
  • Step 3 – Fill in all the information. Don’t forget to click on Individual if make an individual account and click registered business if you are making a business account.
  • Step 4 – Insert all your Shop Information data
  • Step 5 – Choose your shipping partner
  • Step 6 – After that, click on submit button and now you are registered

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How Do I Start Selling On Shopee?

After you know how to register in Shopee as seller, now is the time for you to know what things you need to prepare to start selling on Shopee. What are they? Here are things you need to do before you can start selling in Shopee

  • Account – you need to create your shopee seller account by taking the steps mentioned above
  • Complete your Shopee Shop Profile in seller center
  • Create your shop name
  • Make your product listing by uploading the images and videos of the products you sell and also its description
  • Add complete shop description such the background and the products you sell

Benefits Of Being A Shopee Seller

Do you want to know the benefits of being a Shopee Seller? Here are the benefits of being a Shopee sellers you need to know

Improve Your Listings

The first benefit when selling things in Shopee is it can help you to optimize and improve your product listings. By improving your product listings, it can help you bring more sales and traffic to your shop.

Increase Your Sales

Your sales might increase when selling in Shopee. You can use Shopee marketing tools to help you on 3 things, such as:

  • Offer the additional promotions 
  • analyze how is the effectiveness of  the promotions you offer
  • manage your promotions conveniently

To get better sales, you can use shopee features. What are the Shopee features to help the sellers to sell better? Here are the shopee features you can use to help you to sell better such as:

Shopee Live

Same as other social media, there are Shopee live features which can help you to sell better in Shopee. These features really work in this pandemic situation. Your customer can see the product you sell live without needing to go to the stores. You need to show them your products live and tell them the size and color available too.

Shop Decoration Features

Another feature to help your business is Shop Decoration Features. This feature is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales by helping you improve your shop’s appearance. Here how to use this shop decoration for a better result.

  • Step 1 – Go to your Shopee seller center
  • Step 2 – Look at on the side bar and find shop menu
  • Step 3 – Select the shop decoration
  • Step 4 – There will be 3 decoration sections you can see there such as component panel, preview image for business and demonstrates the component of the property panel. These 3 sections have different functions so that you need to choose the suitable one for your shop

Shopee Feed

There is a feature in Shopee which is called Shopee Feed. You can publish your products ads here which can help you to increase sales and get more potential customers. Besides that, you can get more traffic to your store. Here are how to use Shopee Feed features.

  • Use good and high quality pictures of your product.
  • Use a specific and clear product description and content.
  • Add the internal links and backlinks.
  • Use related hashtags to your products Or article you post.
  • Share a voucher code.
  • Attract customers with minigames.
  • Share your product in other social media.
  • Broadcast your feature.
  • Schedule time to create a daily posting
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