Have you ever heard about shocking sales? Shocking sale is one of Shopee promotional sale campaigns. Are you curious on how to be a Shopee shocking sale seller? This article will give you all the information needed.

What Is Shocking Sale?

Do you have a Shopee App on your phone? I think most of us have downloaded and used the Shopee App. As one of the most popular and visited ecommerce platforms in Malaysia. Shopee offers a lot of promotion to the customer. If you often use Shopee to buy your needs, you must know that there is a flash sale Shopee. Flash sale Shopee is a Shopee event that can be joined by a Shopee seller to offer attractive deals.

Besides the flash sale, there is also a shocking sale in Shopee. What is a shocking sale? For your information, Shocking sale is part of the Shopee eduit campaign. A shocking sale is one of Shopee promotional events which offer a lot of attractive deals within a limited time period. 

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How Do You Know If Your Shopee Has A Shocking Sale?

How long is the Shopee shocking sale time? Shopee shocking sale is available for some period of time. You might be questioning how you know if there is a shocking sale? Once you set the reminder, you will receive the notification on your electronic devices regarding the sales.

If you are curious, you can try to find the various types of Shopee sales by yourself. You can find it by going to the Shopee App homepage and choosing See All Deals. You can browse the things you want in the shocking and check out immediately or you can set a reminder for the next shocking sale. And for your additional information, the prices on shocking sales are not included for the shipping fees and overcharged shipping fee.

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How Can I Participate In Shocking Sales?

Now you might be curious on how to participate in Shopee shocking sale. The way to join a Shopee shocking sale is actually the same as how to join flash sale in Shopee. To join the shocking sales, your products need to be approved by Shopee first. 

Once it has been approved by Shopee, you can nominate your products to participate in a Shopee shocking sale campaign. You can nominate it through the seller center by using the Shopee Shocking Sale tool in the Marketing Center.

Before nominating your products, you can review it first to see all the requirements by selecting view all criteria. You can also see the available products for the nomination in the Cluster Nomination page by using the Add Products button. For your information, you can nominate the same products several times but in different time slots.

Besides that, you are able to see the amount of products that are allowed to join the nomination in one session from Total Seller Nominated Product Seats under Session. You may nominate more than 20 products for each Shopee Shocking Sale campaign but remember you will not be able to nominate the same products in the same time slot. So to avoid the rejection, you can try to nominate your products as many as possible to boost up.

When you join the shocking sale campaign, you can nominate different product variations as one entry and also you can set a different discount for each nominated product variation.

If you want to nominate the specific product variation, you can nominate it by enabling the toggle under the action column. To nominate the product variation, you need to upload the image of the products you nominate and it will appear in the shocking sale campaign section in Shopee.

For a higher chance for sales, you need to use high quality photos. The high quality photos will make your products look more professional. So that, your image have to fulfill these criterias, such as:

  • Use a white and clean background.
  • Create a PNG image.
  • Image size is not higher than 300 KB.

After you have the product’s image, now you have to create your product campaign name. There are no rules regarding how long the product name should be but it is better to make the simple and short one so it can be seen in full on the mobile phone screens. You don’t have to insert the specification details in the product’s name.

When you join the shocking sale campaign, you also need to insert the total amount of the campaign stock. This campaign stock means the total amount of stock of your nominated products for the Shopee Shocking Sale campaign. When the shocking sale has ended, the unsold campaign stock will automatically return to your shop’s normal stock count after the campaign.

Beside that, you can set a minimum purchase limit for each product and also the maximum quantity for each buyer to buy the products. If you don’t set the purchase limit, you have to match the number to your campaign stock.

After you have completed all the data needed to join the shocking sale campaign. Now it is the time to submit your product nomination. When you have submitted your products nomination and then realized that there is a mistake. You don’t need to worry because you can still edit or delete the products before the nomination period ends. You can see how much the time is left in the timeline bar.

But if you do not revise it before the time passes. You will not be able to revise it again once the product is approved. For your information, you can make massive changes to your products by using the Batch Setting Function. You can set and edit the promotional details like discount, campaign stock and the purchase limit for each products

Beside editing the promotional details, you can also edit the status of your nominated products before the nomination period ends. This status includes the rejected one too. For your information, you can also mass remove the nomination products by using the enable or disable button too.

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A shocking sale is one of Shopee promotional events which offer a lot of attractive deals within a limited time period. You can join this campaign to help you increase your business sales.

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